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CMG. Computer Modelling Group Ltd.

Given that CMG's industry-leading reservoir simulation applications run on both Power and Intel platforms, we are presently benchmarking the advantages that IBM’s new offering could bring to our customers, where the appetites for performance, complexity and simulation sizes are ever-increasing.



"Datameer and IBM have a shared vision on the exploding big data market and the pivotal role that Hadoop plays to bring cost effective analytics to business users. IBM's newest Power Systems servers offer our joint clients the power, performance and security they need to handle their toughest analytic challenges."


Stefan Groschupf, CEO

Fixstars. Speed up your Business.

Fixstars Hadoop data appliance starts with the IBM PowerLinux 7R2 utilizing PowerVM to host YellowDog Linux 7......the overall architecture features a lot of integration above and beyond a simple bundling of Hadoop. For example, scripts for heartbeat are already setup to add or remove data nodes or job trackers as compute nodes come on and off line.

Fixstars started to develop Yellow Dog Linux for Hadoop in the fall of 2011, the first beta version will be available to partners in late April, with an initial launch of the appliance scheduled for early summer. The initial products will be optimized for the medical, manufacturing and finance industries for small to mid size organizations, each solution will consist of 3-5 PowerLinux 7R2's in a single clustered solution.


Owen Stampflee, Linux Product Manager

Information Builders

“Linux is appealing because of its flexibility factor in the powerful IBM PowerLinux hardware, provisioning, reliability and, together, IBM and Information Builders deliver cost-effective, efficient, and state-of-the-art BI solutions for their joint customers.”


Adam Cohen, Partner Marketing Manager
Information Builders

Big data and scalability go hand-in-hand. Big data solutions must be capable of handling Terabytes to Petabytes of data for real-time, deep analytical and complex workloads. IBM PowerLinux Big Data Solutions provide the best performance and total cost of ownership to meet the growing needs of our big data customers.

We are very excited to offer IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and IBM InfoSphere Streams on the new IBM PowerLinux servers. Power and Linux are a natural fit with big data to provide a very high performance and scalable environment with the industry standards of Linux and the enterprise-grade quality of Power. IBM PowerLinux servers will be very appealing to our customers, providing a competitive price point and an alternative to x86 for a big data solution where both the hardware and software are supported by IBM.


Anjul Bhambhri, Vice President, Big Data
IBM InfoSphere Big Insights and IBM InfoSphere Streams


“It was noted from results that in spite of its lower configuration compared to Intel servers, IBM PowerLinux performed much better in terms of Average Response time. PowerLinux was able to scale to 100 user workload which is nearly 12% higher user load than what was achieved in the Intel Server. The scaled up workload was achieved on IBM PowerLinux with nearly 67% lesser compute capacity (with just 2 cores as compared to 6 cores) and with nearly 266% lesser memory requirement (with just 24GB as compared to 64GB).”


Maya Vijay, Principal Consultant
Kran Consulting

Power Navigator®

Midrange Performance Group’s Power Navigator® has been tracking AIX and Linux performance on IBM Power severs for years. We are particularly excited about IBM’s PowerLinux announcement. This Linux only Power system provides end-user great scalability with the POWER7 performance and the advance virtualization features of PowerVM at a lower cost of acquisition. Power Navigator’s capacity planning function collects Linux performance data on multiple platforms and models the workload on the new PowerLinux server, including recommended LPAR configuration.


Randy Watson, President
Midrange Performance Group, Inc.


Given that OpenPro's historical support of Open Source solutions and with our innovative ERP packages, OpenPro On Demand and OpenPro on Premise, we look forward to supporting our customers as they deploy installations based on IBM’s PowerLinux™ platforms. We are presently benchmarking the advantages that IBM’s new offering could bring to our customers, where the appetite for reliable Business Solutions, cost effective and scalability is ever-increasing.


Jim Clark, CEO and Founder
OpenPro, Inc.

Platform Computing, an IBM Company.

Platform Computing, an IBM Company, has a long history of support for the IBM Power family of products and we are pleased continue that tradition with PowerLinux,” said Nick Werstiuk, Vice President, Product Management, Platform Computing. “As pressure mounts within organizations to process larger data volumes at increasingly efficient rates, there is an even greater need for powerful, efficient technical computing solutions. By combining PowerLinux with Platform LSF, Platform’s flagship workload management product for demanding, distributed computing environments, these organizations can quickly take advantage of the performance and scalability of PowerLinux while increasing job throughput and ensuring optimal resource utilization.


Nick Werstiuk, Vice President, Product Management
Platform Computing, an IBM Company


The POWER architecture brings choice to customers, a core value proposition from Red Hat.


Jim Totton, VP and GM of Platform Business Unit
Red Hat

SEP Global Storage Management.

