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Power is performance redefined

Extending Watson's POWER7 DNA to new frontiers

Power is performance redefined


The IT landscape is evolving rapidly and today IT performance means delivering services faster, with higher quality and with superior economics.

Watson and Workload Optimized Systems

Watson’s success in the Jeopardy! challenge is inspiring a new era of optimized systems design. Based on commercially available IBM Power® 750 servers, Watson’s advances in deep analytics and its ability to process unstructured data and interpret natural language will now be tailored to fit the requirements of new solutions in science, healthcare, financial services and other industries. Download the white paper and read more about Watson and workload optimized system design.

Deliver services with superior economics

Achieve superior economics for application server consolidation on Power blades and servers with new levels of scalability, energy and cost efficiency. The new 16-core IBM BladeCenter PS703 and 32-core IBM BladeCenter PS704 deliver over 60% greater performance and 2X the number of cores with the same density and energy use of the previous POWER7 blades.

The IBM Power 750 Express, the 4-socket server technology behind Watson, is now enhanced beyond other 32 core servers with more than 2.5 times the performance of Oracle’s SPARC T3-2 server, and more than 2 times better than HP Integrity BL890c i2.

Deliver new services faster

Dramatically reduce project concept to delivery time for the toughest challenges in science with the world’s most powerful and energy efficient Supercomputer. IBM plans1 to offer the new Power 775 Supercomputer with POWER7® processor technology. The Power 775 shares Watson’s POWER7 DNA and is planned to accelerate high performance computing innovation in smarter computing projects such as climate prediction, medical and life sciences, financial services, petroleum reservoir modeling, and industrial design.

Deliver services with higher quality

Improve qualities of service via a unified, intuitive interface for physical and virtualized system resource management. The new IBM Systems Director Management Console appliance manages both Power servers & blades, extending the capabilities of today’s hardware management console (HMC).

Additional Power Systems related announcement

Three IBM BNT data center Ethernet switches are available for IBM POWER7 processor-based servers. They offer three great top-of-rack (TOR) alternatives for the access or distributed layer when laying out your IBM Power Systems data center switching environment. They are the IBM BNT RackSwitch G8124ER* (1455-24E), IBM BNT RackSwitch G8052R* (1455-48E), IBM BNT RackSwitch G8264R* (1455-64C).

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