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"With over 6 million users, Anaconda is the world’s most popular Python data science platform. Our IBM POWER9 customers are excited to use Anaconda for cutting-edge data science with the dependability IT requires. With IBM Power Systems and Anaconda, enterprises can secure, govern and scale data science and machine learning to deliver actionable insights that drive businesses and industries forwards."

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Scott Collison, CEO

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“We at Brytlyt GPU Database & Analytics Platform are delighted with the release of the IBM Power System AC922 built with POWER9 architecture, the next generation of the highly successful Power S822LC for HPC. IBM Power Systems is still the only platform with NVLink that bridges the gap between the host CPU and the phenomenal compute capability of GPU which delivers significantly improved performance for HPC, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads.”

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Richard Heyns, CEO

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“The processing demands in the mobile and text messaging industry often have unpredictable and heavy peak workloads. The Linux on Power architecture makes it possible to scale both vertically and horizontally very quickly. We found the CPU and IO performance outstanding and very suitable for our solutions. It was easy to port and test since everything is standard Linux, so there was no need for additional rework.”

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Søren Schmidt Kriegbaum, CTO

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“IBM’s open source Linux on Power systems helps reduce costs of delivery while supplying the highest security and performance in order to maintain the massive volumes of data for transcoding, analyzing and distributing to all communication channels.”

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Khosrow Rafiy, CEO

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"At the speed of digital business, organizations require high capacity computing to be competitive but still need price-performance. The innovation driving IBM’s upcoming IBM Power Systems with the POWER9 processor and the IBM Cloud Private (ICP) will support EnterpriseDB customers in their digital transformation journey. Advancing the management of high performance computing environments by pairing EDB Postgres with Nutanix delivers a fully integrated cloud experience on-premises for all of our joint customers."

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Ed Boyajian, CEO


“IBM Power Systems with the POWER9 processor enables organizations to take the steps with Machine Learning and AI. Galvanize, the technology community for transformative education, helps organizations re-skill workforces to fill Machine Learning and AI talent gaps. The collaboration between Galvanize and IBM enables organizations to further their technology goals, optimize advanced processing systems and meet the need for workforce enablement.“

Al Rosabal, CEO


“At HelpSystems, we’re excited by the future of Power Systems technology. With the POWER9 processor announcement, IBM has again demonstrated their ability to outpace the competition by delivering a highly competitive processor for customers that value high performance, consolidation, security, and a simplified infrastructure. Customers sometimes take for granted that an upgrade can happen with little or no downtime in their infrastructure, but they can switch over to the new technology with assurance that their applications will work. Just more evidence that the Power platform – and the POWER9 processor in particular – is the place to be.”

Tom Huntington, EVP Technical Solutions

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"Driverless AI exploits the high performance computing platform of IBM Power Systems with the POWER9 processor to bring automatic machine learning into demanding production environments of enterprises. H2O AI on IBM Power and GPUs brings the power of tightknit software/hardware innovation to accelerate automatic feature engineering and real-time training and scoring. Empowering all software and business teams to build highly accurate machine learning pipelines. We are using AI to write AI and make experimentation faster, cheaper and easier. Organizations that learn faster with data will be the winners in the AI future ahead and we are excited to bring our joint innovations to customers with IBM."

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Sri Ambati, Co-Founder and CEO


“For 20 years, Information Builders has delivered products that work with each generation of IBM Power System’s reliable and scalable computing infrastructure. As a result of this rich history, our joint customers have realized the potential of the WebFOCUS business intelligence and analytics platform and its applications at scale across the enterprise. We expect no less from the POWER9 processor and look forward to seeing how the newest solution will further our customer’s analytics journey.“

Gary Goldberg, VP Business Intelligence Products Group

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"Inodesain Jayautama Mandiri (Indjuri) has ported it’s “Magic Agrobusiness ERP” solution from x86 to IBM Power System and this application is now more stable, reliable and faster on Power than the previous x86 system. The new platform consists of Power Linux, IBM DB2 database and Cognos Insight for Business Intelligence and TKA's business performance has increased significantly after implementing this system on Power."

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Herry N. Atwar, CEO


“We are thrilled to offer our customers the demonstrable performance improvements of IBM Power Systems with the new POWER9 processor for AI, machine learning, deep learning, and accelerated analytics. In the new, extreme data economy, Kinetica and Power Systems together make it easier for enterprises across industries, from retail to finance to healthcare and beyond, to solve today's complex data problems and power business in motion."

