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"With the introduction of Power7 into the Power Blade family, IBM is continuing to demonstrate its innovative technology in blades with real value for customers. Amdocs, together with IBM, recently unveiled the breakthrough results of a benchmark that tested Amdocs’ Turbo Charging technology on a previous generation of IBM Power blade servers. This benchmark set the industry record for real-time charging of 120 million prepaid subscribers with 230,000 events per second,” said Seth Nesbitt, vice president of products and solutions at Amdocs."


Seth Nesbitt, Vice President
Product and Solutions Marketing


"BPC Banking Technologies builds security directly into our applications to meet the strict requirements of our customers. IBM Power Systems provides the secure platform our customers demand to help protect their critical customer and financial information from outside threats."


Tatiana Vasilyuk, Partner Manager
BPC Banking Technologies

Callataÿ & Wouters. Banking Solutions.

"Our clients are requesting very high level of security, due to regulatory requirements for banks. With increased data encryption mechanisms of IBM’s new DS8870 disk system and integrated security features of the POWER7+ banks can rely on IBM enterprise systems to run Thaler, our core banking application, which is a critical part of their IT system"


Renaud Winand, Head of Software House
Callataÿ & Wouters, part of Sopra Banking Software

CERNER. All Together.

"Cerner Corporation is excited to continue our successful relationship with IBM Power Systems. Cerner solutions require mission-critical capabilities such as those provided by IBM's new POWER7 processor-based servers. Cerner has tested the POWER7 systems and expect that platform to help Cerner solutions deliver optimal clinical and financial results for our mutual clients."


Mike Nill, Executive Vice President
IP Development and CernerWorks


Customers use Chiliad when the stakes are high and Big Data challenges formidable. These customers, whether in government intelligence or healthcare, have demanding requirements for security, scalability and availability—and most important: actionable insight. We have optimized Chiliad Discovery/Alert to run on IBM Power enterprise systems to meet and exceed those customer requirements. We value our relationship with IBM and embrace their innovation, from their new POWER7+ processors to improvements in the entire Power Systems portfolio.


Ken Rosen, Vice President, Marketing
Chiliad, Inc.


"With the introduction of POWER7 into the POWER family, IBM is continuing to demonstrate its innovative technology leadership delivering real value for customers. Chordiant is pleased to team with IBM to offer Chordiant Decision Manager and Chordiant Foundation Server that run on IBM's next generation of Power Systems. The new POWER7™ processor-based Power 750 and Power 770 servers deliver highly available, scalable, and flexible solutions that are important for mission-critical business intelligence solutions such as analytical customer relationship management, data mining, data warehousing, and other core business functions."


Marchai Bruchey, Senior Vice President
Chief Marketing Officer


C2CRM. Clearly Different. Clearly Better.

“Our customers demand that C2CRM from Clear C2, Inc. be continuously available. Their businesses come to a stop when this critical application is down and the resulting impact to their business is measured not only in lowered customer satisfaction but in lost revenue. Enterprise Systems from the IBM Power Systems family with PowerHA high availability and disaster recovery solutions provide the continuously available infrastructure needed for our most demanding application deployments.”


Charlie Spaneas, Sales and Marketing Director
Clear C2, Inc.


"Clear2Pay’s customers have very high requirements for security, scalability and continuous access to their data and key business processes. We have optimized our Clear2Pay solutions within the Open Payment Framework to run on IBM Power enterprise systems to meet and exceed those customer requirements. We are excited to continue working with IBM as the company introduces greater capabilities for our large enterprise customers including new POWER7+ processors and improvements to AIX , PowerHA, PowerSC, PowerVM and the rest of the Power Systems portfolio."


Vice President, Chief Technology Officer


Comverse is a recognized leader in BSS solutions and value-added services, such as network-based messaging, for telecommunications companies globally. We have a long-standing partnership with IBM to deliver value to our customers. In that spirit, we have launched a joint Center of Excellence (CoE) with IBM to help global telecom operators speed time to market for new services, boost subscriber acquisition, and reduce costs. We believe IBM’s new POWER7 based servers will deliver the exceptional performance and mission-critical capabilities required by the most demanding telecom operators worldwide, while lowering operational costs.


Palani Vel, AVP, Platform & Architecture
Products and Operations

Dassault Systems

"Dassault Systemes is looking forward to expanding our customer’s use of AIX Active Memory Expansion to increase the available memory capacity of their POWER7+ systems. With the introduction of hardware assisted memory compression in POWER7+, our customers will no longer have to trade off processor capacity for memory capacity. They will get the best of both without impacting the performance of ENOVIA running on Power Systems."


