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IBM Systems Executive Briefing Centers

Who we are

The IBM Systems Executive Briefing Centers offer comprehensive, in-depth technology briefings, product demonstrations and solution workshops for IBM clients and IBM Business Partners wanting product expertise on IBM Systems and IBM Storage solutions. This valuable service is provided at no charge to IBM clients.

Our value to you

Clients who take advantage of IBM Systems Executive Briefing Centers engagements can make more informed decisions. We can provide the information needed to help align your information technology with your business objectives. We can help you to simplify your infrastructure and achieve on-demand breakthroughs to increase responsiveness, accelerate speed to market, enhance competitiveness and improve return on investment.

What we offer

The IBM Systems Executive Briefing Centers worldwide offer access to IBM's extensive technical resources and world-class research and development teams. At each of our centers, you can gain insight into how on-demand business is redefining the IT operating environment, and we can provide you with practical advice on the delivery of innovative technology and solutions to meet today's ever-changing business requirements.

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