Modernize Query/400 reports with ease

DB2 Web Query for i is a robust web based business intelligence solution for IBM i environments. With DB2 Web Query Version 2, you can import Query/400 definitions and enhance them to allow end users to acquire information when they want it, and where they want it (spreadsheets, dashboards, mobile devices).

Leverage your IBM i infrastructure. DB2 Web Query Version 2 is integrated with the operating system and DB2 for i database. CL commands allow you to run reports off your existing job scheduler or automate refreshing of meta data after underlying database structure changes. Incorporate DB2 functions, procedures, or SQL views for more challenging reporting requirements. Minimize risk and costs by leveraging your current environment.


With DB2 Web Query Version 2, you can support mobile devices, build dashboards, and provide “drill anywhere” type reports with ease.

The new Version 2 Wizard Analytics jump starts your analytics by quickly creating meta data and reports and dashboards over DB2 or imported spreadsheet data.

Build data warehouses or datamarts with the new DB2 Web Query DataMigrator. Consolidate, transform and load data into an isolated reporting repository.

Get started with DB2 Web Query

Choose your edition

Use Express Edition for getting started. Express Edition contains all the reporting tools and output options you need to get started. Upgrade into Standard Edition to add report deployment options, such as a job scheduler or application integration capabilities.

Acquire Version 2

Don't have Version 2 yet? Watch these videos on how to get the Version 2 DVD image, install it, and get going with self guided tutorials.

Get expert help

The DB2 for i Center of Excellence offers standard or customized skills transfer and implementation guidance services.

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Call us at 1-866-872-3902 | Priority code: Power

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