IBM Executive Briefing Center Boeblingen is located at the IBM Germany Research & Development GmbH in Boeblingen, Germany.

IBM Germany Research & Development GmbH
Schoenaicher Str. 220
D-71032 Boeblingen - Germany


To schedule a visit at our center, please contact your IBM sales representative or business partner.

IBM Germany Research & Development GmbH is one of the largest IBM development centers worldwide. Founded in 1953 and based in Boeblingen, south of Stuttgart, the lab is the cradle for a wide range of IBM software and hardware technologies. In close cooperation with other IBM development and research centers around the world, about 1,800 experts develop microprocessors, mainframes and software in more than 40 projects. In addition, they cooperate with clients on customized IT solutions to meet their demands for innovation and technological excellence.

Boeblingen is located approx 20 km south of Stuttgart, and is near the Black Forest area of Germany. In the surrounding area of the IBM Germany Research & Development (R&D) GmbH are many attractions for visitors to the area some well known - some not, the town of Tuebingen often attracts tourists due to its old architecture and location along the Neckar river.

Stuttgart Airport is the nearest international airport. Additional information about the airport is available at the website of the Stuttgart Airport. A taxi ride takes 35 minutes to IBM.

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