Advanced Digital Technology Co, Ltd logo

“In the last 14 years, along with IBM, we have provided very valuable solutions on Power systems to our customers and won their trust. In the upcoming Cloud era, we expect to bring even more innovation and value to financial clients with IBM.“

Yang Ge Ping, Business Manager

Aerobyte logo

“Aerobyte envisions our software-defined security networking and routing solution will become the new centralized communication platform for enterprises and governments alike. Our solution using Linux on Power will help save customers a tremendous amount of money on their network and cyber security budgets and provide a much higher degree of protection than they are used to. I recommend anyone who hasn’t had first-hand experience with Power Systems to try it and measure the performance for themselves. You are going to be pleasantly surprised with what you’re going to see as the performance numbers are completely off the charts compared to other platforms."

Linux logo

Howard Hellman, Founder

Altimesh logo

“Altimesh Hybridizer offers compilers libraries and tools enabling accelerators on managed development environments such as java or dot net. Our customers, especially in the Finance and Oil&Gas verticals, have needs for high performance compute grids. Hybridizer is ready for the utmost hybrid computing solution: POWER8 + GPU, awaiting NVLINK.”

Linux logo

Florent Duguet, CEO and Founder

Argos Computer Systems logo

"IBM Power Systems and PowerLinux provide fantastic architecture with integrated features in a highly flexible, scalable and reliabe Linux environment, making high performance and real-time monitoring of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices a breeze."

Linux logo

Jack Gostl, CEO

Begooden IT Consulting logo

"Just by binding the storage from the POWER7/PowerLinux to POWER8/PowerLinux, impressive performance gains have been obtained: initial data load time has been divided by 1.7, and after further tuning we reached a rate of 264,000 transactions per minute on POWER8, an increase of over 170%. Under the extreme conditions of these benchmarks, Linux on POWER8 has clearly demonstrated qualities of performance, reliability and scalability. It is a real threat for the Intel/Linux/VMWare platforms, competing in the same price range, and many Intel fans should seriously reconsider their position."

Linux logo

Eric Vercelletto, Owner of Begooden IT Consulting

BeiJing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd. logo

"OpenPOWER embraces Linux technology and Teamsun holds such a positive attitude that we joined the OpenPOWER foundation."

Linux logo

Wang Jing, Marketing Manager

Beiming Software logo

"Beiming did very deep development with POWER systems and has had success with POWER in the financial and manufacturing industries. POWER8 is the only open system that securely supports public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud. POWER8 will turn big data and analytics, mobile, social and cloud into competitive advantage with it's open infrastructure."

Peng Lijun, GM

B.O.S. Software Service und Vertrieb GmbH logo

B.O.S. helps customers share data across multiple platforms including mainframe, distributed, Hadoop and cloud in real-time. We are impressed by Linux on IBM POWER8 and the high performance and scalability of this trend-setting technology. It is an ideal platform for any high volume and real-time data integration, synchronization and virtualization. We are convinced that this innovative technology will pave the way for more future-oriented technologies to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation as well as their Big Data & Analytics initiatives.

Linux logo

Heinrich von Parseval, Technical Director Development & Support

Chelsio logo

“We are pleased to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux Little Endian (LE) on POWER8, enabling high performance, high efficiency networking capability with Chelsio’s T5 Unified Wire adapters.”

Linux logo

Kianoosh Naghshineh, CEO

Clickode logo

"Clickode is proud to partner with IBM to offer Business Intelligence solutions, Mobile Applications development for multi-platform devices, Web Applications design, Infrastructural Services based upon Cloud. IBM's POWER8 running Linux on Power has proven to be an ideal platform for our solution stack. We were impressed with the simplicity of porting our solutions to Linux on Power and combining the value of KVM and Ubuntu Linux distribution to help us reach more customers. We look forward to helping our customers in leveraging the improved cloud economics and price/performance advantages of the new IBM POWER8 processor-based systems."

Linux logo

Emanuele Spinella, CSO


"Certification tests were performed on an IBM POWER8 platform running SuSe Linux 12RC3 Little Endian. The certification process demonstrates high compatibility, high performance, and interoperability with other elements of the enterprise solution stack available on the IBM Linux on POWER8 platform. COBOL-IT is engineered to take full advantage of the state of the art optimizations for performance, consolidation and security provided by the IBM Linux on POWER8 platform."

