Need a quick reference for IBM Power® Systems — including unit details, physical planning characteristics, and Systems Software support? The Facts and Features reports give you a side-by-side comparison of the various systems available with many of their key specifications and information about supported AIX, IBM i and Linux versions.

IBM POWER8 systems facts and features

(IBM Power System S812LC, Power S822LC for Commercial Computing, Power S822LC for High Performance Computing, Power S822LC for Big Data, and S821LC, IBM Power System S812L and S822L, IBM Power System S824L, IBM Power System S812, S814, S822 and S824, IBM Power System E850C and E850, IBM Power System E870C and E870, and IBM Power System E880C and E880)

IBM POWER7 systems facts and features

(IBM Power 710 Express, Power 720 Express, Power 730 Express, Power 740 Express, Power 750 Express, Power 760, Power 770, Power 780, Power 795, IBM PowerLinux 7R1, IBM PowerLinux 7R2, IBM PowerLinux 7R4, IBM PureFlex p260, PureFlex p460 and PureFlex p24L, BladeCenter PS700 Express, PS701 Express, PS702 Express, PS703 Express, PS704 Express)

IBM POWER6 systems facts and features

(IBM Power 520 Express, Power 550 Express, Power 560 Express, Power 570, Power 575, Power 595 and BladeCenter JS12, JS22, JS23, and JS43 Express)