Server virtualization for IBM scale-out Linux servers with KVM

Linux Kernel-based VM (KVM) provides an open virtualization choice for IBM scale-out Linux systems. The Linux open source technology of KVM virtualization is designed to complement the performance, scalability and security qualities of Linux. It provides an open extendable solution for running virtual machines (VMs) on Linux scale-out servers that enables cloud deployments, scale-out processing, and big data solutions reducing complexity and cost.

IBM Power Systems supports industry standard enterprise KVM solutions, such as those provided by Red Hat and Ubuntu.

NOTE: In October 2016, IBM began working with the open source community to deliver KVM on Power Systems through Linux distribution channels, such as through Red Hat, Ubuntu, and the broader KVM community. Our native KVM offering, IBM PowerKVM, continues to be supported through 2019, however, existing clients are encouraged to transition their KVM subscriptions to the Linux distributor of their choice in order to continue to receive new features and functions.


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Supports multiple disparate Linux instances on a single system

Processor sharing allows for exchange of processor resources by virtual machine

Memory virtualization enables memory over commitment and higher workload density


Memory virtualization enables memory over commitment and higher workload density

Kernel same-page merging optimizes real memory utilization through page sharing

I/O virtualization enables physical I/O adapter sharing, optimizing utilization capabilities




IBM PowerKVM Configuration and Use

Concepts of PowerKVM and how to deploy virtual machines with the software stack included in the product.

IBM PowerVM, Linux Edition

Secure and scalable server virtualization environment for Linux applications.