Industry unique virus resistant, object-based architecture

Object-based architecture underpins the operating system and is inherently virus-resistant. In addition, for the data and applications hosted on the IBM i Integrated File System (IFS), third-party vendors provide a robust set of virus scanning tools. The combination of a virus resistant architecture with virus scan capabilities helps deliver to IT security professionals what they have always wanted—peace of mind.

A program cannot masquerade as data and vise versa.

A program cannot masquerade as data and vise versa.

Integrated security features

System monitoring and management capabilities

When it comes to system management capabilities, the operating system and its architecture were designed with security implementation and management as a core tenet. Although most servers can be made secure, the IBM i platform was designed and built to be readily securable, which makes security management easier. In addition to the inherent security management capabilities, IBM i has a list of ISVs that specialize in the various aspects of security implementation and management. The tools from these ISVs can make the job of going from policy, to implementation, to management relatively painless.

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