Our IBM Executive Briefing Center is the entry point to the IBM Client Center - Montpellier, a global center of competence in which a team of experts and architects present the latest IBM technologies and offerings through workshops, demonstrations and presentations.

We offer a wide range of strategic seminars, technical and educational events customized for customers, distributors, partners and integrators. We offer one to one customer briefings with tailored agendas based on each context and customer objectives or multi-customers events addressing a specific IBM offering.

We can provide you and your customers with our product expertise on IBM Software and Systems.

We showcase and prove the value of our solutions to our client executives (CIO's, CFO's, CMO's, CEO's ) around IBM key initiatives: Cloud computing, Smarter computing, Smarter planet, Big Data, Business Analytics. Security….

We support all the hardware platforms: z Systems, Power Systems and System Storage.

Our strength lies in our experience with real-word and state of the art technology. Each session is customized and tailored to your specific requirements. Moreover subjects can be covered at different levels of technicality, from a detailed expertise to a strategic overview.

We also offer you the possibility to use our remote briefing facilities thanks to our telepresence room or to schedule on-site briefings at your location.

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