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Re-engineer your business documents to take advantage of e-business output without changing your applications. InfoPrint® Designer helps you meet the requirements of a competitive business environment with fully electronic documents that combine data, text, fonts, electronic forms, graphics, images and more. Once your documents are designed for electronic use, you can transform how documents are managed throughout your business. You can take advantage of functionality in the IBM i Advanced Function Print™ (AFP™) environment and have the flexibility to deliver documents via e-mail, fax, the Web, and so on, as well as send them to printers for hardcopy.

With a fully graphical design interface that is integrated with the IBM i, non-technical users can design or redesign documents in standard IBM i formats using InfoPrint Solutions Company's AFP architecture and IPDS™ technology. Results can include boosts in productivity, decreases in application costs, e-business-driven process changes, and seamless electronic delivery.


Interactive overview

View the self-running overview below to find out how InfoPrint Designer provides an end-to-end solution for IBM i applications.

Latest enhancements

The current version of InfoPrint® Designer is 1.18 (Nov 2004, product number 5733-ID1).

  • Click to show description Enhanced functionality

    Design Wizard – A wizard-based interface addresses the need to design more complex documents. This includes documents where:

    The design wizard works with the input page data and steps you through these operations, page by page. The tree windows for form definition and page definition are synchronized so that adjustments can also be made using those views.

    2D barcode – InfoPrint Designer now supports the major two-dimensional barcode symbologies, UPS Maxicode, PDF417, and Datamatrix. These barcode symbologies encrypt data in two directions and can store far greater amounts of data. For example, PDF417 can store over 3,000 characters in one barcode. 2D barcodes can be used in an overlay or can be used to map print data in the Layout Editor.

    National language support – InfoPrint Designer is now available in French, German, Italian, and Spanish in addition to English.

    Finishing – Finishing operations, such as stapling and punching, are now supported. This support includes the capability to finish by print file segment. For example, a print file may contain customer invoices, each of which consists of multiple pages. With group finishing, you can staple each customer invoice set. Other finishing operations supported include z-fold, edge and saddle stitch, and punch.

    Enhanced document preview – InfoPrint Designer preview functions are extended to enable full-fidelity preview of complex documents. This includes constant-back documents, where the back of a page consists entirely of fixed overlays without any variable data. Enhanced preview enables you to view the document exactly as it will print.

    Full-color image – The IBM i full-process color image standard is implemented in InfoPrint Designer, both for image creation and for image placement. You can now design and distribute documents with full-color content. InfoPrint Designer now supports the AFP IOCA FS45 image type, the IBM i standard for full-process color images that are highly compressed. InfoPrint Designer allows you to create FS45 images using the Image Editor and position them in your document.

    Line data input – Applications that have been implemented using InfoPrint Designer define output as line data, not SCS. Support has been enhanced to design with line data in addition to SCS, which means that these applications can be modified without additional changes to the application printer file.

    MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) fonts are special fonts used on the bottom line of checks for automated check routing and processing. MICR fonts are now included with InfoPrint Designer so that you can print checks without having to load different paper for each checking account.

    Enhanced look and feel – The InfoPrint Designer user interface has been changed to provide a more consistent Windows® design.

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