Special offer: Get a 2x price-performance advantage guarantee on big data servers for MongoDB

MongoDB on POWER8 is an enterprise-wide data management solution

The IBM POWER8 architecture was designed for big data platforms like open source MongoDB, delivering four times more processor cache, memory bandwidth and multithreading than commodity platforms can provide.

With MongoDB on POWER8, you gain a high-performance DBaaS platform that delivers an integrated, real-time view of all your data – throughout your enterprise.

Big data applications

Use MongoDB secondary indexes, dynamic schema, sharding, replication and expressive query language.


Standardize the way in which project teams and internal stakeholders use MongoDB.

Business value

Increase business agility and scalability, while deriving value from all your data – both structured and unstructured.

Simple deployment

Get a MongoDB Enterprise Server, LINUX and POWER8 on a single appliance for quick deployment with RapidBuild.

Drive business innovation while reducing your costs

Speed up results

40% 40%

more performance per server

The combination of MongoDb and POWER8 provides 40% more performance per server than Intel Xeon.*

Optimize efficiency

2x 2x

price-performance guarantee

MongoDB on POWER8 delivers a 2x price-performance advantage than x86.**

A new breed of solutions for digital transformation

IDC helps companies navigate how to transform their business for the digital transformation which demands a new approach to data management.

Are you ready?

Blog: Modernizing data management with MongoDB and POWER8

Learn about use cases such as single view and real-time analytics, along with real-world examples of how enterprises are using this powerful platform to handle their big data applications.

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Big data. Big opportunities. 2x the price performance of x86.

The superior price performance of modern database management solutions running on IBM OpenPOWER LC servers brings the future of the data center into focus affordably. Cloud-ready and designed for open source, OpenPOWER LC is the superior choice for powering next generation business capabilities.

  • Real-time analytics
  • New data sources and types
  • Next-generation applications

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