Linux logo

Stéphane Croce, CEO

Computopic logo

“The processing demands in the mobile and text messaging industry often have unpredictable and heavy peak workloads. The Linux on Power architecture makes it possible to scale both vertically and horizontally very quickly. We found the CPU and IO performance outstanding and very suitable for our solutions. It was easy to port and test since everything is standard Linux, so there was no need for additional rework.”

Linux logo

Søren Schmidt Kriegbaum, CTO

Digital China Information Service Company LTD logo

"We are very excited about the POWER8 announcements. With the robust performance of POWER8 systems, we can create an unprecedented business model from a more open environment. POWER8 will be the best platform for Big Data and will be a game changer for Cloud. POWER8 will definitely help the China IT industry's soar."

Zhou Lida, Vice President

DotRiver logo

“Performance and reliability are two key success factors for us and it is where IBM comes into the picture. We are delighted to announce that our “VDI PowerRiver” solution is a reality, thanks to the Linux performance on IBM’s new POWER8 system. Now, thousands of clients will be able to run their legacy applications and VDI through a unified interface in a smarter and cheaper way.”

Linux logo

François AUBRIOT, Managing Director

Dubidot logo

“IBM’s open source Linux on Power systems helps reduce costs of delivery while supplying the highest security and performance in order to maintain the massive volumes of data for transcoding, analyzing and distributing to all communication channels.”

Linux logo

Khosrow Rafiy, CEO

eBay Enterprise logo

“Independent testing has shown that eBay Magento Enterprise Edition demonstrates a substantial 2.5-3x performance improvement on the POWER8 architecture with its ability to process up to 8 multiple parallel threads per core versus similar priced Intel architectures on the IBM Turbo LAMP stack.”

Linux logo

Craig Hayman, President

EnterpriseDB logo

"Enterprises are seeking open source based solutions to cut costs and gain greater control over their infrastructure. Certifying our Postgres Plus Advanced Server for the IBM Linux on Power server platform provides the leading open source database solution for IBM enterprise customers. Combining the expanded processing power in IBM POWER8 with Postgres’ capabilities to support structured and unstructured data is a big win for our users. IBM and EDB equip our mutual end users to better and more cost-effectively address today’s complex and compute-intensive workloads.”

Linux logo

Ed Boyajian, President and CEO

Evry AS logo

“IBM Power Systems and Linux is a great combination for our customers. Providing the capability to run little-endian Linux side by side with big-endian operating systems like IBM i and AIX will make the project to convert from x86 very easy.”

Linux logo

Torbjörn Appehl, Senior Sales Advisor

EXPconsulting Corporation logo

“Implementing Basil III and Solvency II on POWER8 systems allows our applications to make billions of calculations in much less time than any other system in the market, reducing the average from 18-20 hours to 15 minutes.”

Julio Verissimo, President/CEO

Faircom logo

"As part of our continuing mission to help customers and development partners focus on data, FairCom has worked with IBM to bring our latest c-treeACE multimodel database to the new IBM Power Systems with POWER8 processors. Together, we provide a strong solution for mission-critical systems that need to process complex data sets while yielding valuable insights for their business."

Linux logo

Randal Hoff, VP, Engineering Services

Founder International logo

“Founder International Software is an award-winning, state certified, high-tech enterprise offering innovative Big Data solutions. Under the guidance of “Smart City”, we develop smart cloud computing solutions built on IBM Power architecture with Red Hat Linux. Using Linux on POWER8, our financial industry clients have seen a 2X performance improvement while reducing total cost of ownership. This new business model brings great value to our clients and will open new opportunities. We have to admit that IBM POWER8 with Red Hat Linux is like a tiger who has grown wings!"

Linux logo

He Gang, Consulting Manager

Fritz & Macziol logo

"Fritz & Macziol offers a comprehensive portfolio of consulting, services, software, and hardware to optimize your digital business. Our Dynamic Power Cloud Manager (DPCM) offering provides an automated cloud provisioning solution for consistent management of IBM Power Systems environments. The IBM Power Systems is the ideal scale-up platform for a smooth SAP HANA operation that allows a low cost entry point while providing customers the ability to grow as their business grows. POWER8 also allows the simultaneous operation of HANA and non-HANA applications on one single system with unbeatable performance."

Linux logo

Stefanie Nikoleizig, Business Development Manager

Halcyon logo

“Halcyon, a global leader in multi-platform systems management software, has a strong pedigree in Power Systems running IBM i, AIX and Linux. In most cases, Halcyon solutions increase IT efficiency by 30-40 percent, delivering significant savings and a rapid return on investment – often in less than six months. With the launch of POWER8 technology, IBM has taken Power Systems to a new level and Halcyon is very excited to advance and continue our heritage of supporting a modern platform for today’s business.”

