Archived white papers


POWER7® System RAS (PDF,3.35 MB)
This white paper highlights POWER7 server design features that extend the inherent Power Architecture RAS capabilities delivered in previous server generations.

Best Practices for Migrating Linux/x86 Applications to IBM Linux on Power Systems (PDF,771 KB)
This paper studies IBM’s recommendations for best practices in the selection and migration Linux/x86 workloads and applications for migrating to Power Systems servers.

IBM EnergyScale for POWER7 Processor-Based Systems (PDF,1.82 MB)
This document describes the functions provided by IBM EnergyScale technology along with usage examples, hardware and software requirements, and information about which functions are supported on which IBM server offerings.

Active Memory Expansion Performance (PDF,156 KB)
This paper describes the positive performance impacts of Active Memory Expansion on a typical SAP workload.

Active Memory Expansion: Overview and Usage Guide (PDF,345 KB)
Active Memory Expansion can effectively provide more memory to AIX 6.1 (or later) clients running on a POWER7 server. This 25 page white paper provides excellent insights into its usage and considerations.

Optimizing Virtual Infrastructure with PowerVM and the IBM Systems Director VMControl Performance Summary
This white paper describes how the Performance Summary capability in IBM Systems Director VMControl provides IT administrators with key metrics to view and manage virtualized workloads and IT resources.


Migration from HACMP/XD for HAGEO to PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition, GLVM Configuration (PDF,362 KB)
This white paper will assist existing HACMP/XD for HAGEO customers understand how to plan for and accomplish a successful migration to the GLVM configuration of PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition.

A Comparison of PowerVM and x86-Based Virtualization Performance (PDF,155 KB)
This paper discusses the advantages of virtualization, highlights IBM PowerVM, and analyzes the performance of virtualization technologies using industry standard benchmarks.

IBM EnergyScale for POWER6 Processor-Based Systems  (PDF,2.42 MB)
In this paper, the functions provided by EnergyScale are described along with usage examples, hardware and software requirements, and information about which functions are supported on which IBM server offerings.

IBM PowerVM Active Memory Sharing: An Overview (PDF, 79 KB)
This paper provides a high-level overview of Active Memory Sharing including an overview of its capabilities, a description of its benefits, and examples of good candidate workloads as well as usage considerations.


Managing IBM Power Servers with IBM Systems Director 6.1
Trends in virtualization and server consolidation require management capabilities without complexity. This whitepaper details how IBM Power Systems administrators can leverage key systems management features of IBM Systems Director 6.1 to achieve their company's goals in these areas.

High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing Best Practices (PDF,705 KB)
The IBM High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing (HACMP) product supports many configurations and provides lots of flexibility. This document discusses the choices that the cluster designer can make, and suggests the alternatives that make for the highest level of availability.


A POWER6 Virtualization Performance Study Using Integrated Virtual Ethernet (PDF, 78 KB)
This paper highlights data latency's application to business results, discusses POWER6 virtualization and the Integrated Virtual Ethernet, presents a virtualization performance study, and concludes with further recommendations.


DB2 Enterprise Server performance with POWER5+ and AIX 5L multipage support
This paper talks about the IBM DB2, Version 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows exploitation of multiple page sizes and also shares some performance results, as measured internally on IBM POWER5+ processor-based systems running the IBM AIX 5L operating system.

Power benchmarking: A new methodology for analyzing performance by applying energy efficiency metrics
This paper discusses the application of power metrics to legacy systems performance measurements. It will define power benchmarking, discuss the history of server power consumption, review energy efficiency measurement considerations for systems, highlight new metrics in the industry, demonstrate the application of this methodology to an industry standard benchmark, and conclude with recommendations for the future.

AIX 5L NFS Client Performance Improvements for Databases on NAS
Running a database over a file system structure is now a popular alternative to the traditional storage method using raw logical volumes. The performance issues of buffered I/O and concurrency have been solved with evolving file system technology and are now available on NFS with the latest level of AIX 5L V5.3 ML 3.


Virtualization Security and Integrity in the IBM eServer POWER5 Environment
Security has been a fundamental focus in the design of POWER5 systems as it has in the design of all IBM eServer products. This paper highlights security and integrity in this virtualized environment. The role of security in the on demand environment is presented and hardware and firmware processes are discussed.

Experiences installing Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) Cold Failover Cluster on AIX 5L (PDF,465KB)
The objective of this document is to provide assistance to those involved with the installation of Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) (AS10g) "Cold Failover Cluster" (CFC) solution on IBM AIX 5L (5200) operating system. This paper addresses the preparation of the hardware infrastructure for a CFC deployment of AS10g, the installation of the Oracle AS10g software stack, and some validation tests for installation.

IBM eServer POWER5 Processors Virtual SCSI Throughput Analysis
This throughput analysis highlights Virtual SCSI performance on the IBM eServer p5 570 system with the AIX 5L V5.3 operating system. This study is a follow-on to the previous "IBM eServer POWER5 Virtual SCSI Processors Performance Study."


Service Update Management Assistant (SUMA) on AIX 5L
The Service Update Management Assistant (SUMA) moves the system administrator away from the manual task of retrieving maintenance updates from the Web. SUMA, which is included in the base AIX 5L Version 5.3 operating system, provides clients with flexible, policy-based options allowing them to perform unattended downloads of all AIX 5L updates from the IBM eServer Support Web site.

IBM eServer pSeries 650, 670, and 690—Planning Guide for Capacity Upgrade on Demand
Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CUoD) adds operational and configuration flexibility for IBM eServer pSeries systems. Available for a fee, CUoD allows customers to add additional resources as they are needed. Processors and memory can be brought online to meet increasing workload demands. This guide provides information that is needed when you are planning to purchase an IBM eServer pSeries 650, 670, or 690 server with CUoD features.

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