Is your platform secure? Really?

Companies need to wake up and take note to the sophistication of today's cyber criminal. Sophisticated attack tools and practices that were once limited to Nation States (Countries), are now being used, and improved, by cyber criminal gangs across the globe who are bankrolled by for-hire services and their exploits. Additionally, attack profiles are driving down to the OS kernel level and virtualization hypervisor, which often go undetected using commercial security software and appliances.

Robert Bigman - CEO of 2BSecure and ex-CISO for the CIA

Every day, all day – data center security is front and center in today’s headlines. Trojan. Malware. Phishing. Virus. Worm. Spyware. Suffering a security breach can cause irreparable harm to your business, your clients and can also have a negative impact on you. Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. (SIL) has completed a study on the business impacts of IT security and has published ground-breaking research based on over 63,200 client data points.

Overall Average Intrusion Cost. Overall Expense (TCO) Summary If IT security has an impact on your company, your clients or you – hint: it really does – you will want to read this white paper by SIL. This quantitative analysis of the business differentiators among IBM and other vendor security technologies explores how the vulnerabilities in today’s virtualized, internet-connected, cloud-oriented environment can affect your businesses. It also illustrates how businesses struggle to understand the impact of IT security threats on their information delivery processes, support staffing and the different critical decision elements that need to be considered.

Download this leading-edge research today to learn about the critical business and performance metrics that can be used to assist an organization in choosing the optimal security platform.

You can obtain the executive summary or the full report by following these links:

About the study

IBM engaged research firm Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. (SIL) to examine the real-world impact on businesses that deploy IBM’s Power platforms with its innate security, compared to those using other UNIX or x86 platforms and some of their unintegrated componentry. The study examined the robustness of the IBM Power platform versus other offerings on business management and technical parameters including:

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