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Paul Appleby, CEO

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“We designed the MapD analytic platform for zero-latency querying and visual exploration of large datasets, and the POWER9 processor, with NVIDIA® Volta GPUs and NVLink 2.0, gives our software an ideal configuration to power extremely fast analytics at scale. MapD parallelizes computation across hybrid CPU-GPU hardware designs like the Power AC922 HPC Server, allowing us to dramatically accelerate operational decision making, location intelligence, and data science workloads. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with IBM and NVIDIA to deliver a next-generation analytics and data science solution that will scale to deliver interactive processing for the massive datasets of the future."

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Todd Mostak, CEO


“A modern, general purpose database platform like MongoDB that supports a polyglot data strategy and is optimized for IBM Power Systems for on-premises and cloud deployments is a must for our joint clients. The new POWER9 processor, with twice the memory of its predecessor, superior price-performance and integrated GPU support combined with MongoDB Enterprise Advanced will revolutionize innovation and performance for a new generation of business-critical enterprise applications. As a Strategic Global Open Source ISV partner with IBM, MongoDB will be leveraging the POWER9 processor to offer our joint clients unmatched flexibility to deliver faster insights and breakthrough competitive and economic advantages.”

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Alan Chhabra, SVP, WW Partners

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“We’re excited by the industry-leading innovation in the new IBM POWER9 Systems and proud that in addition to offering deep support for the IBM POWER architecture, Neo4j is employed by IBM's own chip designers for optimizing the POWER9 processor itself. As the world’s graph platform leader, we continue to work closely with IBM to enable our joint customers to quickly realize higher value and faster insights from their connected data. We look forward to working closely with IBM to deliver the next-generation accelerated, Cloud and cognitive solutions on IBM Power Systems."

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Philip Rathle, VP of Products

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“Over two-thirds of the world’s busiest websites and applications use NGINX and NGINX Plus to deliver critical data and a superior customer experience. Together with IBM Power Systems, with the POWER9 processor and IBM Cloud Private, we are enabling organizations worldwide to adopt flexible, responsive, and modern computing architectures. Our joint customers rely on our solutions along with Power Systems to enable digital transformation projects with more speed and scale for tomorrow’s data-intensive applications."

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Gus Robertson, CEO

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“Today’s data-centric enterprise cloud workloads are increasingly dependent on accelerated, high performance computing. As a leading innovator in cloud HPC and AI, Nimbix has selected IBM Power Systems with POWER9 processors to extend its industry-leading platform with the most advanced portfolio of accelerated machines, reducing ‘time-to-results’ for our enterprise customers while lowering cloud costs."

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Steve Hebert, CEO


”Puppet is proud to partner with the new IBM Power Systems, built with POWER9 architecture, to standardize and automate how customers deliver modern software intelligently to optimized platforms.”

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Sanjay Michandani, CEO

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“Organizations have growing needs for highly available, high throughput data stores, yet must also find ways to reduce the cost and complexity of their systems. Scylla partners with IBM to ensure that our autonomous, best-in-class NoSQL database fully leverages the latest Power Systems with the POWER9 multi-core architecture out of the box. Scylla makes optimal use of Power Systems, enabling clients to scale up rather than continually scaling out. By combining our close-to-the-hardware design with next-generation POWER9 chips, organizations significantly improve their system performance while reducing their capital expenditures and operating costs. "

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Dor Laor, CEO


“Syncsort is excited by the powerful advances in IBM’s new POWER9 processor-based systems. We’re proud to be an IBM Business Partner providing software and services for these new systems and for the entire Power Systems ecosystem. The multi-threading feature in the latest release of our MIMIX high availability and disaster recovery software, combined with the full capabilities of POWER9, will deliver to our joint customers superior data availability with the highest levels of performance.“

David Hodgson, CPO (Chief Product Officer)

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"The IBM Power Platform helps us build strong, secure and flexible environments with OpenStack integration. For our datacenter, the IBM Power and Linux on Power is a great benefit."

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Adam Skotnicky, CEO

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“IBM Power Systems unmatched reliability, scalability and security is exactly what Mid-Market customers are looking for. By taking advantage of incredibly fast processors, a superior systems design, integrated infrastructure, and rich management facilities, VAI mid-market customers are reducing their computing costs while achieving results faster than their competitors.”

