Software Subscription for IBM i

Keep up to date while managing your software costs

Software subscription for IBM i helps make change easy – Now you can keep up with the latest releases of system version and release updates. IBM Software Subscription for IBM i gives you a simple, predictable way to plan for the cost of keeping current with IBM i software1.

Future software releases or versions readily available – With Software Subscription for IBM i, you'll receive future releases or version updates of all eligible IBM i software you have acquired for your system at no additional charge—all at a single, flat rate per machine.

Payment options – With Software Subscription for IBM i you have the choice of several different payment options. There is a one-year plan (the minimum agreement) or money-saving prepay multiple-year plans available.* Software Subscription for IBM i is also orderable within ServiceSuite and ServiceElect contracts in the United States.

Flexible and easy to use – Software Subscription is extremely flexible. If you upgrade your machine, you upgrade your software subscription. You can also transfer your subscription to another system in your company.**

Once you enroll in Software Subscription for IBM i, all you have to do is request updates as they become available. There's simply no easier way to keep up to date with the rapid developments of software enhancements.

Secure the e-business advantage – e-business computing has changed the way we work. This includes using the Internet to reach new markets for your products and services, conducting electronic commerce with vendors via specially dedicated extranets, or even enhancing collaborative computing of widely scattered workgroups over intranets. No matter how you choose to use them, the power and potential of e-business computing seem limitless. Now, translating computing potential into business practice means having the newest version of the IBM i operating system OS/400 together with a variety of other IBM i software products.

The benefits go right to your bottom line – Designed to meet your needs in the changing world of e-business computing, IBM Software Subscription for IBM i offers a number of key benefits that can make it easier to plan and respond to e-business needs. Benefits include making it easier to budget for new functions...eliminating the need to seek additional funding to upgrade your existing IBM software as new functions become available...simplifying bookkeeping...and offering extended options for prepayment.

The software subscription solution and pricing structure add up to give you the resources you need to make the most of e-business.

Eligible products list – Software updates (version and release updates) are provided under IBM Software Subscription for selected IBM i products. The supported products must be on a system running OS/400 Version 4 or later.

Eligible products list for IBM i, System i, iSeries and OS/400

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