The new enterprise Power Systems

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On a Smarter Planet, information centric processes are exploding in growth. Big data, cloud, mobile, and social business applications demand an enterprise system that can handle more compute intensive workloads. One that can deal with the dramatic growth of structured and unstructured data; deliver increased efficiency, performance, and security while simultaneously balancing the ongoing needs of critical business workloads. You need an IT system that delivers superior performance, virtualization, resiliency, and security. A system that is ....

Colin Parris

General Manager,
IBM Power Systems

Join me to learn how new Power servers and software can help your business

New enterprise Power Systems

Businesses have consistently chosen Power over competition for more than a decade. Why? Our clients have told us that their applications and databases run best on Power. Power Systems have always focused on the business needs of application choice, enterprise integration, IT efficiency, and data availability and security – enabling your business to achieve outstanding business and compute performance.

Today, IBM extends Power Systems leadership with the introduction of new enterprise Power Systems servers and systems software to help transform the value your IT delivers and improve your customers’ experience. Learn how new Power capabilities can help you meet the demands of information-centric IT through dynamic efficiency, business analytics and enhanced compliance.

Forward thinking clients like you

Dynamic efficiency for cloud
Power Systems enable intelligent, dynamic resource allocation and rapid response to changes in application and workload requirements. With new PowerVM granularity to 20VMs per core and the PowerVM Virtualization Performance Advisor you can gain greater efficiency and more control of your IT environment. And the new Elastic Capacity on Demand for Power System Pools and Live Partition Mobility enhancements enable rapid response to fluctuating workload demand faster than ever before.

Business analytics for data
Power Systems helps unlock the value of data through business analytics with servers designed for big data and compute intensive applications. Designed to deliver outstanding performance for business and predictive analytics – Power Systems enhanced Solution Editions for Cognos and SPSS deliver fast time to value and offer you a simplified way to deliver new business insight. To ensure data is always available, PowerHA HyperSwap improves two site availability and recovery and offers immediate recovery from storage outages.

Enhanced compliance for security
Policy-based PowerSC with new Trusted Surveyor makes industry security compliance and automation simpler. With real time alerts, you can ensure that appropriate personnel are notified to reduce security exposure, and the new HIPAA profile accelerates compliance with healthcare industry standards. For added data protection, the new hardware accelerator reduces the performance overhead associated with encryption and decryption.

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