IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack


IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack is a robust Infrastructure as a Service software offering that simplifies management of your virtualized environment. It helps you convert virtualized environments to a cloud quickly and easily. Users can request and provision an environment quickly through an easy-to-use web-based interface. IT managers can monitor and manage this environment for improved efficiency and utilization of data center resources. The IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack v4.1 release includes heterogeneous server architecture support from a single user interface. This gives you the flexibility to manage System x, IBM BladeCenter, IBM NeXtScale System, IBM Flex System and PureFlex System platforms with a single, consolidated image of IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack software. IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack supports multiple virtualization environments, including VMware, Hyper-V and KVM as well as IBM PowerVM and IBM z/VM environments.

IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack capabilities

Manage images: Simplify storage of thousands of images

Deploy VMs: Slash time to value for new workloads from months to a few days

Operate a cloud: Cut costs with efficient operations

In addition, based upon the latest release of OpenStack™, IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack allows access to a rich set of industry standard APIs and CLIs for Infrastructure as a Service. With OpenStack API leverage, clients can extend the value of IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack with the confidence of support from IBM.

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