Philippe Forestier, Executive Vice President
Global Affairs and Communities
Dassault Systemes

DIASOFT. the way it should be.

“The POWER7+ Platform ensures higher scalability, reliability and performance of our offerings. All of these features are essential for the quality support of our customer’s business and we are proud to become one of the first vendors of financial technology whose solutions are available on this innovative platform from IBM.”


Konstantin Varov, Director,
System Platforms and Architecture Department,
Member of the Management Board


"EASI has worked with IBM and Power Systems for many years. Continuous and consistent delivery of new and improved technology from IBM gives us the confidence that when our customers choose IBM Power Systems, they will be satisfied now and in the future. "


Herman Clicq, Marketing Manager


"As a leading provider of technology and services to the financial services industry worldwide, we are proud to work with IBM to deliver the HORIZON Banking System on POWER7 processor with the IBM i operating system. We have worked closely with IBM in the months prior to the announcement of these new servers and have tested the performance and scalability with our software. We are confident that these new servers will meet the needs of our HORIZON customers."


Tere Brun, General Manager, HORIZON

Information Management.

"More and more, clients are expecting software and hardware systems that are optimized for each other to deliver greater performance and reliability at lower cost," said Arvind Krishna, General Manager, IBM Information Management Software. "The combination of AIX 7 and the POWER7 processor provides an exciting new platform upon which we have optimized our DB2, Informix and InfoSphere software to take advantage of new massive parallelism and reliability enhancements.


Arvind Krishna, General Manager
IBM Information Management Software

"Clients today have to balance the challenges of increasing performance and reducing costs to deliver required business results. POWER7 processors innovations continue a tradition of meeting the most demanding workloads at significantly lower operational costs. And we continue to help our clients deploy their high performance information solutions faster by optimizing IBM Software with Power Systems in offerings such as DB2 pureScale and the IBM Smart Analytics System."


Arvind Krishna, General Manager
IBM Information Management Software

Lotus software.

IBM Lotus Domino on AIX 7.1 provides increased scalability and significant cost savings in addition to those offered by Lotus Domino 8.5.x capabilities. For customers looking to further consolidate their environment and eliminate the cost and overhead associated with Microsoft Windows servers, AIX 7.1 coupled with Lotus Domino 8.5.x provides a compelling story.


Alistair Rennie, General Manager
Lotus Software and Websphere Portal
IBM Software Group

"Lotus Domino clients have a lot to be excited about with the new IBM Power Systems announcement. The large number of clients using Lotus Domino on IBM Power Systems can now further consolidate their AIX and i/OS workloads onto fewer Power Systems servers - providing an even lower cost of ownership. The winning combination of Lotus Domino and IBM's new Power Systems delivers a world class solution to meet the business demands of the new decade."


Alistair Rennie, General Manager
Lotus Software and Websphere Portal
IBM Software Group

Rational software.

IBM Rational is pleased to team with IBM Power Systems to deliver the innovative IBM Rational Power Appliance. It is an easy-to-order, pre-configured application development solution that runs on AIX 7.1 and the latest POWER7 hardware and includes Rational compilers for C/C++ or COBOL and Rational application development tools all in one simple package. The IBM Rational Power Appliance is an EASY and QUICK way to get started in maintaining and developing applications on IBM Power systems.


Daniel Sabbah, General Manager
Rational Software
IBM Software Group

"IBM Rational Tools for Power Systems ("Power Tools") can help you optimize the potential of your software assets, skills and infrastructure investments by delivering unrivaled performance gains through world class compilers as well as managing and lowering TCO with individual development environments that dramatically improve collaborative software development and delivery."


Daniel Sabbah, General Manager
Rational Software
IBM Software Group

Tivoli software.

"The introduction of AIX 7.1 provides expanded integration of Power Systems, IBM Systems Director and Tivoli Software enabling clients greater service management capabilities, delivering better visibility and automation for the enterprise.


Al Zollar, General Manager
IBM Software Group

"IBM's Systems Director Enterprise Edition and AIX Enterprise Edition provide IBM Power Systems, including the new POWER7 processor-based servers, with an integrated systems management solution. By packaging IBM Tivoli Service Management solutions with the Systems Director platform, IBM is providing superior monitoring and control of both physical and virtual Power server resources, as well as rapid deployment of virtual images and system pool resources across multiple servers. This provides our customers with maximum flexibility and resource utilization, while managing and controlling energy consumption of servers and other data center components."


