The IBM Cloud Management Console runs as a service hosted in the IBM cloud, freeing organizations from maintaining software to monitor infrastructure. Dynamic views of performance, inventory and logging for your complete Power Systems enterprise, whether on premises or off premises, simplifies and unifies management information in a single location. This allows clients to easily make more informed decisions.

As private and hybrid cloud deployments grow, enterprises need new management insight into these environments. Tools that provide consolidated information and analytics can be key enablers to smooth operation of infrastructure.


  • Cloud-based services that can be accessed securely, anytime, anywhere tailored for mobile devices, tablets and desktop browsers
  • Aggregated views of Power Systems inventory, performance and log trends
  • Patch Planning application provides code level information, available updates, and collaborative planning tools
  • Energy usage insight for Power Systems

See how IBM Cloud Management Console can benefit your business

Software as a Service model frees clients from installation and maintenance of software

Insights provided from aggregated Power Systems servers include performance, inventory and logging data

“At a glance views” show system health, energy usage, and OS metrics with logical groupings

Inventory and code level information of systems including Power Systems, HMCs, LPARs and virtual resources


Lower cost of ownership and better monitoring information for your cloud are typical IT goals. IBM Cloud Management Console for Power Systems addresses these key goals by providing software as a service which requires no maintenance. This allows clients to get immediate benefit of systems monitoring insight without having to spend resources to deploy and maintain yet another piece of software.

Enterprises have the flexibility to pay as they go on a monthly basis for however many Power Systems they want to be included in the Cloud Management Console views at any given time. The combination of letting IBM maintain the software and having a monthly subscription allows greater flexibility in costs of ownership.

  • SaaS Offering provides more flexibility in cost of ownership
  • Cloud Management Console is maintained by IBM reducing labor costs associated with installing and maintaining software
  • Valuable insight into Power Systems Cloud deployments
IBM Cloud Management Console for Power Systems