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Power Systems delivers continuous product innovation with over 9000+ patents and $4B invested in POWER7 and POWER7+ technologies. This commitment has made Power the UNIX market leader1.

In a data centric world, businesses can deliver greater business results with POWER systems as the foundation for mission critical applications.

Curious about what Oracle is claiming about their new servers?  Read: "Oracle announces the T5 microprocessor with extravagant claims" (by Ptak | Noel, April 2013) and decide for yourself how IBM Power servers compare to Oracle’s claims.

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Explore the possibilities with IBM Power Systems and understand how Power is the ultimate platform for delivering efficiency and performance with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Clients are experiencing and analysts are talking about the efficiency, reliability, satisfaction and savings on the Power platform.

What research analysts are saying:

IBM's Power investment
    Be confident in IBM's strategy and approach as IBM is seen as having the best commercial UNIX road map versus HP or Oracle.
2010-11 UNIX Survey: IBM Leads in Technology, Roadmap

Significant savings
    Customers running Oracle DB on Power can realize a savings of up to 40% over customers running Oracle DB on Oracle SPARC. By switching to DB2 on Power, they can save even more.
Business Impacts on SAP Deployments, Solitaire Interglobal Ltd (All rights reserved), January 2013

Higher efficiency, lower cost
    PowerVM is the only hypervisor that delivers on the promise of efficiency as you scale your infrastructure. PowerVM’s cost per VM declines 19.3% while competing virtualization cost per VM increased up to 1.92X as scale and scale increased.
Does Your Virtualization Platform Matter? Getting the Most Out of Your IT Platforms with Virtualization, Solitaire Interglobal Ltd., (All rights reserved), April 2012

Secure data
    10X less reported security complaints than commodity servers based on Intel x86.
Is your platform secure? Really?, Solitaire Interglobal Ltd., (All rights reserved), January 2013

What our clients are saying:

    Since implementing the IBM Power servers and DS storage, we have experienced 100 percent uptime in terms of server operation,” comments Legler. “The performance, reliability and stability of our hardware platform are better than ever before, and we can easily grow the system to keep pace with the dynamic growth of DKSH.

Matthias Legler, Vice President of IT at DKSH

    As soon as we looked at the projected total costs, we saw that the IBM Power Systems platform running IBM i would be 40 percent less expensive. The tight integration between operating system, database and virtualization layer dramatically cuts infrastructure administration costs.

Joe DeBella Chief Information Officer, AriZona Beverage Company

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Next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing are providing unprecedented insights into opportunities, threats and efficiencies. IBM Power Systems is at the forefront of delivering solutions to gain faster insights from analyzing both structured information and unstructured big data. With the secure, flexible and open platform of IBM Power Systems plus solutions and software, organizations can outpace their competitors by delivering faster services, providing differentiated offerings and turning operational cost into investment opportunity.

To draw insights and make better decisions, businesses rely on the secure, flexible and open platform of IBM Power Systems. Built with the first processor designed for big data workloads, the design of Power Systems combines the computing power, memory bandwidth and I/O in ways that are easier to consume and manage, building on strong resiliency, availability and security.

IBM Power Systems deliver flexibility and choice of operating systems to enable your business to support the next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing that are transforming how organizations work today. Whether running 1, 2, or all 3 - coupled with PowerVM, they maximize the benefit of Power Systems in your business.

Transform your business with Systems Software that enables virtualization, high availability, flexibility, security and compliance on Power Systems™. IBM’s integrated approach to developing Systems and Systems Software together delivers optimized results with Power Systems.

As an open innovation platform, Power Systems is optimized for big data and analytics performance and to deliver scale-out economics and security for the cloud. IBM and IBM Business Partner solutions exploit key capabilities in IBM Power Systems.

Over the last five years thousands of clients have migrated to IBM Power Systems. Learn how Power Systems has helped them support next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing on an open platform for choice while improving business performance, reducing risk, and establishing a platform for growth.

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