SEP deployed a backup and recovery solution at Pneuhage Wheel Services on PowerLinux with high customer satisfaction: within the expected timeline and on reduced budget. The migration from SAP MaxDB to SAP on IBM DB2 on PowerLinux shows a significant performance improvement, and the combination of the SEP sesam, SAP R/3 and IBM PowerLinux hardware delivers a secure high-performance solution for management of almost every aspect of our customers' business.


Geor Moosreiner, CEO

Srishti Software Applications

“The successful porting and testing of PARAS on IBM’s PowerLinux series has enabled Srishti in achieving better penetration into newer markets such as South East Asia, Africa & Middle East, This synergy has enabled both Srishti and IBM to offer a complete end-to-end solution to its customers at a cost effective price point.”


Mr. John Selvaraj,Vice President - Sales
Srishti Software Applications


"In a 24/7 world, efficient backup and reliable system recovery is crucial to business continuity. IBM PowerLinux and Storix SBAdmin gives customers the stability of IBM's PowerLinux servers for their mission-critical workloads while Storix's SBAdmin provides Adaptable System Recovery (ASR), reducing downtime and giving the customers the flexibility to rebuild/migrate their Linux systems to the same or dissimilar hardware and storage configurations".


David Huffman, President/CEO


SugarCRM has a long history of supporting Linux platforms and the IBM PowerLinux platform provides our customers and business partners with the openness, flexibility, and cost advantage of Linux coupled with the robustness and scalability of the IBM Power platform. Bringing these two technologies together provide a reliable and cost effective platform for companies of all sizes – from small business, to mid market, to large enterprise.


Chuck Coulson, VP Business Development


The time for PowerLinux is now.


Michael Miller, VP Global Alliances and Marketing

The SUSE partnership with SAP enables customers of all sizes to run mission-critical operations on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the industry's most interoperable, reliable and secure computing platform. When coupled with the computing power of IBM PowerLinux and the efficiency of PowerVM as offered in the low cost IBM PowerLinux Solution Edition for SAP Applications, midsize businesses have better access to a wealth of benefits while staying within budget.


Naji Almahmoud, Senior Director
SAP Global Alliance


TerraEchos is extremely excited about the release of the IBM PowerLinux servers,” states Alex Philp, Ph.D., Founder and CTO of TerraEchos. “Given the growing capabilities of our Kairos™ appliance and the exploding business challenges involving extreme data in motion analytics, we look forward to offering PowerLinux server configurations to our US Government and commercial customers.


Alex Philp, Ph.D., Founder and CTO
TerraEchos, Inc.

The Linux Foundation.

With PowerLinux, IBM brings four big things to the table that are good for Linux: competition, commitment, code, and cool technology.


Jim Zemlin, Executive Director
The Linux Foundation

Uchida Spectrum.

“SMART/InSight® G2 Open” built on OSS search technology Lucene/Solr as a Search-Based Application can help corporate decision makers deal with big data dramatically easier with faster data access and sophisticated visualization features. We are excited to see the higher availability and flexibility that PowerVM brings with this affordability will accelerate the adoption by cost conscious decision makers with wider choice of applications on PowerLinux platform including those from OSS market. We look forward to the further expansion of SMART/InSight G2 Open business on this new PowerLinux platform from IBM.

Uchida Spectrum is a leading provider of Search-Based Application SMART/InSight G2 Open.


Mack K. Machida, President & CEO
Uchida Spectrum

We saw the growth of the Linux market and in late 2009. we added support for PowerLinux on IBM WebSphere MQ Low Latency Messaging. This middleware is a high-throughput, low-latency messaging transport for industries where speed of data delivery is key, and PowerLinux will be simple to use and manage for our customers, allowing them to scale out workloads quickly and easily.


Heran Shah, WW Sales Leader
WMQ Low Latency Messaging


“Businesses with big data know that large data analysis queries are useless unless the answers are delivered immediately, on demand. At the same time, big data must be stored and processed in an environment that supports comprehensive and verifiable security. The combination of IBM PowerLinux and Zettaset Orchestrator together deliver the performance and security necessary to facilitate cost effective, production-ready big data solutions. “


Jim Vogt, President and CEO

Zucchetti Group. Software & ICT Solutions

As the first Italian group in the software industry and services in their reference market(*), Zucchetti Group has been selected to work together with IBM to test the new IBM PowerLinux system. Tests have shown excellent performances on all Zucchetti analysed software: both on applications for accountants, employment consultants and associations and on the HR and ERP for companies. In particular, we have been able to verify that the new IBM machines produce a performance improvement of at least 40% compared to Linux machines based on Intel X86 and represent an ideal tool to assure continuity over time, supporting the needs of development and growth of applications without the need for further investments. That’s why Zucchetti's strategy of development of cloud computing will be based on IBM machines.

(*) source IDC ITALIA – November 2011 DATAMANAGER


Alberto Cazzulani HR Business Unit Technologies & Services Manager
Zucchetti Group

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