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Software solution: DB2 Web Query for i

IBM's DB2 Web Query for i provides capabilities to query or build reports against data stored in DB2 for i and other databases through browser based user interface technologies. Build new reports with ease through the intuitive InfoAssist graphical report builder. Simplify the management of reports by leveraging parameterized reporting to reduce the number of reports that require maintenance. Deliver data to end users in many different formats, including spreadsheets, PDF, HTML or powerful web visualizations. Automate report execution and distribution with job scheduling and e-mail integration functions. Enable BI as part of the day to day process by integrating reports into line of business applications through the ability to embed report execution calls directly from traditional 5250 or web based applications.

DB2 Web Query is designed to enable you to modernize your existing Query/400 environment. Leverage OLAP reports to provide data slicing and dicing and trend analysis. A single OLAP report could replace many Query/400 reports required to delve into the data to answer questions from the analyst. View reports visually with the over 100 supported graphs and charts. Place several reports on a single view for an executive level dashboard. Support users on the go with the automated report distribution and mobile computing support.

DB2 Web Query accesses data in DB2 for i through a native adapter, allowing it to take full advantage of the sophisticated query optimization technology that IBM has been investing in for over a decade. Build reports seamlessly from local or remote DB2 for i databases, or even Microsoft SQLServer databases with the optional SQLServer adapter.

Key to any true BI tool is a meta data layer that shields report authors and end users from the complexities of the back end database while providing consistency of data definitions across the enterprise, eliminating ambiguity and distrust of the data in reports. The meta data layer positions DB2 Web query as way more than just a graphical reporting tool by extending the number of personnel that are capable of building reports and eliminating the dependency on that one person who is the database expert!

Bundled software: DB2 Web Query Editions

DB2 Web Query Editions are simple to order bundles of software, that provide a foundation for core DB2 Web Query functions for either getting started (Express) or rolling out the business intelligence application across your enterprise.

DB2 Web Query Express Edition provides an entry level software bundle that includes report authoring tools, Query/400 import function, and analytic reporting options for a small number of users. With the Express Edition you can generate high quality PDF reports for external consumption, or provide OLAP reports for analysts interested in understanding trends or finding exceptions in the data to uncover what’s driving results. In addition, you can leverage the spreadsheet pivot table support and ability to integrate ad-hoc reporting directly into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. For those with smartphones who need to analyze data while on the road, the Active Technologies provide analytics for the users disconnected from the server.

DB2 Web Query Standard Edition combines all of the Express features plus more, providing a robust offering that can support up to thousands of users. With Standard Edition, ample user licenses are included to support a typical roll out of developers and administrators, report authors, and a virtually unlimited number of run-time users and report consumers.

With Standard Edition, you can build more sophisticated dashboards for executives monitoring key performance indicators. Use Standard Edition to create an enterprise report distribution model with abilities to schedule report execution and distribution through e-mail or save the reports for later viewing.

Optionally leverage the data adapter for Microsoft SQLServer included in Standard Edition to be able to build reports including data from any of those databases in your network.

The facilities required to execute DB2 Web Query functions from a customized application is also included in Standard Edition. Many clients will value the ability to create a URL interface to execute parameterized reports and surface that URL in an existing or new web-based application, thereby integrating the reporting functions into line of business applications.

Packaged solution: IBM i for Business Intelligence

IBM i for Business Intelligence is a packaged hardware, software and installation services solution that is easy to order and easy to implement, a perfect choice for improving your capability to analyze data turning it into information that can help transform your business.

Demonstrate immediate results with Operational Reporting and transition into a robust Data Warehouse, based on your business demands.

This solution combines the strengths of Power Systems, IBM i, DB2 for i, DB2 Web Query for i Standard Edition, and data transportation software to deliver a ready to use BI server that houses the extracted and transported data sourced from your production systems.

This new solution is offered as three configurations (small, medium, and large) that include software and required licensing, as well as getting started services designed to get you up and running fast-no long wait times before you can show new business information to your execs.

Based on the IBM POWER7 servers running IBM i 7.1 and the latest in DB2 for i query optimization technology, this appliance-like offering provides immediate value while not locking you into a server that cannot be used for other purposes. Expand the initial implementation into a full blown data warehouse, or leverage the additional capacity included with every configuration for other purposes such as availability or disaster recovery, development/test, or other applications that can free up resources on an existing production server.

Midmarket IBM i clients want the same analytic capabilities as enterprise accounts, but are often not able to deal with the same costs and complexities of enterprise data warehouse solutions. The IBM i for BI solution is the perfect fit to help these clients achieve their analytical needs in a manner of days and at a very attractive price point, with a solution that reduces risk by leveraging their existing IBM i skills and infrastructure. Consistency across operating system, database management system, operational and administrative policies and procedures reduces risks and costs.

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