Linux logo

Ash Giddings, Product Manager

HarrisData logo

"AppsInHD from HarrisData is a suite of web-centric enterprise applications designed from the ground up to enable companies to process and manage critical business transactions more quickly, easily and intuitively. Turbo LAMP on IBM POWER8 offers a supercharged platform for deploying AppsInHD on-premises or through the cloud — enabling AppsInHD to process more transactions in less time for less money."

Linux logo

Lane Nelson, President

Infor logo

“As Infor evolves its portfolio of industry tailored ERP solutions and delivers new functionality around ION middleware, social enterprise, mobile, analytics and big data, POWER8 provides an ideal platform for their deployment on IBM i, AIX and Linux. Infor and IBM continue to work closely together to optimize Infor’s solutions on the IBM Power platforms, doing testing and tuning to achieve both peak performance and market leading price performance for our customers.”

Linux logo

Soma Somasandarum, EVP Global Product Development

Informatica logo

“Many investment banks, exchanges and hedge funds are using Informatica’s Ultra Messaging technology for electronic trading, and our customers have shown interest in complementing our technology with IBM’s latest Linux on Power offerings. We look forward to our customers realizing the benefits of Ultra Messaging on Power with RHEL 7.1 LE.”

Linux logo

Jitesh Ghai, VP of Product Management

Inodesain Jayautama Mandiri logo

"Inodesain Jayautama Mandiri (Indjuri) has ported it’s “Magic Agrobusiness ERP” solution from x86 to IBM Power System and this application is now more stable, reliable and faster on Power than the previous x86 system. The new platform consists of Power Linux, IBM DB2 database and Cognos Insight for Business Intelligence and TKA's business performance has increased significantly after implementing this system on Power."

Linux logo

Herry N. Atwar, CEO

Intense Technologies Limited logo

“UniServe™, an end-to-end digital transformation platform from Intense Technologies, has been successfully ported to IBM Power Linux. This porting achievement will positively impact the business opportunities of Intense by enhancing the overall value proposition to our end customers. The total cost of ownership of the solution is considerably reduced while the solution leverages the robustness and scalability of IBM Power Linux servers to enhance performance.”

Linux logo

Srinivas Tangirala, SVP, Head-Product Management Group

InterSystems logo

"IBM POWER8 processor-based systems show the kind of performance that is possible with InterSystems TrakCare Healthcare Information System and IBM servers. Recent testing of TrakCare on an IBM POWER8 server has shown 60% throughput gains on a per core basis over POWER7+. Our customers will be delighted with the scalability and performance of POWER8 for their Cache-based solutions.”

Robert Nagle, VP of Data Platforms

Jack Henry & Associates logo

"Jack Henry's credit union clients need the highest levels of performance, security, scalability, and reliability. Jack Henry’s Symitar division is delighted to work with IBM on the new AIX on POWER8 platform that would meet and exceed those key customer requirements.”

Mark Forbis, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Lab7 Systems, Inc. logo

“The rapid growth of data- and compute-intensive applications in the life sciences, fueled by advances in genome sequencing technologies, are driving the need for high-performance enterprise solutions that can be readily deployed in scientific and clinical environments. At Lab7 Systems, our customers need solutions that not only provide performance, but have a strong support network in place. We believe the Lab7 Enterprise Sequencing Platform, optimized for Linux on Power, using IBM’s POWER8 systems provides an excellent option for our customers.” 

Linux logo

Chris Mueller, President and CTO

Levyx logo

“The pairing of IBM's POWER8 and Levyx software delivers transformative price/performance advantages, making real-time processing of very large data sets more affordable and thus accessible to a much broader customer base. Levyx’s software, specifically tuned for CAPI Flash, delivers 10s of millions of updates/second and indexes billions of objects on a single POWER8 system allowing IBM Power Systems customers make the most of their infrastructure investments. Applying Levyx’s technology on a broader scale, for example, by running LevyxSpark (a first-ever Flash-optimized distribution of Apache Spark) all of a sudden puts "web-scale" within reach of almost any-sized enterprise.”

