IBM i Access

Keyed stamped media

Software key required for 57xx-XW1

The IBM i Access Family (Licensed Program 57xx-XW1) is added to the Keyed Stamped Media, which provides customers a 70-day evaluation period for the functions that require the IBM i Access Family license. These functions include:

  • Data transfer, PC5250 display and printer emulation.
  • All components of IBM i Access for Web.

After 70 days, customers must order user-based licenses or a processor license for the 57xx-XW1 product to receive the software license key.

As in prior releases, any feature of IBM i Access can be used, whether the feature requires a license or not. Also as in prior releases, the 57xx-XW1 license will be checked at the point that the user tries to use a licensed feature.

The user who installs the software and manages the software licenses at a customer site will need to know the following details:

The 57xx-XW1 licensed program comes with both a base (Feature 5050) and option 1 (Feature 5101). When 57xx-XW1 is ordered, the customer automatically gets both the base and option 1. Both need to be installed when XW1 is installed on IBM i. Then the usage limit is entered for 57xx-XW1 base, and the license key information is entered for 57xx-XW1 Option 1.

Installation information

For software upgrades, if 57xx-XW1 already exists, both 57xx-XW1 base and 57xx-XW1 option 1 would automatically be installed on the target system.

For new installs, both the base and option 1 would be installed automatically in these scenarios:

  1. When 57xx-XW1 is ordered and preloaded on the server.
  2. When a customer is installing a new system and selects "Installed products," "All products" or "New products," which is the use of GO LICPGM option 1.

Both base and option 1 must be manually selected in these scenarios:

  1. When a customer installs the 57xx-XW1 LP individually with the RSTLICPGM (Restore Licensed Program) command.
  2. When a customer selects one or more LPs to install from a list of all LPs that the Install component knows about, which is the use of GO LICPGM option 11.

Managing users and managing the license key information

To use licensed functions of IBM i Access clients, in addition to having 57xx-XW1 IBM i Access Family base and option 1 installed on the IBM i, the usage limit and license key information must be entered for 57xx-XW1 with the following steps:

  1. Update the usage limit for 57xx-XW1 by doing the following:
    1. Type the WRKLICINF command on the IBM i to which you intend to connect. A list of products appears.
    2. Type 2 in the entry field next to the product 57xx-XW1 Base, Feature 5050.
    3. On the Change License Information (CHGLICINF) display, change the usage limit to the number of licenses that you purchased for the IBM i Access Family. If you purchased the processor-based option for IBM i Access Family, enter the value *NOMAX for usage limit (The purchase invoice will indicate either a number of users purchased or a processor group). Using a number that exceeds the purchased limit violates the IBM license agreement.

  2. Update the license key information for 57xx-XW1 by doing the following:
    1. Type the WRKLICINF command on the IBM i to which you intend to connect. A list of products appears.
    2. Type 1 in the entry field next to the product 57xx-XW1 Option 1, Feature 5101.
    3. On the Add License Key Information (ADDLICKEY) display, some fields may already contain the required information, such as the product identifier, version, release, modification numbers, system serial number, etc.

      ADDLICKEY values for Usage Limit and Processor Group for Feature 5101:
      • In the Usage Limit field on the ADDLICKEY display, always enter the value *NOMAX, as indicated on your key sheet, regardless of the usage limit entered for 57xx-XW1 Base (Feature 5050) in step 1 above.

        The Usage Limit value of *NOMAX is required as part of the software key, but it is not a representation of the number of users licensed under a usage based license.
      • In the Processor Group field on the ADDLICKEY display, for a user-based license, enter the value of *ANY. A processor-based license will have a processor group value that corresponds to the processor group licensed.

Contact IBM

  • Call IBM Support Line:
    1-800-IBM-SERV (1-800-426-7378)1-800-426-7378
    Inside the US

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