Joe Scioscia, VP of Sales


Stenie Chiras says with OpenPOWER & OpenStack, IBM Power Systems have improved performance & lowered cost with new innovative technologies.

Linux & OpenPOWER: Driving Value to Your Infrastructure (YouTube, 03:03)

IBM ISV Business Partners GIS Federal, LaGrange Systems, Redis Labs, ScaleOut Software, SugarCRM, and TMT discuss how IBM POWER8 technologies allows their clients to analyze data faster and improve overall performance while reducing costs.

Linux on IBM POWER8: IBM Business Partners Lower Client Costs with POWER8 (YouTube, 03:52)

6WIND exploits the advantages of Linux on IBM POWER8 to provide high performance and low energy consumption to Network Function Virtualization customers.

POWER8 and 6WIND - Delivering high-performance networking solutions (YouTube, 02:48)

With Linux on IBM POWER8, Aerobyte will streamline, simplify and reduce costs by building a more efficient and secure cloud infrastructure.

Aerobyte - Enterprise data security with Linux on Power (YouTube, 02:58)

Attunity Replicate for Hortonworks on Power brings the data together that helps clients with easier data management and faster analytics.

Attunity & Hortonworks - Delivering a superior solution for the modern data platform (YouTube, 03:06)

Avnet & IBM offer RapidBuild solutions from EnterpriseDB, MongoDB or Redis Labs, built on the reliability & scalability of IBM Power Systems to provide significant price-performance benefits over Intel servers with optimized, pre-loaded turnkey solutions.

RapidBuild - Avnet & IBM Power Systems present high performance solutions for mission critical applications (YouTube, 03:10)

Bosch relies on IBM Power Systems to provide the scalability & reliability they require to run their SAP HANA deployments allowing them to react quickly to changing customer demands.

Bosch: Global Manufacturer improves IT service delivery with SAP HANA on IBM POWER8 (YouTube, 03:23)

CipherHealth moved its OSDBs off the cloud to Power Systems, including MongoDB, Redis & NGINX, and decreased the ETL processing time 88%.

CipherHealth - Improving the healthcare experience with a faster back-end architecture (YouTube, 02:44)

POWER8 helps Magento's high-performance, scalable eCommerce solution handle fluctuating workload demands during peak seasons.

eBay-Magento: High-performance eCommerce scalability with POWER8 (YouTube, 02:29)

EDB Postgres Advanced Server, the open source relational database from EnterpriseDB, takes advantage of the open architecture IBM Power Systems, to help customers lower their cost and speed innovation. With the performance benefits of POWER8, such as significantly faster cores and multiple threads with SMT8, EDB customers can realize over 200% better price-performance than on Intel platforms.

EnterpriseDB and IBM Power Systems: Driving Application Innovation (YouTube, 02:44)

Supporting SAP HANA, AIX, IBM i and/or Linux on Power, Fritz & Macziol easy-to-use Dynamic Power Cloud Manager (DPCM) provides internal, legal or industry compliance and lowers your costs for cloud environments.

Fritz & Macziol - Automation solution for IBM Power environments in the Cloud (YouTube, 02:50)

GIS Federal (Kinetica) GPUdb uses POWER8 & NVIDIA GPUs to provide the ability to serve queries faster resulting in greater cost efficiencies.

GIS Federal and Power8: Speed and innovation in Big Data analytics (YouTube, 02:39)

POWER8 technology offers MSPs and customers more flexibility and scalability.

HelpSystems - System automation and management on POWER8 (YouTube, 03:11)

HortonWorks, a leading provider of Hadoop support, talks about the value of being closely aligned to the OpenPOWER community and IBM Power Systems. With 100% commitment to the open source community, HortonWorks and IBM focus on bringing innovative solutions and value to customers. Both are founding members of ODPi, the Open Data Platform Initiative, that is committed to the simplification and standardization of the big data ecosystem.

HortonWorks and POWER8: Innovation in Open Source (YouTube, 02:44)

Clients are achieving greater performance and lower latency with larger workloads in a Big Data world using Informatica's Ultra messaging solution running Linux on POWER8.

Informatica: Real-time, Big Data management with Linux on POWER8 (YouTube, 03:19)

LiveMon saw up to an 8x performance improvement after porting their x86-optimized real-time monitoring solutions to IBM POWER8, without changing a single line of code. A big reason is the CAPI interface, which they call a "game changer", as a developer just needs to "write code and POWER8 will do the rest".