Reza Sadri, CEO

Libelle AG logo

Libelle AG is an ISV that specializes in High Availability/Disaster Recovery Solutions, Automated and Optimized SAP System and Client Copies and Enhanced Add Ons for SAP System Functions. Based on customer demand, we have added support for Linux on IBM Power Systems with Little Endian support. We are now able to support customers who use SAP HANA environments on Linux on Power that provides our customers more freedom of choice and flexibility in using our products.

Linux logo

Lars Albrecht, CEO

Ligtas AB logo

Certifying our DB Protection solutions using Linux and AIX on IBM POWER8 architecture adds more flexibility for the customers to select a more powerful infrastructure solution. During our IBM POWER8 testing, we noted that it performed 4x faster than Intel. DB Protection running on IBM POWER8 can be used by customers to address today’s complex and compute-intensive workloads in a better, more cost-effective manner.

Linux logo

Tomas Dalebjörk, President and CEO

LiveMon logo

"LiveMon is a ready-to-use, all-in-one monitoring solution. With Linux on IBM POWER8 and our proprietary tuning, we have managed to improve monitoring performance by up to 5X. Thanks to the massive multi-thread capability and unbeatable memory bandwidth of POWER8, LiveMon can now provide a 1 second resolution, which has revolutionized the market. Livemon provides real-time problem identification and, thanks to our imbedded artificial intelligence, proactively predicts when a problem will occur. The combination of LiveMon and Power Systems is truly unbeatable - you need to try it to believe it!"

Linux logo

Marc Pertron, CEO

Manhattan Associates logo

“Our customers must manage their supply chains end-to-end while moving at the speed of business to serve their own customers and their bottom line. Manhattan Associates’ partnership with IBM allows our customers to run the POWER8 system to dynamically allocate memory across various applications as needed, providing powerful elasticity to both improve performance and reduce costs.”

Rob Thomas, senior vice president, global research and development

MariaDB logo

"MariaDB, the new “M” in LAMP, addresses the needs of enterprises tackling the ever-growing amount and variety of mission-critical data from mobile applications and cloud services. With Linux on IBM POWER8, MariaDB reduces costs with market-leading virtualized performance. Benchmarks show MariaDB running on the recently announced IBM Power LC server provides 45% better price-performance, 66% more virtual machines, and 69% more throughput than Intel Xeon E5."

Linux logo

Lilia Shirman, VP of Marketing

McObject logo

“Our support for IBM’s Power Architecture addresses a pressing market need. Organizations developing real-time capital market systems, such as trading and risk management, must analyze massive amounts of data, including both market (time series) and relational data. McObject designed eXtremeDB Financial Edition to meet the demand for an exceptionally fast, scalable and robust database management system with features to accelerate this processing, resulting in record-setting performance in industry-standard benchmarks such as the STAC-M3. IBM’s Power Architecture and new POWER8 technology provide a reliable, highly efficient hardware foundation for scalable real-time financial analytics using McObject’s database software, and will help us to deliver even more impressive performance.”

Chris Mureen, Chief Operating Officer

MQGem logo

"MQGem Software is dedicated to providing affordable WebSphere® MQ services and utilities across all IBM platforms. Having a presence on IBM's Linux on Power (LoP) systems is extremely important to MQGem Software since IBM MQ is available and used widely on LoP. The new LoP little-endian support for IBM MQ and MQGem are expanding our opportunities together."

Linux logo

Paul Clarke, CEO and Founder

New Relic, Inc. logo

"At New Relic our customers rely on us to deliver their data instantly and securely. We were extremely pleased when our instrumentation tool for PHP in the LAMP stack in Ubuntu on POWER8 compiled, installed and ran immediately without any major issues. We also found the Ubuntu 14 environment on POWER8 to be blazingly fast with the same capabilities that Ubuntu 14 has on x86_64."

Linux logo

Robert Henry, Senior Software Engineer

Nowell Development logo

"IBM’s Linux on Power Platform solution demonstrates commitment to innovation, robustness and stability. We remain confident and excited about the prospects of leveraging this new robust platform, to host our cloud integrated risk, and flexible logistics software for industries looking to adapt to rapid real time change in a safe and secure manner."

Linux logo

Omon Edeki, Director - Software Development

PHP Brasil logo

"The POWER8 capacity and capabilities has saved us time running functional and unit tests for PHP open source projects such as PHPFluent and other projects that we support."

