IBM AIX Solution Editions for Cognos and SPSS

Business leaders recognize the importance of making fact-based decisions, yet based on IBM survey results, one third of CIOs make decisions based on instinct or “gut feel”. One reason is that the sheer volume and velocity of the data that’s available is simply too much for business users to collect and process. Often they find that it is too difficult and takes too long to find the right information, the information isn’t organized in a useful way, and when they have the information, it is almost impossible to compare possible options when trying to reach a decision.

To address this, companies are turning to analytics to help them derive insights from this huge amount of data to drive competitiveness, revenue growth and operational efficiency.
As data-driven decision-making becomes pervasive across organizations, it becomes mission-critical for business success, and requires a highly available and resilient infrastructure. Speed and access are also important, as many of these decisions are time-sensitive requiring rapid analysis of the most current data, delivered directly to the business user at the point of impact.

IBM offers pre-configured analytics applications on Power: AIX Solution Edition for Cognos and AIX Solution Edition for Analytical Decision Management.

AIX Solution Edition for Cognos

IBM AIX Solution Edition for Cognos delivers the powerful, self-service analytics capabilities of Cognos Business Intelligence on the industry’s best platform for compute-intensive analytic workloads, Power Systems. This solution is designed to satisfy all user types and working styles, enabling everyone in the organization to freely explore data, analyze key facts, collaborate to gain alignment with key stakeholders and act with confidence. For faster deployment, IBM AIX Solution Edition for Cognos comes with the AIX operating system, PowerVM virtualization, WebSphere Application Server, DB2 Enterprise and Cognos Business Intelligence pre-installed.

The POWER7+ architecture is built for analyzing vast amounts of data, and delivering results to users across the organization quickly, securely and cost effectively. AIX Solution Edition for Cognos delivers a system that grows and adapts with the business. Organizations can start by implementing the most critical capabilities like dashboards, key reports and add functionality like mobile, collaboration or what-if analysis in a single server. This can reduce server sprawl, as well as the associated software license and management costs.

As organizations transition from monthly or daily reports to real-time access by users across the organization, analytics performance becomes increasingly important. Cognos Dynamic Cubes leverage in-memory data assets and aggregate awareness in order to achieve high performance interactive analysis and reporting over terabytes of warehouse data. To maximize performance, Cognos uses summary tables and databases in memory, re-using POWER7+ processor cache results, which works more effectively when all processors are on a single system.

AIX Solution Edition for Analytical Decision Management (SPSS)

Predictive analytics helps organizations use their data to make better decisions by allowing them to draw reliable, data-driven conclusions about current conditions and future events. By deploying predictive analytics, organizations are addressing their business issues proactively to get the best outcomes.

With AIX Solution Edition for Analytical Decision Management, the predictive analytics and decision management capabilities of IBM SPSS Modeler, Collaboration & Decision Support and Analytical Decision Management together with Power Systems - the industry’s best platform for compute-intensive analytic scoring of large data volumes - enables organizations to determine the “next best action” in real time. By combining and integrating predictive analytics, local rules, scoring and optimization techniques into an organization’s systems, AIX Solution Edition for Analytical Decision Management delivers optimal recommended actions at the point of impact, adding industry best-practices

SPSS Modeler is optimized for the Power server architecture providing consistently high levels of performance even when reading tens of millions of records. The Power server infrastructure is also highly efficient at handling the scoring transaction load of Collaboration and Deployment Services with large data volumes. This means it is more likely to be able to execute scoring with real-time operational transactions, and keep up with the operational throughput than a comparable x86 server scale out configurations. This is especially important for high data volumes associated with threat/fraud detection, or anytime that critical decisions must be made in real-time.

Like the AIX Solution Edition for Cognos, AIX Solution Edition for Analytical Decision Management pre-installs the AIX operation system, PowerVM virtualization, WebSphere Application Server, DB2 Enterprise and available combinations of the SPSS products.

With the scalability of PowerVM, business intelligence and predictive analytics functions can dynamically share processor, memory and I/O resources to maximize server utilization and ROI. This ensures that processing power is available to the priority queries and reports when the business needs it - without the performance penalty of VMware.1

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