LiveMon - Delivering real-time monitoring on IBM POWER8 (YouTube, 02:25)

POWER8 helps Magento's high-performance, scalable eCommerce solution handle fluctuating workload demands during peak seasons.

Linux on IBM POWER8: Revolutionizing Industries with Cost Cutting Solutions (YouTube, 05:07)

Hear how POWER8 and Linux on Power delivers flexibility, elasticity and improved efficiency for global supply chain companies.

Manhattan Associates - Creating supply chain efficiencies using POWER8 (YouTube, 03:30 )

Mellanox provides interconnected solutions with new POWER8 capabilities to deliver unparalleled performance and scalability for Big Data and emerging workloads.

Mellanox and POWER8: Performance for the largest Big Data workloads (YouTube, 02:56)

Mirantis is exploiting the open architecture & performance benefits of IBM Power to allow acceleration of OpenStack & Cloud adoption.

Mirantis and IBM Power Systems: Expanding the Value of the Cloud (YouTube, 02:03)

MongoDB on Power Systems provides significant value, offering 2x price-performance advantage guarantee over Intel platforms.

MongoDB on Power - Unleash performance without compromising the customer experience (YouTube, 03:39)

NGINX is taking advantage of the performance & scalability of IBM Power Systems to provide high performance delivery of applications.

NGINX and IBM Power Systems: High Performance Application Delivery (YouTube, 01:47)

Discover how Nvidia together with POWER8 is accelerating workloads for enterprise data analytics and technical computing.

NVIDIA and POWER8 - A powerful combination in high-performance computing (YouTube, 03:14)

POWER8 provides a high-performance, secure, reliable platform with Ubuntu support for OpenPro's customers.

OpenPro - Open source ERP solutions using POWER8 (YouTube, 03:24)

Redis on CAPI-Flash and POWER8 running Linux is a breakthrough technological achievement that delivers high RAM performance at much lower cost.

Redis and POWER8: Developing High Performance Databases (YouTube, 02:36)

See how ScaleMatrix provides cost effective solutions using the high-performance CAPI technology on IBM POWER8.

IBM POWER8 and ScaleMatrix - Cloud and data center excellence (YouTube, 02:50)

Clients are achieving greater performance and lower latency with larger workloads in a Big Data world using Informatica's Ultra messaging solution running Linux on POWER8.

POWER8 and ScaleOut Software: In-memory computing for operational intelligence (YouTube, 02:42)

South Shore Furniture exploits the speed & reliability of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems to meet their goal of client delivery within 24 hours and has also provided an 8x improvement in transaction response time.

South Shore Furniture - Manufacturer improves delivery with SAP HANA on IBM POWER8 (YouTube, 03:29)

SparkCognition endorses POWER8 as an ideal platform for cognitive computing and big data applications.

SparkCognition: Cognitive Security Insights delivered on POWER8 (YouTube, 03:00)

SUSE's enterprise clients will benefit from the high performance, increased memory, open source support and scalability of POWER8.

SUSE and POWER8 - Open source platform for mission-critical computing (YouTube, 03:13)

The Power processor has allowed cancer researchers to reduce the amount of power, space and servers needed to do simulations with large datasets.

University of Toronto: Photodynamic Cancer Therapy technology running on POWER8 (YouTube, 02:01)

VMware vRealize Automation provides capabilities for an IT organization to manage cloud ecosystems in a seamless way. The collaboration between IBM and VMware was driven by customers need for out-of-the-box interconnectivity and to overcome the challenges of enabling virtual environments. The resulting joint effort has given customers more features and functions in managing their heterogeneous cloud based solutions on IBM Power Systems and z Systems.

Managing IBM Power and z Systems in a VMware vRealize Automation Cloud (YouTube, 04:26)

A perfect fit for big data and analytics. Zato Health endorses POWER8 with Linux support.

Zato Health and POWER8 - Revolutionizing big data in healthcare (YouTube, 04:59)

With the scalable performance of Linux on POWER8, Zettaset provides Enterprise-Class security to meet industry compliance requirements.

Zettaset - Enterprise Big Data Security on Power8™Zettaset - Enterprise Big Data Security on IBM POWER8 (YouTube, 02:44)

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