The IBM Executive Briefing Center (EBC) Bangalore provides a platform to share IBM's innovations, thought leadership and product technologies. The briefings are solution focused with comprehensive and in-depth view of the technology. Briefings are augmented with product demonstrations, proof-of-concepts and workshops on IBM Systems and Solutions.

Our value to you
Customers who take advantage of IBM Executive Briefing Center engagements can make more informed decisions. IBM solution briefings can provide the information needed to help align your IT infrastructure with your dynamic business objectives and also an opportunity to find out where is technology heading. The customized briefings can help customers identify the opportunities for infrastructure simplification. Implementing these solutions can increase business responsiveness, accelerate speed to market, enhance competitiveness and improve return on investment.

What we offer
We offer all visitors a window to view IBM's extensive technology; a one-on-one with IBM's products that lets customers tackle the day-to-day challenge of extracting more value from their IT Investment. It is an ideal place to formulate strategies for optimizing IT resources and gaining a competitive advantage in the market place. Customers will get to interact with some of the experts who develop various technologies for IBM. The center allows customers to understand how their IT investments can be put to best use.

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