Kinn Coelho Julião, Community Manager

ProjectWare logo

"We are excited to have successfully tested Red Hat 7.1 LE on POWER8) with our product. IBM PowerLinux offers high performance, a key requirement for scaling our applications over large number of users and for scalable cloud deployment. IBM PowerLinux also offers support for high memory bandwidth computing and offers instant compatibility with our code base and IBM's backing and support for enterprise level Linux standards which demand a high degree of reliability and security."

Linux logo

Sesh Raj, President

Red Hat. Inc. logo

"We believe that Red Hat Enterprise Linux, combined with the latest generation of IBM Power Systems, provides an excellent choice for enterprise environments seeking impactful solutions that optimize performance, and bring openness, choice and flexibility."

Linux logo

Jim Totton, Vice President, Platform Business Unit

Redis Labs logo

"Redis on CAPI-Flash and POWER8 running Linux is a breakthrough technological achievement, made possible by a joint development team from IBM/Power and Redis Labs. It enables Redis - already the fastest database available today - to run on flash at RAM speed for one-third of the cost and 24:1 resource consolidation over x86 based deployment. This unprecedented technology opens the door for a variety of next-generation IT solutions that can be deployed at large scale and affordable prices.”

Linux logo

Ofer Bengal, Co-Founder and CEO

SAP AG logo

“SAP has partnered with IBM and Power Systems for many years. Our joint customers can benefit from the new features and technologies of POWER8 like double 24 core performance, and are also excited about IBM's embrace of an open server ecosystem, leveraging Linux and open standards. We are excited to continue working with IBM as the company introduces greater capabilities with POWER8 including improved performance and greater emphasis on open standards.”

Linux logo

Torsten Wittkugel, SVP DB/OS Platforms

ScaleOut Software logo

"ScaleOut Software’s in-memory computing technology brings techniques from parallel supercomputing and big data to live applications and we have optimized our software to take full advantage of POWER8’s breakthrough architecture. This powerful combination represents the future of in-memory computing, giving our customers the ability to analyze live, fast-changing data as it is updated in real time. Using POWER8 we have been able to demonstrate more than a 3X speedup over competitive technologies."

Linux logo

Dr. William L. Bain, CEO & Founder

SEAQ Servicios CIA Ltda logo

"We help our customers to consolidate and maximize their infrastructure with high availability, load balancing, virtualization, cloud, application servers like JBoss, databases as PostgreSQL and MySQL. These technologies have been tested by our Linux on POWER8 team and we must say that the performance, scalability, security and reliability go beyond any expectations. We are proud to be an IBM partner and to provide our customers access to this technology."

Linux logo

Andrés Mauricio Mujica Zalamea, CEO

SkySQL Ab logo

"SkySQL clients need big data performance with enterprise levels of availability and interoperability. Our solution, MariaDB Enterprise, provides a truly open source database platform with ease of use and high performance built-in as standard. These features, when combined with IBM's POWER8 systems running Linux, enable SkySQL to deliver a well-integrated offering with world-class performance. There is no better solution for the demands of cloud, analytic, mobile and social deployments."

Linux logo

Patrik Sallner, CEO

SparkCognition Inc. logo

"SparkCognition builds solutions at the cutting edge of machine learning and that require exceptional computational power. In order to stay at the vanguard of the industry, we need systems that enable quicker queries over larger data sets, and IBM Power Systems is an ideal fit. We are leveraging POWER8 to analyze large Cloud Security and Industrial Internet data sets, build automated Cognitive models, find threats and automatically research potential vulnerabilities via Natural Language Processing and other Machine Learning techniques. IBM Power Systems and IBM Flash boost performance while reducing complexity, power consumption, and cost for our big data solutions."

Linux logo

Amir Husain, Founder & CEO

SUSE logo

"We've seen POWER8 with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server deliver an ideal balance of technological performance and economic value. Embracing open standards and open collaboration, IBM has built a solution that scales well for the workloads our customers are using today and for future workloads like big data, business analytics and SAP."

Linux logo

Michael Miller, Vice President, Alliances & Marketing

tcp cloud logo

"The IBM Power Platform helps us build strong, secure and flexible environments with OpenStack integration. For our datacenter, the IBM Power and Linux on Power is a great benefit."

Linux logo

Adam Skotnicky, CEO

Texas Multicore Technologies logo

“We made the SequenceL auto-parallelizing programming language and toolset available on IBM POWER8 systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 to unleash the full performance potential of these multicore systems while also delivering faster time to market and higher software quality.”

