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IBM zEnterprise System - A New Dimension in Computing

IBM zEnterprise System - Freedom by Design

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The New IBM zEnterprise System

Watch video. The demands of your customers, partners, employees – and the demand of a fast moving market – are stretching the limits of enterprise data centers today. Add to this the new challenges data centers face as they invest in the next generation of smart applications and it is clear we need something new. We need smarter systems. Systems that raise the bar on efficiency, performance and cost savings while lowering management complexity. Introducing the IBM® zEnterprise™ System (zEnterprise).

zEnterprise System

The revolutionary new design of the zEnterprise System addresses the complexity and inefficiency of today’s multi-architecture data centers by giving you the ability to integrate and unify IBM System z, Power and System x resources as one complete system. At its core is the first model of the next generation System z, the zEnterprise 196 (z196). The industry’s fastest and most scalable enterprise system has 96 total cores running at an astonishing 5.2 GHz, and delivers up to 60% improvement in performance per core and up to 60% increase in total capacity for z/OS, z/VM, and Linux on System z workloads, compared to it's predecessor, the successful z10 EC.

The zEnterprise System creates a unified and robust IT infrastructure enabling:

The zEnterprise System also includes two other key components: the new IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter® Extension (zBX) and the new IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager (Unified Resource Manager).

zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension

The zBX is an IBM BladeCenter infrastructure specifically configured to operate as a tightly coupled extension to the z196 through a high-performance private network. This infrastucture houses high-performance specialty processors for specific workloads, such as the IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer for query processing, as well as select POWER7 blades or System x blades (statement of direction). The components work with the z196 z/OS and Linux on z environments to provide the ideal platform for multi-tier applications.

1 IBM Study: US ELS pricing, pricing may vary by country.

zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager

Part of the IBM System Director family, the Unified Resource Manager is an integrated System z management facility responsible for zEnterprise platform management. This tool set enables clients to install, monitor, manage, optimize, diagnose, and service resources and workloads from a single point of control while extending System z qualities of service across the entire infrastructure.

Read more about the IBM zEnterprise System (US) or contact your IBM representative for more information.


  • Connect with IBM and industry experts, download podcasts, and access other resources to learn more about System z and the new zEnterprise System.

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zEnterprise System Announcement Overview

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Product Information

Want a server to simplify your IT architecture? The new IBM zEnterprise System is the world’s fastest and most scalable enterprise server with unrivalled reliability, security and manageability. But that isn't all — it's the most efficient platform for large scale data center consolidation. Plus the new system brings a new dimension to computing by integrating IBM technologies to improve productivity of today's multi-architecture data centers and tomorrow's private clouds. Simplification at it's best - the IBM zEnterprise.

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