IBM Power Systems™ servers and AIX® 6.1, IBM's latest version of a UNIX® operating system (OS), deliver dependable hardware and software security features. Effective system and network security policies depend not just on hardware components you can rely on, but also operating system technologies that serve as building blocks for the applications that control users' access.

With the advanced authentication, accountability, administration and encryption capabilities of the Power Systems platform and the AIX OS, you can set system-wide security policies that meet the needs of your organization along with controls that are configurable on a user-by-user basis.

AIX 6.1 includes new support for security including Role Based Access Control, Multi-level security, enhancements to the AIX Security Expert and many other features designed to improve the security of your AIX systems.

AIX security guide (4MB)


AIX security benefits


Enhanced system security
Protect against unauthorized access with a variety of authentication mechanisms you can install, configure and deploy in the base operating system.

Enhanced network security
Secure your intranets and extend your network over the internet by using built-in network security features.

Effective system management
Securely administer your network infrastructure, servers, clients and pervasive devices with tools such as the AIX Security Expert.



A repertoire of useful applications and tools
Access secure programming interfaces and open-source software tools to establish operating procedures for addressing security requirements and exposures.

Tight access control
Specify who receives access to protected information resources.

Robust encryption capabilities
Enhance data-transmission protection and secure sensitive cryptographic keys.


Security alerts

Receive the latest security notices, software fixes and maintenance release information, including installation tips, PTFs in error, high-impact advisories and microcode updates.

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AIX Security Advisories and Interim Fixes Sign Verification

Security Vulnerability Advisories and Interim Fixes are signed. Each Advisory includes instructions on how-to sign verify the Advisory and any Interim Fixes associated with the Advisory. A public key is required to perform the Verification process. You can obtain the OpenSSL key by using a public key by clicking here (TXT, 1KB).




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