Linux logo

Doug Norton, Chief Marketing Officer

Time-steps AG logo

"The TS_Energy stochastic optimization software delivers to our clients the information to allocate their assets and power portfolios optimally in a volatile energy market. The IBM POWER8 provides an ideal platform with all the computing power and reliability necessary to support the high demands of daily business at our clients. At Time-steps, we continually invest in our product portfolio and providing TS-Energy for Linux on Power is a component of our success."

Linux logo

Eric Winnington, Senior Technical Consultant

Townsend Security logo

“Customers are turning to POWER8 Linux for their business critical applications, which often contain sensitive information.  Townsend Security is proud to support POWER8 Linux users and their needs for scalable, enterprise class data security with our encryption and key management solutions.”

Patrick Townsend, CEO

Transwarp logo

"The performance of IBM POWER8 CPU surprises us all the time. With performance up to 3.65x faster than x86, POWER8 is so powerful that we had to update our network and increase the number of executors to fulfill the endless process capability. "

Linux logo

Dr. Chen Zhen Qiang, Founder and R&D Supervisor

Trizetto logo

"TriZetto sees high value in flash-based database implementations for its larger, I/O intensive customers. IBM POWER8 systems together with IBM FlashSystem storage are an attractive infrastructure choice capable of conveying significant tangible benefits to TriZetto customers."

Pete Gill, Senior Technical Architect

US Mobile logo

“IBM’s Linux on POWER8 platform provides an infrastructure with the high level of scalability, performance and reliability that our customers demand when they deploy our software. The price/performance we have achieved on the Power System platform will ensure that our solution delivers superior value for our customers. And, as a bonus, we were impressed how easily we were able to port our software application to the Linux on Power Systems platform.”

Linux logo

Jon K. Hanour, CEO and President

VAI logo

“IBM Power Systems unmatched reliability, scalability and security is exactly what Mid-Market customers are looking for. By taking advantage of incredibly fast processors, a superior systems design, integrated infrastructure, and rich management facilities, VAI mid-market customers are reducing their computing costs while achieving results faster than their competitors.”

Joe Scioscia, VP of Sales

Veristorm logo

“Veristorm offers an open source Hadoop on Power Systems enabling data integration utilizing all leading Linux distributions. We deploy Veristorm Data Hub on Power systems because we believe that the POWER8 architecture makes it possible to provide outstanding CPU and I/O performance for highly scalable Hadoop clusters.”

Linux logo

Sanjay Mazumder, CEO


“The IBM POWER8 is a very powerful platform that is scalable and suited to bring out the advantages of the integration between our ERP, Business Intelligence and Documentary solutions. Elettrix and IBM POWER8 are together the best operational support for management tasks for companies operating in the retail marketplace.”

Bruno Camaggi, CEO


“We were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to port the server part of X2Go to the IBM POWER architecture. Now IBM POWER customers can leverage unused cores on their host machines to provide a Linux-based remote desktop/thin client solution to their users, or to deploy a single, Linux-only application as a remote application on all three major client platforms, Windows, OS X and Linux alike.”

Linux logo

Stefan Baur, X2Go Lead Evangelist and Project Lead

Zabbix logo

"IBM Power Systems and PowerLinux provide fantastic architecture with integrated features in a highly flexible, scalable and reliable Linux environment, making high performance and real-time monitoring of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices a breeze."

Linux logo

Alexei Vladishev, CEO

Zato Health logo

“We see an enormous opportunity to further improve patient care and cost effectiveness from the cooperative innovation of IBM and Baystate Health - leaders in health care information technology and quality of healthcare delivery to patients. Zato’s software platform for data liquidity and system interoperability will accelerate benefits to patients and providers from next generation medical text processing, automated coding, and reporting of quality measures by leveraging the revolutionary hardware architecture of the new POWER8 line of IBM servers. IBM POWER8, running on Linux, provides increased processors per core, more threads, less latency, uses less power, less space, and less cooling to deliver extraordinary gains in information processing throughput.”

Linux logo

Paul McOwen, COO

Zettaset logo

"Businesses working with petabyte-scale data know that on-demand responses to analysis queries require infrastructure that offers both scale-out and scale-up in rack-optimized formats. At the same time, big data must be stored and processed in an environment that supports comprehensive and verifiable security. The combination of Linux on IBM Power Systems with Zettaset’s Big Data Encryption suite delivers the exceptional performance and data-centric security necessary to facilitate mission-critical big data solutions."

