IBM and SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

We will address how and why IBM Power Systems is the preferred platform for SAP HANA. We can offer this as a complete briefing or as a stand alone topic. You will have access to a broad range of SAP HANA on Power skills from some of the best IBM and SAP technical resources.

IBM Power Systems - Infrastructure Matters

An executive discussion of how emerging technologies (Cloud, analytics, mobile, social security) are driving new computing infrastructures.  Reviews Power Systems strategies and participation in the new infrastructure.

IBM Power Systems Trends & Directions

This topic covers the current and planned hardware product and Power processor roadmaps, microprocessors and servers.

IBM AIX Trends & Directions

This topic covers IBM's UNIX system offering, AIX, which provides the industry's premier environment for building and managing applications.  Typical subtopics include benefits and strengths, product release cycle, summary of recently added features, and product roadmap.

IBM Linux and OpenPower Directions

These topics cover the current and planned product roadmap for OpenPower and Linux development offerings

IBM Power Systems Linux Center for ISV's

The Center is located in Austin and serves as a resource for Independent Software Vendor’s providing a rich set of programs designed to enable success in developing Linux applications on a strategic enterprise-class platform.  Programs include briefings, workshops, porting activities, collaboration opportunities, education sessions, and virtual loaner systems.

Systems Management in a Virtualized Environment

This topic covers IBM's strategic Power System systems management strategy and offering; PowerVCTM.  Typical subtopics include managing virtual server environments, performance, and capacity monitoring, consolidated server/storage/networking health management, recent product announcements, and roadmap.

IBM Power Systems Hardware RAS

This presentation is a technical presentation focused on the innovations incorporated in Power Systems servers to enhance reliability, availability, and serviceability.  Typical subtopics include building a "rock solid" server, design for reliability, avoiding and minimizing application outages, and quick restoration of hardware to full operation.

IBM System Storage Technology

This topic covers the broad range of IBM's storage offerings, with a focus on how they can be deployed in support of Power Systems servers.  Typical subtopics include: disk technology overview and directions, EasyTier SSD support, Enterprise and mid-range SAN storage, I Series, tape storage subsystems, and SAN Volume Controller.

Virtualization & Future Technologies

A discussion of virtualization concepts, including current and future marketplace trends, server, storage and network virtualization directions, and what's available from IBM and across the industry.

Business Continuity and PowerHA

A discussion of the opportunities and challenges for building business resilience into IT infrastructures, decision criteria for the selection of appropriate technologies, and focus on products in Power Systems environments that can enable the required levels of resiliency for high availability, continuous operations and disaster recovery.

IBM Big Data and Analytics solutions on Power

A discussion of the POWER8 design for Big Data and Analytics.  Includes topics related to data warehousing, data mining, and predictive analytics

IBM Cloud offerings for Power

This topic covers Power offerings for public, private, and hybrid clouds, to include Cloud Manager with OpenStack and future plans.

IBM Software Defined Environments

A discussion of how implementing SDE in your business can improve ROI.  Includes technology and architecture, and future trends.

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