AFP. PDF. IBM Infoprint Server for IBM i.Go beyond 'print and distribute.' Go to the next level of automation to manage and present business information electronically and reduce hardcopy costs.
Receive more value from your IBM i investment. Extend core IBM i output capabilities that help enable you to re-engineer business processes to improve service levels, decrease transaction costs, reduce paper flow and enhance competitive advantage with speed and flexibility.

With InfoPrint Server, you can transform any standard IBM i output format and produce electronic output in Advanced Function Presentation (AFP™) or PDF. This capability allows you to manage and distribute information via e-mail, Web or local printing.

Migration to electronic output can reduce the time, costs and waste associated with preprinted hardcopy forms. And, you gain IBM i management of network output. InfoPrint Server provides transforms for PCL, PostScript®, GIF, TIFF, JPEG and PDF data into AFP so you can bring these documents into the IBM i for efficient and cost-effective handling.



  • Click to show description Functions available with Version 5 Release 3

    Intelligent Routing – This functionality enables dynamic profiling of customers and end users matched with the desired mode of business communications for each recipient (print, fax, e-mail, Web).

    User application interface – This new end-user communications definition interface for InfoPrint Server, which is in addition to the programmed interface, can simplify document profile and delivery deployments.

    File naming and location – Users of InfoPrint Server now have enhanced control over PDF filenames and integrated file system (IFS) locations, easing deployment and improving usability.

    PDF encryption – Encryption of document and report data (along with password protection) helps broaden the scope of output that can be distributed electronically.

    File size – Enhancements have been made in PDF processing that help significantly reduce average PDF file size.

    2D barcode – New two-dimensional bar codes are now supported in PDF. Bar codes are UPS Maxicode, PDF417, and Datamatrix.

    Full-color documents – Full-process color documents can now be created on IBM System i and flow to PDF files. Full-color image is supported in two methods—the standard System i highly-compressed color image standard (the IOCA Function Set 45 specification) and direct import of standard Web image formats (JPEG, TIFF, PDF).

    Web-IFS-Image Import – V5R3 supports the direct import of standard Web image formats in ASCII, such as JPEG, TIFF and PDF, into System i documents. These images are rendered in the PDF produced in InfoPrint Server.

    Planet barcode – This new zip code variant is supported in PDF.

    PDF orientation – Additional options now provide control over the orientation of a document or report in the viewer.

    Note: Some of the above functions are available in V5R2 as a PTF update.


  • Click to show description Explore InfoPrint Server with the standard 70-day evaluation
    Explore InfoPrint Server with the standard 70-day evaluation

    Re-engineer your output for e-business with Infoprint® Server for System i. Activate your 70-day evaluation today from the i5/OS® Version 5 release set of CDs.

    Instructions – Use the standard i5/OS program product installation—GO License Program (GO LICPGM). The product ID for InfoPrint Server is 5722-IP1. Remember, if you are using V5R2 and System i Access for Web, you can use PDF functions immediately. If you are using V5R1, you can move a targeted spooled file to the recently configured PDF queue and PDF services will be invoked.

  • Click to show description Installation
    Step Description
    1. Install InfoPrint Server. Install using Go License Program (GO LICPGM).
    2. Ensure InfoPrint Server is current. Install PTFs.
    3. Verify PDF function with System i Access for Web. Need to have System i Access for Web installed.
    4. Configure PDF functions. Basic configuration requires PSF Configuration Object and PDF writer device. Find configuration guidance in the Users Guide and Redbook, available from links at right.
    5. Test interactively with System i Navigator. Use System i navigation to right click on select spool files to test InfoPrint Server functionality.
    6. Test in batch. Simply move a spooled file to the PDF queue.
    7. Test e-mail. See quick e-mail setup instructions, link at right. Define PDF queue for e-mail. E-mail ID can be specified in printer file.

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