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IBM i is an integrated operating environment with a reputation for exceptional security and business resilience for over 25 years.

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Client success stories

One of the things that we always hear from our IBM i customers is that they’ve made an investment and it’s a rock-solid platform.

- Director, IT infrastructure, Connectria

By running our SAP applications on IBM i, we are able to manage a complex solution landscape with a minimum of effort and a lean IT team.

- Steve Cappitelli, Director of Global IT Operations, Movado Group

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Power Systems-maskinvara ger grunden till att utforma arbetsbelastningsoptimerade system tillsammans med programvara och expertkunskaper. Power-servrar och bladservrar är modulära och skalbara, och de är utformade från kretskort till programvarustack för att hjälpa dig att leverera affärsresultat på en ny nivå.


Power-servrar ger flexibilitet och valfrihet i fråga om operativsystem så att du kan välja de bästa programmen för era affärsbehov. Oavsett om de kör 1, 2 eller alla 3 - tillsammans med PowerVM maximerar de fördelarna med Power Systems i ditt företag.


IBMs integrerade synsätt vid utvecklingen av Systems och Systems Software ger maximalt utnyttjande, tillgänglighet och flexibilitet så att du kan leverera nya fördelar till din verksamhet.


IBM- och IBM Business Partner-lösningar innebär att du kan utnyttja fördelarna i Power Systems som hjälper dig att leverera ny kapacitet och nya konkurrensfördelar till verksamheten.

Migrera till Power

Under de senaste fem åren har tusentals Oracle- och HP UNIX-kunder migrerat till POWER. Här får du veta hur Power Systems har hjälpt dem att förbättra affärsresultaten, minska riskerna och bygga upp en säkrare framtid.


Företag som tar till sig smartare databehandling implementerar IT-infrastruktur baserad på IBM Power Systems-plattformen som är utformad för data, anpassad för uppgiften och den hanteras med molnteknik. Med Power Systems kan företag gå om sina konkurrenter genom att leverera tjänster snabbare, differentiera sina erbjudanden genom att leverera tjänster av högre kvalitet och göra om driftskostnaderna till investeringstillfällen genom att leverera tjänster med överlägsen ekonomi.

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IBM i experts

Steve Will

Chief Architect: IBM i Operating System

Steve Will

Steve is the Chief Architect for IBM i, a Power Systems operating system used by hundreds of thousands of enterprises world wide. He is a frequent speaker at client events, collects requirements from customer advisory groups, and works with professionals inside and outside IBM on future technology.

Steve's blog: You and i

This blog is used to discuss topics related to IBM i, including our strategy, benefits of the architecture, announcements, and news. It allows the large and passionate IBM i client community the ability to respond, have conversations about what we say, and make the blog really be about you and i.

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Steve also recommends

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Dawn May

Senior Technical Staff Member

Dawn May

Dawn's current position is the technical lead for the IBM i Systems Software Development organization and IBM i Business Architect. In this position she has the responsibility for the overall strategy and plan for the core components of i.

Dawn's blog - i Can

The "i Can" blog is to share the "hidden gems" within IBM i. The name "i Can" is to convey the fact that IBM i can do more than most realize. The updates to this blog will generally be information about the latest features in the most current releases.

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Mike Cain

Team Leader, DB2 for i Center of Excellence

Mike Cain

Mike Cain is the team leader of the IBM DB2 for i Center of Excellence in Rochester Minnesota USA. Along with a team of highly skilled subject matter experts, Mike travels the world guiding, educating and supporting clients who want to get the most out of DB2 for IBM i. He specializes in SQL query performance and scalability, as well as very large database, business intelligence and analytics within the IBM i environment. Mike is a frequent speaker at technical conferences and user groups. He has spoken to and educated thousands of people on database concepts and information management at events across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Mike's blog: DB2 for i

This blog is used to provide insight and perspectives on data management using IBM i

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David Bruce

WW Enterprise Power Systems Marketing

Steve Will

David Bruce is an IBM marketing manager responsible for Enterprise Power Systems. He works with Power Systems marketing and development teams to help identify and communicate the capabilities and benefits of Power Systems to clients. With more than 30 years with IBM, David has held positions in client hardware service, product development, offering management, sales, marketing, and management – all with a strong focus on applying technology to business problems and processes. David is fond of wide-open spaces, carpentry, and fresh air. You’ll find him occasionally tilting at windmills.

Architecture Matters

The intent of this blog is to discuss and help answer some of those questions about technology and architecture, and explore the benefits and the implications of different approaches. Should I choose private or public cloud for customer service? What’s the best way to integrate analytics for improved customer insights and a more personalized customer experience? What are the implications of bring your own device (BYOD) engagement models on data availability, security and privacy? We’ll explore these and other important questions through this blog.

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