If I develop an application on AIX can I move it to Linux?

If the application was developed using standard APIs then the application should recompile for Linux using the GNU gcc and g++ compilers. It is important to check that there are no API’s in the application that are supported by AIX but not Linux. AIX is POSIX and UNIX98 compliant, while Linux is not currently compliant.

Can the application being recompiled have non-standard APIs?

The Linux application being recompiled to run on AIX must be written using standard Linux APIs, and use the GNU Gcc and G++ compilers.

What are the steps for deploying my application on AIX?

Take the application source that you are currently using, get the appropriate GNU tools from the AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications FTP site (make, automake, autoconf, gcc etc...), use these tools to create the binaries for AIX and then run the application on AIX.

Will all Linux applications run on AIX once recompiled?

Most of the applications should run once recompiled using the tools in the Linux Applications. If your application does not recompile please drop us an e-mail.

What if my application has file location dependencies?

If your application has a file location dependency and AIX does not have that file in the location that it expects it to be in, then you will need to make a modification to the application source to point it to the correct location of that file.

Why should I run Linux applications on AIX?

AIX is a mission critical operating system with scalability and flexibility. By running your applications on AIX you will get the benefits of AIX with the flexibility of choice.

How should Endian dependencies be handled?

When developing applications it is important to write Endian-neutral code. Endian-neutral code does not have dependencies on byte ordering. Using Endian-neutral code allows greater portability between systems that use Power processors and those that use Intel Architecture processors. Not developing in an Endian-neutral way will result in an application that will need code modification to adhere to the Endian dependencies of the processor type. Power processors are big-Endian, while Intel Architecture processors are little-Endian.

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