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Big data analytics is at the forefront of today’s IT challenges. The platform choice for Big Data Analytics (BDA) deployment is a difficult challenge for any IT department. Solitaire Interglobal, Ltd conducted in-depth research on this topic. Solitaire found that the layered resource demand is difficult to project using most capacity planning tools and the explosive use of organizational resources can have a Processing Demandripple effect of epic proportions. Of the organizations within the research study that had fully deployed their BDA practices, the difference between the IT architecture resources before the deployment and after is equivalent to 16 times the pre-BDA level. The strain on platform I/O, memory, network bandwidth and calculation capacity highlight the increased sensitivity that the post-BDA IT world must face.Processing Demand

A second compelling question is even more basic – what is BDA? Many people talk about BDA as if it relates to the amount of data that they have or that they are going to process. The lines between BDA, analytics and data mining are easily confused and benefit from clarification. The first clarification is extremely basic - big data is not lots of data. It has no relationship to the amount of data, but instead refers to the vision of the data. The BDA vision incorporates both structured and unstructured data, unlike any other organizational view.

This extensive and in-depth research report from Solitaire Interglobal, Ltd, and the subsequent analysis has been primarily directed at the value of that platform use from a business perspective, so that those whose role it is to provide business leadership can understand the benefit of the IBM Power architecture in BDA deployment and evolution.

About the Study

During this study, the main behavioral characteristics of software and hardware were examined closely, within a large number of actual customer sites (31,000+). These customers include organizations that have deployed big data and business analytics as part of their production environments. This group has organizations that maintain deployments that have been customized to support additional functionality and business process, as well as those that have been integrated with third-party or custom components. The information from these customer reports and the accompanying mass of real-world details is invaluable, since it provides a realistic, rather than theoretical, understanding of how the choice of platform can affect the organization’s costs, risk and strategic positioning in the current marketplace.

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