Businesses today need to maximize the return on investment in information technology. Their IT infrastructure should have the flexibility to quickly adjust to changing business computing requirements and scale to handle ever expanding workloads—without adding complexity. But just providing flexibility and performance isn’t enough; the IT infrastructure also needs to provide rock-solid security and near-continuous availability and while managing energy and cooling costs.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more businesses are choosing the AIX operating system (OS) running on IBM systems designed with Power Architecture® technology. With its proven scalability, advanced virtualization, security and reliability features, the AIX OS is an excellent choice for building an IT infrastructure. And, AIX is the only operating system that leverages decades of IBM technology innovation designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability of any UNIX operating system.



  • Latest generation of IBM’s market leading UNIX operating system
  • Binary compatibility with previous releases of IBM® AIX®
  • Tremendous vertical scalability to provide capacity and growth for your IT infrastructure
  • Built-in clustering capabilities to simplify high availability
  • Enhancements to virtualization capabilities to provide flexibility to support changing workloads
  • Exploits the IBM POWER® technology and virtualization to help deliver superior performance and efficiency
  • Available in two editions for even more capability and flexibility


AIX 7.1 is available in two different editions: The base AIX installation media is the same for both editions: The client specifies the edition to be installed during the installation process. A new command, “chedition” can be used to identify which edition is in use, or can be used to change the edition dynamically without rebooting.

All editions of AIX 7.1 are available on all models in the IBM Power Systems hardware product line. Clients may mix the different editions on a single server.

Standard Edition

The AIX 7.1 Standard Edition is the edition that many people would think of as “AIX.” The vertical scalability of AIX Standard edition is only limited by the current maximum capabilities of the Power Systems™ platform of up to 256 cores and 1028 threads in a single partition. AIX 7.1 Standard Edition is relevant for most customer workloads.

Enterprise Edition

The AIX 7.1 Enterprise Edition includes all the UNIX capabilities of AIX Standard Edition, but also includes all the requirements needed to effectively manage, optimize and secure a Power Systems infrastructure including one that is being used in a private cloud deployment environment. AIX 7.1 Enterprise Edition delivers significant management enhancements that comes with the inclusion of IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager™ IBM Tivoli® Monitoring, and IBM BigFix® Lifecycle as part of the offering. In addition, PowerSC™ provides a security and compliance solution optimized for virtualized environments on Power Systems. Also included is the new AIX Dynamic Systems Optimizer product that improves system performance and throughput. AIX 7.1 Enterprise Edition includes all of these products under a single ordering and support structure at an attractive price compared. AIX 7.1 Enterprise Edition is the right offering for those clients looking to optimize their Power Infrastructure in order to receive the biggest return on their investment.