Today’s marketplace is changing. Clients, employees and partners demand insights and access to data and applications on their terms. Users want full service from mobile devices. Social networking is driving business priorities. You have to manage and analyze huge amounts of data. Cloud technology can support the flexibility and performance needed to address mobile, social and big data demands, but you have to implement a cloud infrastructure efficiently. You need simplified management of infrastructure that meets your needs both in functionality and total cost of ownership.

IBM® PurePower System™ is a complete, flexible cloud infrastructure system with integrated expertise. The system integrates and optimizes all compute, storage and networking resources to deliver application-ready infrastructure out of the box. These fully integrated, optimized solutions can be configured for your specific business need and may be complemented by additional support and deployment services.

IBM PurePower System

The PurePower System is designed to help support big data, social, mobile, analytics and the flow of critical information. The PurePower System may be configured in an affordable entry-level configuration in a single rack, and is agile enough to be expanded for scalable cloud deployments. PurePower System has built-in redundancy for highly reliable and resilient operation to support demanding applications and cloud services required by many enterprises. And PurePower System provides the scalability, flexibility and versatility you demand for business-critical workloads.

IBM PurePower System


  • Integration by design: expertly integrated compute, storage, and networking resources so you can deploy in hours instead of days
  • Built-in expertise: automated management and deployment expertise for physical and virtual resources so your experts can focus on innovation
  • Simplified experience: optimized configurations to accelerate purchase, deployment and time to value for your solution

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