Al Zollar, General Manager
IBM Software Group

WebSphere software.

"By allowing multiple dynamic workloads to run on a single virtualized POWER7 processor-based server, we’re providing our WebSphere customers unique value, including the ability to maximize system utilization and lower operational and energy costs when running their critical business applications. We're excited about the potential for IBM's POWER7 processor-based server and WebSphere to jointly deliver unprecedented levels of business agility, cost savings and efficiency to customers."


Craig Hayman, General Manager
Websphere Software, IBM Software Group


"The introduction of the IBM POWER7 processor based systems shows the kind of scalability that is possible with IBS Enterprise and the IBM Power Systems. IBM and IBS joint customers will benefit from this for many years to come. The IBM Power Systems will scale from our smallest to our largest customer’s needs. Using PowerVM, the possibility to virtualize all of our customers' workloads and consolidate them on a single system will lower their overall costs."


André Lundqvist, Technical Manager, R&D
IBS Corporate Headquarters


"With the new IBM POWER7+ processors, Infor is able to deliver higher levels of performance, security and ease of use that help our IBM i clients expand and grow."


Laurie Croft, VP System i

"We are excited about the announcement of IBM i 7.1 and the continuing success of IBM i running on IBM POWER7 processor based systems. From our experience in the IBM i 7.1 beta program (or early testing program), we believe our customers will be impressed with the improved performance, reliability and lower administration costs that our joint customers have come to expect from new operating system releases from IBM. IBM's continued investment in this easy-to-manage and integrated operating system, proves that our customers will benefit from this solution for many years."

”Infor and IBM have partnered to deliver the IBM i Solution Edition for Infor System i Solutions. This is an important step in bringing a combination of Infor System i ERP and POWER7 processor-based systems to a set of customers that want simple, integrated solutions at a lower price. We believe that this solution will be valuable to a large set of customers and will be a great success in the market.”


Joe Marino, VP System i
Development & Support

"From the creation of a dedicated organization to the launch of several new products for the IBM Power platform, Infor is committed to being the leading provider of business software to companies running on the platform,” said Hans Kamman, director, development and release management, Infor. “The enhanced architectural capabilities of the new POWER7TM processor-based servers should provide a performance improvement for Infor ERP LN with DB2, strengthening business operations for Power-based customers."


Hans Kamman, Director
Development and Release Management
Infor Global Solutions

Information Builders

POWER7 will allow Information Builders WebFOCUS business intelligence suite - which fuels IBM's DB2 WebQuery to analyze millions of transactions in real time and distribute the associated information from volumes of data typical of growing and established enterprises. IBM customers can leverage the latest hardware innovations and processing power improvements to drive actionable information into the hands of users however, whenever they want. POWER7 is a powerful ally for organizations seeking to transform information delivery.


Gerald Cohen, CEO
Information Builders

jack henry & ASSOCIATES INC.

"Jack Henry's banking and credit union clients require the highest levels of performance, resilience and capacity. With announcements of new IBM Power Systems and Storage portfolios, IBM continues to deliver on the promise of Smarter Computing. Significant system advances will enable our customers to provide the highest qualities of service, highest scale and superior efficiency for their most critical information and business processes."


Mark Forbis, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.


"MajescoMastek is looking forward to the performance and scalability improvements of IBM Power Systems with the new POWER7+ processors. We expect the higher clock speeds and larger Level 3 cache will improve the performance of our applications and help us exceed the expectations of our clients. Insurance companies need the corresponding computing power that POWER7 has delivered for our applications as they transform their business and IT operations from siloed legacy systems to cutting-edge rules/tools based solutions. We help ensure a smooth transformation so they can maintain their competitive advantage."


Carol Dennis, Director of Marketing


“We are proud to partner with IBM on the roll out of IBM i 7.1 running on IBM Power Systems. The combination of Lawson and IBM Power Systems running IBM i 7.1 will be a great solution for our customers as they deploy new solutions and upgrade existing ones. IBM and Lawson have worked together for many years and we look forward to helping our customers take advantage of the price/performance gains of the new IBM i 7.1 and IBM POWER7 processor-based systems."


Lee Kilmer, Global Director
Technology Product Management

Manhattan Associates.

"Manhattan Associates customers are focused on leveraging their IT infrastructure to help them respond rapidly to new opportunities while at the same time improving operations efficiency,” Rob Thomas, senior vice president, global research & development, Manhattan Associates. “With the introduction of IBM Power Systems with POWER7+ processors, we expect our joint customers to see not only increase in performance and scalability but also a decrease in energy consumption and required floor space."


Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President
Global Research & Development
Manhattan Associates
Manhattan Associates


“Montran RTGS/GPS is a packaged payments solution platform for central and commercial banks. The POWER7+ systems along with Montran's RTGS/GPS offerings deliver the performance and reliability required by our large customers."


Alexander Esca, CEO


"Pantheon Automatisering is excited about the introduction of POWER7+ processors on IBM Power Express servers. Now we can leverage this new capability with our solutions especially for our midmarket customers. Pantheon Automatisering has worked with IBM and Power Systems for more than 25 years. Continuous and consistent delivery of new and improved technology from IBM gives us the confidence that when our customers choose scaleable and persistent IBM Power Systems, they will be satisfied now and in the future."


Hans Siekerman, Sales Director
Pantheon Automatisering


"Our SaaS based healthcare advanced analytics solutions are very data intensive and system performance is always an important factor for our customers. In addition, government regulations and our customer service level agreements require the highest levels of security. I am pleased that IBM continues to invest in the enterprise class Power systems and I look forward to taking advantage of the Power 7+ enhancements so that our customers can continue to have confidence in our ability to deliver the information they need, when they need it."


Joe Pleasant, Jr., FHIMSS
Chief Information Officer & Senior Vice President
Premier healthcare alliance


"Red Hat Enterprise Linux combined with IBM Power Systems offers joint Red Hat and IBM customers optimized performance, scalability and reliability at affordable costs," said Alex Pinchev, executive vice president and president, Global Sales, Services, and Field Marketing. "With the introduction of IBM POWER7, our customers can continue their Linux consolidation efforts with next-generation technology from IBM."


Alex Pinchev, Executive Vice President and President
Global Sales, Services, and Field Marketing
Red Hat


"With the launch of AIX 7, IBM continues their commitment to provide an exceptionally powerful IT platform for SAP customers. The new scalability features enable our mutual clients to reliably and flexibly support their business."


Dr. Georg Leffers, Development Project Manager
SAP on IBM POWER Systems

"With the launch of POWER7 processor-based servers, IBM is driving technical excellence with clear business value for our customers. Using this new hardware generation, SAP customers will be able to extend the capacity of their enterprise systems and at the same time to reach even higher resource utilization levels. In addition, SAP customers will have the option to leverage new Active Memory Expansion technology to increase memory efficiency and new sustainability features for dynamic management of energy levels."


Dr. Torsten Wittkugel, VP DB/OS Platform Development


"SAS is pleased to team with IBM to offer SAS Business Analytic solutions that run on IBM’s next generation of Power Systems.  Our customers demand that their environments be highly available, scalable and flexible to meet their expanding business and infrastructure needs.  The innovative POWER7™ processor-based system allows us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, delivering an overall outstanding value."


Craig Rubendall, SAS Director,
Research & Development


Our core banking solutions require high performance power with reliability, availability, scalability and automation to keep bank operations running 24X7. Only IBM Power Systems provide these critical technology, which makes my customers very happy and their CIOs sleeping peacefully at night. Thank you, IBM!


Chang Kok Khoon
Product Executive – Regional
Silverlake Holding Sdn Bhd


“Insurers need to operate at peak efficiency as they compete and grow,” said Paul Skordilis, SVP Sales and Marketing, StoneRiver, Inc. “That’s why StoneRiver is glad to see the POWER7+ processors implemented on a broader range of IBM Power Systems. We look forward to helping our joint customers reap the advantages of this new technology. Consistent delivery of improved technology from IBM gives us the confidence that when our customers choose IBM Power Systems, they will be satisfied now and in the future."


Paul Skordilis, SVP, Sales & Marketing
StoneRiver, Inc.

SYBASE. An SAP Company

"IBM Power Systems POWER7 technology is a marketplace game changer" said Dr. Raj Nathan, Executive Vice President and CMO, Sybase. "Benchmark tests of Sybase IQ show a more than 5X performance increase with POWER7 versus Power 6 technology. Sybase IQ with IBM POWER7 fulfils our customers’ most demanding analytics requirements."


Dr. Raj Nathan, Executive Vice President and CMO

"Ultra-High Performance Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions require server infrastructure that performs extremely well and is scalable to turn huge and ever-growing amounts of data into actionable intelligence. "IBM has once again raised the bar on performance and scalability with new systems based on POWER7 processor technology", said Mark Westover, Vice President, Strategic Alliances at Sybase. The combination of Sybase's high optimized IQ Analytics Server with IBM POWER7 processor based systems are a great combination for our customers who need performance and scalability for their most demanding data analytics needs. "Sybase IQ and Power Servers are already installed in some of the most demanding and mission critical business and Government environments in the world", continued Westover, "POWER7 coupled with Sybase IQ 15.1 set another performance bar for the industry".


