IBM DB2 Web Query for i

Solution advantages

Modernize query for iSeries (Query/400) reports

DB2 Web Query offers the ability to import Query/400 definitions and enhance the look and feel of the green screen reports, while opening them up to the Web. Add charting, parameterization, OLAP-like slicing and dicing to the reports, or view reports in disconnected mode for the end user on the go.

Hide complexity of data from end users

DB2 Web Query can automatically recognize relationships defined across tables/files in your data and import them into its metadata, making it much easier for end users to understand the data without having to worry about how to join multiple tables. Enhance the metadata with a Developer Workbench feature to define multi-dimensional relationships for OLAP processing, or to build HTML-based compound reports.

Take advantage of DB2 for i query processing features

DB2 Web Query fully leverages DB2 for i query optimization features such as:

Reduce I/T support efforts

The single server-based code installation and thin client implementation of DB2 Web Query offers the following potential benefits:

Keep the data in DB2

Many enterprise reporting tools on the market force you to move your data out of DB2 or require multiple servers to support various reporting functions. The IBM product is an IBM i server-based and thin client implementation, simplifying the whole reporting infrastructure for iSeries, System i™ and IBM i clients. Software upgrades are simplified, reliability can be increased, network traffic is reduced, and security and auditing may be simplified.

Query remote databases

Through the single server installation, DB2 Web Query provides the ability to pull data from remote DB2 for i databases into a report with the BASE product. Extend data sources for reports with the Microsoft® SQL Server® adapter. You can avoid complex data replication by leaving the data where it is at and report on it as needed. Whether its across systems or across partitions, DB2 Web Query can be installed in a single OS image and access these remote databases.

Start small and grow big

The DB2 Web Query base product provides web based query and reporting tools that can significantly enhance your reporting capabilities. The web based tools provide significant productivity gains for report authors, while the delivery of data in the formats end users desire removes multiple step processes, making the data much easier to interpret through graphical representations, exception reporting, linked reports and more.

Additional DB2 Web Query features can be added to grow your reporting environment into true business intelligence. A meta data layer provides multiple benefits for report authors and end users by simplifying the view of the database. Provide sophisticated interactive analysis capabilities against live data with the OLAP feature, or against a snapshot of the data through Active Reports. Build dashboard views to track key metrics with Developer Workbench.

Grow into enterprise reporting with the DB2 Web Query Report Broker which contains a scheduling function that automates the execution and distribution of reports. Provide real-time BI by integrating the reporting environment directly into applications with the DB2 Web Query Software Development kit.

Whether you are doing operational reporting or building a data warehouse, with DB2 Web Query you can start small and grow into an enterprise BI solution!

Become productive with little training

DB2 Web Query is designed to be very easy to learn, enabling end users to be proficient in building or running reports in a matter of hours vs. days or even weeks. IBM has provided a set of tutorials as part of IBM’s DB2 Web Query Redbook.

In addition, leverage IBM and IBM Business Partners offers for Quick Start Services to install and get a few reports built in a short engagement that can be used with Services Vouchers.

But if more structured training is your best way to learn, that is available as well. Several IBM classroom or distance learning offerings are available for end users or implementers.

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