The power behind industrial strength virtualization for Linux

IBM® PowerVM®, Linux Edition™ provides the industrial-strength virtualization solution for IBM Linux only servers. Based on more than a decade of evolution and innovation, PowerVM represents the state of the art in enterprise virtualization and is broadly deployed in production environments worldwide by most Power Systems owners.

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PowerVM Hypervisor supports multiple operating environments on a single system

Dynamic logical partitioning allows processor, memory and I/O resources to be moved between VMs

Micro-partitioning enables up to 20 virtual machines per processor core


Micro-partitioning enables up to 20 virtual machines per processor core

Shared processor pools allow for sharing of processors between VMs, moving automatically as needed

Integrated virtualization manager simplifies VM creation and management of entry Power



PowerVM Introduction and Configuration

An introduction guide for system administrators

Virtualization without limits

Reduced cost and increased flexibility through PowerVM

IBM Integrated Virtualization Manager

Lowering the cost of entry into PowerVM Virtualization

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Secure and scalable server virtualization environment for AIX, IBM i and Linux applications


Advanced virtualization management and cloud management for Power Systems™