Mark Westover, Vice President, Strategic Alliances



Our market leadership in telecom service fulfillment is based on solutions capable of scaling to the transaction and data volumes of the world's largest operators. Therefore, our products demand equally capable underlying computing platforms. Bringing our Granite portfolio, the core of our Next Gen Fulfillment Suite, to IBM Power Systems will increase the choice for service providers, without compromising scale and flexibility.


George Cray, Vice President, Global Sales

Tributary Systems, Inc

Security requirements demand high levels of encryption for data stored and transported by Tributary Systems' Storage Director. With the new hardware-assisted data encryption inside the new POWER7+ processor, we expect the new Power Systems will offer upgraded protection our customers’ data while improving the performance of the rest of the application workload, leaving processor resources available for other, innovative projects.


GEd Ahl
Director of Business Development
Tributary Systems


"POWER7+ continues to provide a highly relevant, current platform for businesses that need the ability to refine and change their operational systems in a cost effective way. This is especially true for Coda Financials users who employ a best-of-class systems strategy that allows them to continuously innovate while leveraging the rock solid reliability and uptime of the Power platform."


Steve Pugh, President
UNIT4 Business Software


“Vision Solutions has worked closely with IBM for more than 20 years to optimize our High Availability solutions to run on IBM Power Systems and support the full range of IBM storage systems to meet and exceed customer requirements for availability. As IT departments both for the midmarket and the enterprise turn increasingly to the Cloud, the enhancements in Power7+ further support Vision’s solutions that provide scalable system and application availability for all resources – physical, virtual or in the Cloud. Together Vision Solutions and IBM enable companies to minimize the costs and business consequences of downtime. We are excited to continue working closely with IBM as the company introduces greater capabilities for our midmarket and enterprise customers including new POWER7+ processors with improved performance and scalability.”


Alan Arnold, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Vision Solutions

"Vision Solutions has long partnered with IBM to enhance the resilience of IBM Power Systems products. IBM has designed the new POWER7 processor-based servers to be even more available and resilient, offering our joint customers expanded levels of protection. We look forward to these new servers and the increased customer satisfaction they will bring to the marketplace."


Edward Vesely, SVP of Marketing
Vision Solutions


"VM SISTEMI customers need to respond rapidly to new opportunities while at the same time improving the efficiency of their IT infrastructure. With the introduction of more IBM Power Systems with POWER7+ processors, we expect our customers will address both these goals through the improved performance and scalability."


Bruno Camaggi, Vice President


"VAI’s customers have very high requirements for security, scalability and continuous access to their data and key business processes. We have optimized our S2K applications to run on IBM Power enterprise systems to meet and exceed those customer requirements. We are excited to continue working with IBM as the company introduces greater capabilities for our customers including new POWER7+ processors and improvements to IBM i, PowerHA, PowerSC, PowerVM and the rest of the Power Systems portfolio.


Kevin Beasley, CIO
Vormittag Associates, Inc (VAI)


"As the banking industry in China continues to develop dramatically, the data volumes associated with the banking system and customer business keep on increasing and expanding. As a result, banks would like to rebuild their information systems to handle the demands of increasing business volume. IBM enterprise systems, including System z, Power and Storage, can provide a stable environment for hardware and the entire system, high data processing capacity, high data security, environmentally friendly operation and high maintainability. From these perspectives, IBM enterprise systems are the first choice for many banks in China."

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IBM Power Systems hardware is at the heart of enabling major business and industry transformations fueled by the explosive growth of big data and analytics. Power Systems help organizations drive faster business insights with industry leading performance, scalability and virtualization flexibility.

IBM Power Systems deliver flexibility and choice of operating systems to enable your business to support the next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing that are transforming how organizations work today. Whether running 1, 2, or all 3 - coupled with PowerVM, they maximize the benefit of Power Systems in your business.

IBM's integrated approach to developing Systems and Systems Software stacks together delivers a platform that supports next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing on an open platform for choice while providing maximum utilization, availability, and flexibility to help you deliver new advantages to your business.

IBM and IBM Business Partner solutions exploit key benefits in IBM Power Systems’ unique design combined with systems software to provide support for next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing to providing unprecedented insights into opportunities, threats and efficiencies to your organization.

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