IBM Systems Management solutions for Power Servers

IBM offers a complete set of platform and enterprise service management solutions that are designed to reduce complexity, manage virtualization, and manage energy of your Power™ servers running AIX®, IBM i or Linux® throughout the operational lifecycle. Integrated management of server systems across physical and virtual systems and across platforms can give you a better picture of the IT assets you have in your infrastructure, how they are interdependent, as well as their status and performance levels. But if you are specifically focused on getting the most out of your PowerVM production environment, we offer virtualization management solutions that enable you to drive up system utilization, deploy new workloads faster, and automate management for higher availability.

  • - Integrated server management

    IBM Systems Director Editions are designed to provide the tools you need to better manage your Power servers for improved service delivery. The Systems Director Express, Standard and Enterprise Editions provide a set of integrated platform management or enterprise management solutions to:

    Reduce the time required to find and troubleshoot problems with cross-platform monitoring and repair capabilities

    IBM Systems Director Express Edition provides the common console Power server administrators need to collaborate with other server administrators when identifying the root cause and fixes for cross-platform service problems.

    IBM Systems Director Standard Edition includes the Express Edition and adds energy monitoring not only of the Power servers, but also any systems plugged into intelligent power distribution units, uninterruptible power supplies or the status of computer room air conditioning units. IT administrators can also broaden problem identification to include when networking systems have problems that can impact service delivery.

    IBM Systems Director Enterprise Edition adds to the Standard Edition features, the ability to monitor the status of applications and middleware, to look for changes that can could be the source of a service problem. Roughly 60% of IT problems are a result of something that changed in the infrastructure, so having this knowledge can speed up troubleshooting and reduce downtime of the service.

    Reduce the time required to deploy systems and optimize utilization of virtual resources and energy

    IBM Systems Director Express Edition can help make LPAR deployment for new workloads faster and easier than provisioning new hardware. This can be beneficial if you are just starting to deploy virtualization on a small scale or are consolidating servers.

    IBM Systems Director Standard Edition includes the Express Edition features and then takes virtualization to the next level by speeding up deployment via images that encapsulate the correct maintenance levels of an OS, middleware and application and automatically configure the storage area network connections. You can also optimize the energy use of most POWER6 and all POWER7 processor-based systems with the Standard Edition.

    IBM Systems Director Enterprise Edition adds to the Standard Editions features the ability to automate workload deployment across the resources of multiple servers in a system pool. It can also help you to improve workload availability through visualization of workload status (instead of resource status), and automated mobility of workloads away from detected system errors.

    Get information to document the existing infrastructure and plan for future capacity needs

    IBM Systems Director Express Edition provides automated discovery of servers, their relationships to other servers and the details about their resources and utilization.

    IBM Systems Director Standard Edition includes the Express Edition features and adds discovery of networking systems, identifies systems connected to power distribution units, and allows the association of physical systems with CRAC units. For infrastructure planning, there is built-in trend analysis to help identify energy problems that may occur in the future that can be avoided through facilities adjustments or upgrades.

    IBM Systems Director Enterprise Edition includes all Standard Edition features, and adds discovery of applications and middleware as they relate to physical and virtual servers. To help with capacity planning, there is predictive analysis of server resource utilization and built-in reporting.

  • - Virtualization management

    IBM Systems Director VMControl provides a comprehensive virtualization management solution for clients using PowerVM on IBM Power Systems servers and blades. Available as a plug-in for IBM Systems Director, VMControl is offered in three Editions to suit progressively increasing levels of virtualization, making it easy for you to expand your management capabilities as you build out your virtualized IT infrastructure.

    By simplifying and automating the processes involved in creating virtualized workloads in PowerVM (using the AIX, IBM i or Linux on Power operating systems), VMControl helps you to reduce costs, improve service levels and manage risk. Most importantly, it allows CIOs and IT managers to link their virtualized infrastructure performance to business goals and manage virtualized resources as strategic assets.

    VMControl is unique among virtualization management solutions in that it provides a common interface for managing virtualized workloads across multiple computing platforms and virtualization technologies. In other words, configuring or provisioning a virtual machine (VM) using PowerVM on Power Systems servers involves exactly the same steps as managing virtual workloads on IBM System x servers or System z mainframes. So IT managers no longer need to struggle with the redundancies of “silos of virtualization management,” and a standardized, easily-learned skill set can be utilized to manage all virtualized resources across the enterprise.

    Better still, clients can deploy VMControl as part of the IBM Systems Director Editions and use the same graphical framework to manage their physical resources as well, including servers, networking and storage. Each of the Systems Director Editions (Express, Standard or Enterprise) includes the corresponding VMControl Edition.

    VMControl Express Edition provides consistent life cycle management capabilities for individual VMs, including the ability to create, delete and modify VMs. These VMs can contain the AIX, IBM i or Linux on Power operating system, along with appropriate applications for those platforms.

    VMControl Standard Edition includes all of the functionality of VMControl Express Edition, in addition to the capability to manage pre-built virtual appliances and store these in a shared repository. New ready-to-run AIX or Linux workloads can then be provisioned and deployed on demand, with a few simple mouse clicks.

    VMControl Enterprise Edition goes one step further, by including the functionality of VMControl Standard Edition and adding the capability to manage system pools - which are groups of virtual appliances running on multiple Power Systems servers – as easily as managing a single VM. In this way, system pools provide simplified management of complex multi-tiered workloads that include AIX and/or Linux VMs.

  • - Other solutions

    Other management solutions for Power servers

    IBM provides additional tools to address specific needs to reduce complexity, manage virtualization, and manage energy of your Power servers.

    Tools to assist with reducing complexity:

    Tools to assist with virtualization management:

    Tools to assist with energy management:

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