Linux logo

Jim Vogt, CEO

Zhongzing Telecommunications Equipment logo

"ZTE is one of the leading telecom providers in China. In our new development stage, we did some strategic level adjustments to our government enterprise and frontend businesses to focus on the new IT era like big data, cloud and mobile. We believe the new POWER8 technology will bring more opportunities for both IBM and ZTE."

Lv a Bin, VP


Stenie Chiras says with OpenPOWER & OpenStack, IBM Power Systems have improved performance & lowered cost with new innovative technologies.

Linux & OpenPOWER: Driving Value to Your Infrastructure (YouTube, 03:03)

IBM ISV Business Partners GIS Federal, LaGrange Systems, Redis Labs, ScaleOut Software, SugarCRM, and TMT discuss how IBM POWER8 technologies allows their clients to analyze data faster and improve overall performance while reducing costs.

Linux on IBM POWER8: IBM Business Partners Lower Client Costs with POWER8 (YouTube, 03:52)

6WIND exploits the advantages of Linux on IBM POWER8 to provide high performance and low energy consumption to Network Function Virtualization customers.

POWER8 and 6WIND - Delivering high-performance networking solutions (YouTube, 02:48)

With Linux on IBM POWER8, Aerobyte will streamline, simplify and reduce costs by building a more efficient and secure cloud infrastructure.

Aerobyte - Enterprise data security with Linux on Power (YouTube, 02:58)

Attunity Replicate for Hortonworks on Power brings the data together that helps clients with easier data management and faster analytics.

Attunity & Hortonworks - Delivering a superior solution for the modern data platform (YouTube, 03:06)

Avnet & IBM offer RapidBuild solutions from EnterpriseDB, MongoDB or Redis Labs, built on the reliability & scalability of IBM Power Systems to provide significant price-performance benefits over Intel servers with optimized, pre-loaded turnkey solutions.

RapidBuild - Avnet & IBM Power Systems present high performance solutions for mission critical applications (YouTube, 03:10)

Bosch relies on IBM Power Systems to provide the scalability & reliability they require to run their SAP HANA deployments allowing them to react quickly to changing customer demands.

Bosch: Global Manufacturer improves IT service delivery with SAP HANA on IBM POWER8 (YouTube, 03:23)

CipherHealth moved its OSDBs off the cloud to Power Systems, including MongoDB, Redis & NGINX, and decreased the ETL processing time 88%.

CipherHealth - Improving the healthcare experience with a faster back-end architecture (YouTube, 02:44)

POWER8 helps Magento's high-performance, scalable eCommerce solution handle fluctuating workload demands during peak seasons.

eBay-Magento: High-performance eCommerce scalability with POWER8 (YouTube, 02:29)

EDB Postgres Advanced Server, the open source relational database from EnterpriseDB, takes advantage of the open architecture IBM Power Systems, to help customers lower their cost and speed innovation. With the performance benefits of POWER8, such as significantly faster cores and multiple threads with SMT8, EDB customers can realize over 200% better price-performance than on Intel platforms.

EnterpriseDB and IBM Power Systems: Driving Application Innovation (YouTube, 02:44)

Supporting SAP HANA, AIX, IBM i and/or Linux on Power, Fritz & Macziol easy-to-use Dynamic Power Cloud Manager (DPCM) provides internal, legal or industry compliance and lowers your costs for cloud environments.

Fritz & Macziol - Automation solution for IBM Power environments in the Cloud (YouTube, 02:50)

GIS Federal (Kinetica) GPUdb uses POWER8 & NVIDIA GPUs to provide the ability to serve queries faster resulting in greater cost efficiencies.

GIS Federal and Power8: Speed and innovation in Big Data analytics (YouTube, 02:39)

POWER8 technology offers MSPs and customers more flexibility and scalability.

HelpSystems - System automation and management on POWER8 (YouTube, 03:11)

HortonWorks, a leading provider of Hadoop support, talks about the value of being closely aligned to the OpenPOWER community and IBM Power Systems. With 100% commitment to the open source community, HortonWorks and IBM focus on bringing innovative solutions and value to customers. Both are founding members of ODPi, the Open Data Platform Initiative, that is committed to the simplification and standardization of the big data ecosystem.

HortonWorks and POWER8: Innovation in Open Source (YouTube, 02:44)

Clients are achieving greater performance and lower latency with larger workloads in a Big Data world using Informatica's Ultra messaging solution running Linux on POWER8.

