Transform your business with software that enables virtualization, high availability, flexibility and compliance on Power Systems running AIX. As an open, standards-based operating system, AIX gives you the interoperability and freedom to choose the right software for your IT environment – from IBM, IBM Business Partners, open source communities, and your own in-house development team.


IBM Power Systems software

Implement a secure, stable virtualization environment for AIX on Power Systems. Consolidate multiple workloads onto fewer systems, increase server utilization and reduce costs.

Virtualization Center -- Private cloud infrastructure for Power Systems.

Gain a high availability clustering solution for data center and multisite resilience without downtime. Protect your business applications from outages of virtually any kind.

Defend your virtualized data center and cloud infrastructure against threats. This security and compliance solution is optimized for virtualized environments on Power Systems servers, running PowerVM and AIX or Linux.

Open source package repository for AIX

Download open source and GNU software built for AIX, and packaged for your convenience by IBM. If you are a Linux application developer, then these tools can enable your development environment of choice. You gain a wide variety of freeware including application development, desktop environments, system utilities, graphics applications, and much more. All the tools are packaged using the easy-to-install RPM format, and are now simple to keep up to date with the yum package manager.

View the list of tools Frequently asked questions about Open Source software on AIX

Additional IBM software available at no charge

Extends the base operating system capabilities and is included with every new order when media is selected.

Offers additional application and tools available for download.

Helps you make the most of AIX by offering hundreds of trials and demos at no charge.

Software from IBM Business Partners

Visit Ready-for-IBM Power Systems Software. Find more than 160 validated solutions to help you make the most of your investment in Power Systems.

Compilers for AIX

Take advantage of a 60-day no-cost trial for any of these advanced compilers for AIX and Power Systems

Provides high-performance optimization running on IBM Power Systems including the POWER8 processor.

Optimizes and tunes applications on IBM Power System servers.

Integrate COBOL applications with web services, XML, and Java.

Maximize application performance on IBM Power Systems.

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