IBM Benchmark Centers provide proof of technology, proof of concept and benchmark capabilities to help you understand the ways IBM Systems and IBM System Storage solutions can help you.

The IBM Benchmark Centers provide benchmark capability for IBM server and storage technology, including:

  • Proof of Technology - Demonstration of technology, using set scenarios running on specific configurations, that allow for hands-on experience
  • Proof of Concept - Demonstration of functionality or aspects of the technology that is tailored to each specific client. The system is customized and often uses client workload or data
  • Benchmark - Demonstration of KPI (e.g., transactions per second) often with the customer data/workload. The system is specifically customized for the client's solution to demonstrate vertical and/or horizontal scaling. In addition, assistance in executing ISV application benchmarks is available.

This team of highly skilled, certified professionals helps you perform critical evaluations in support of your IT purchase decisions, and provides access to the latest hardware, software and tools to replicate complex environments.

At a IBM Benchmark Center, your team can access the latest IBM server technologies including, IBM z Systems, IBM Power Systems, and the latest IBM System Storage technologies.

IBM Benchmark Centers have the expertise and tools to provide proofs of technology, "first of a kind" proofs of concept, and high-water benchmarks. This capacity enables substantiation of the advantages of IBM's server-based platform, as well as cross-platform configurations. You can get help to: stress, tune, and test your application on IBM Systems configured to your specifications, certify your ISV solution on newly available IBM hardware and software, execute a performance benchmark for your strategic ISV or your pre-sales High Performance Technical Computing directives.

These worldwide centers are staffed with certified project managers, highly skilled certified system I/T Architects and I/T Specialists, hardware and networking personnel. All together, IBM offers more than 75 years of collective experience in IBM performance and testing methodology. The ability to customize engagements at first-class facilities provides clients with the information needed to make sound business and computing decisions.

If you want more information than what is published in industry-standard and application-specific benchmarks, IBM Benchmark Centers are for you

IBM Benchmark Center offerings

IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems include servers and Flex nodes capable of running AIX, Linux, and IBM i on PowerVM, and Linux on PowerKVM. Depending on your needs, the Benchmark Centers can build environments using the latest Power Systems for everything from simple Proof of Technology, to a complex Proof of Concept or Benchmarks. Of course, the storage, networking and software that you need will be part of the environment too. Management software like IBM PowerVC can be requested, as well as IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack. So whether you simply need to kick the tires on IBM Power technology, measure its performance and capacity characteristics, or stress, tune and test your application on Power, just let us know what you need from a hardware and software perspective, and we'll build it. When ready, you can come to the Benchmark Center to run your tests, or login remotely to run them.

IBM z Systems

The latest IBM mainframe processor and storage technologies for high-end computing are available for benchmarking and POC.   All IBM - supported mainframe operating systems, including z/OS, Linux and other IBM software are provided.  IBM z Systems (mainframe) is configured to your specifications so you can stress, tune and test applications, measure performance, and determine workload capacity.

In addition to custom benchmarks, light benchmark offerings allow fast and easy access to low-cost, short-term remote mainframe environments for z/OS or Linux on z Systems.  Light benchmark offerings broaden support for growth opportunities, such as new workloads, new clients, or new ISVs.

IBM System Storage

IBM System Storage offers an array of storage products, including the latest in disk storage, SAN management and business continuance. These systems are configured to match your specification so you can test: capacity planning; disaster-recovery strategy, function and performance of end-to-end solutions, consolidation of several distributed systems into a single system, release-to-release compatibility and upgrade before performing on a production system.


The insight gained through a better understanding of technical and business challenges can help lower risk, improve decision-making ability, and allow organizations to seize upon new opportunities more quickly. Technical computing captures data and computationally intensive tasks that offer solutions to complex simulation, modeling and forecasting problems. IBM Technical Computing solutions empower businesses and organizations to achieve better results faster by bringing high-performance systems to a broad range of users. The IBM Benchmark Centers provide pre-sales support for the High Performance Computing (HPC) market including client, ISV, and IBM-internal opportunities.

The IBM Benchmark Centers are ready to assist with decades of experience in technical computing. With deep industry knowledge, and technical expertise in compilers, mathematical libraries, parallel programming models and techniques, task scheduling, and system architecture, HPC specialists in the IBM Benchmark Centers can help clients tune their applications to get the most out of their IBM investment. Businesses in industries as diverse as financial services, life sciences, the automotive supply chain, energy and utilities, consumer electronics and even retail recognize that they can exploit technical computing power to stay competitive. The IBM Benchmark Centers offer the environments and skills needed for clients to explore this trend that takes technical computing beyond traditional supercomputing.