Informatica: Real-time, Big Data management with Linux on POWER8 (YouTube, 03:19)

LiveMon saw up to an 8x performance improvement after porting their x86-optimized real-time monitoring solutions to IBM POWER8, without changing a single line of code. A big reason is the CAPI interface, which they call a "game changer", as a developer just needs to "write code and POWER8 will do the rest".

LiveMon - Delivering real-time monitoring on IBM POWER8 (YouTube, 02:25)

POWER8 helps Magento's high-performance, scalable eCommerce solution handle fluctuating workload demands during peak seasons.

Linux on IBM POWER8: Revolutionizing Industries with Cost Cutting Solutions (YouTube, 05:07)

Hear how POWER8 and Linux on Power delivers flexibility, elasticity and improved efficiency for global supply chain companies.

Manhattan Associates - Creating supply chain efficiencies using POWER8 (YouTube, 03:30 )

Mellanox provides interconnected solutions with new POWER8 capabilities to deliver unparalleled performance and scalability for Big Data and emerging workloads.

Mellanox and POWER8: Performance for the largest Big Data workloads (YouTube, 02:56)

Mirantis is exploiting the open architecture & performance benefits of IBM Power to allow acceleration of OpenStack & Cloud adoption.

Mirantis and IBM Power Systems: Expanding the Value of the Cloud (YouTube, 02:03)

MongoDB on Power Systems provides significant value, offering 2x price-performance advantage guarantee over Intel platforms.

MongoDB on Power - Unleash performance without compromising the customer experience (YouTube, 03:39)

NGINX is taking advantage of the performance & scalability of IBM Power Systems to provide high performance delivery of applications.

NGINX and IBM Power Systems: High Performance Application Delivery (YouTube, 01:47)

Discover how Nvidia together with POWER8 is accelerating workloads for enterprise data analytics and technical computing.

NVIDIA and POWER8 - A powerful combination in high-performance computing (YouTube, 03:14)

POWER8 provides a high-performance, secure, reliable platform with Ubuntu support for OpenPro's customers.

OpenPro - Open source ERP solutions using POWER8 (YouTube, 03:24)

Redis on CAPI-Flash and POWER8 running Linux is a breakthrough technological achievement that delivers high RAM performance at much lower cost.

Redis and POWER8: Developing High Performance Databases (YouTube, 02:36)

See how ScaleMatrix provides cost effective solutions using the high-performance CAPI technology on IBM POWER8.

IBM POWER8 and ScaleMatrix - Cloud and data center excellence (YouTube, 02:50)

Clients are achieving greater performance and lower latency with larger workloads in a Big Data world using Informatica's Ultra messaging solution running Linux on POWER8.

POWER8 and ScaleOut Software: In-memory computing for operational intelligence (YouTube, 02:42)

South Shore Furniture exploits the speed & reliability of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems to meet their goal of client delivery within 24 hours and has also provided an 8x improvement in transaction response time.

South Shore Furniture - Manufacturer improves delivery with SAP HANA on IBM POWER8 (YouTube, 03:29)

SparkCognition endorses POWER8 as an ideal platform for cognitive computing and big data applications.

SparkCognition: Cognitive Security Insights delivered on POWER8 (YouTube, 03:00)

SUSE's enterprise clients will benefit from the high performance, increased memory, open source support and scalability of POWER8.

SUSE and POWER8 - Open source platform for mission-critical computing (YouTube, 03:13)

The Power processor has allowed cancer researchers to reduce the amount of power, space and servers needed to do simulations with large datasets.

University of Toronto: Photodynamic Cancer Therapy technology running on POWER8 (YouTube, 02:01)

VMware vRealize Automation provides capabilities for an IT organization to manage cloud ecosystems in a seamless way. The collaboration between IBM and VMware was driven by customers need for out-of-the-box interconnectivity and to overcome the challenges of enabling virtual environments. The resulting joint effort has given customers more features and functions in managing their heterogeneous cloud based solutions on IBM Power Systems and z Systems.

Managing IBM Power and z Systems in a VMware vRealize Automation Cloud (YouTube, 04:26)

A perfect fit for big data and analytics. Zato Health endorses POWER8 with Linux support.

Zato Health and POWER8 - Revolutionizing big data in healthcare (YouTube, 04:59)

With the scalable performance of Linux on POWER8, Zettaset provides Enterprise-Class security to meet industry compliance requirements.

Zettaset - Enterprise Big Data Security on Power8™Zettaset - Enterprise Big Data Security on IBM POWER8 (YouTube, 02:44)

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