Tools and middleware

Software maintenance is available for the following licensed programs if announced in your country or geographical area.

Licensed programs list
Product number Product name 1 year SW maintenance 3 year SW maintenance
5765F57 C for AIX V6.0 5733M51 5733M52
5697GLU GIPS Additional Seat Update 5697MLU 5697LLU
5697GLC GIPS Additional Seat View/Print 5697MLC 5697LLC
5697GAS GIPS Additional Server 5697MAS 5697LAS
5697GNC GIPS Calculation Interface Module 5697MNC 5697LNC
5697GET GIPS Events and Tasks Module 5697MET 5697LET
5697GKC GIPS Kit View/Print 5697MKC 5697LKC
5697GMO GIPS Manoeuvre Module 5697MMO 5697LMO
5697GMP GIPS Project Management Module 5697MMP 5697LMP
5697F38 GIPS Starter Kit 5697H25 5697H26
5648C75 Host Publisher V2.2 for AIX 5733M09 5733M10
5724A87 Partner Agreement Connect 5697G91 5697G92
5724A85 Partner Agreement Manager 5697G93 5697G94
5724A86 Partner Agreement View 5697G89 5697G96
5765E43 Payment Gateway for AIX 5733M95 5733M96
5697F48 SecureWay Firewall for AIX 5733MT7 5733MT8
5724A13 Transcoding Publisher V3.5 5733M25 5733M26
5765F06 Transcoding Publisher V4.0 5733M25 5733M26
5765F56 VisualAge C++ Pro for AIX V6.0 5733M45 5733M46
5630A22 WAS Advanced Edition 5733M13 5733M14
5630A30 WAS Enterprise Edition V4.0 5733M47 5733M48
5724A08 WebS Collaborative Profiles 5733MT3 5733MT4
5648C84 WebSphere AS Advanced Ed 5733M13 5733M14
5648C83 WebSphere AS Standard Edit 5733M11 5733M12
5724B20 Websphere Collab Profiles 5733MT3 5733MT4
5648D77 WebSphere Edge Server 5733MS8 5733MS9
5765E59 WebSphere Everyplace Suite 5733M99 5733MS1
5724A94 WebSphere Pers for Multi 5733MT1 5733MT2
5765E48 WebSphere Personalization 5733MT1 5733MT2
5765F12 WebSphere Site Analyser V4.0 5733M01 5733M02
5639I33 WebSphere Site Analyzer 5733M01 5733M02
5655F32 WS Ext Pers Offering Multi 5733M23 5733M24
5655F30 WS Integration Offering Mult 5733M21 5733M22
5765F70 XL Fortran for AIX V8.1 5733M41 5733M42
5765F71 XL Fortran RTE for AIX V8.1 5733M43 5733M44
5724I10 XL C Enterprise Edition V7.0 for AIX 5733M51 5733M52
5724I11 XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition V7.0 for AIX 5733M45 5733M46
5724I08 XL Fortran Enterprise Edition V9.1 for AIX 5733M41 5733M42
5724K77 XL C/C++ Advanced Edition V7.0 for Linux 5733A96,
5724K76 XL Fortran Advanced Edition V9.1 for Linux 5733A99,