IBM Power Systems LC offerings deliver business insights from all forms and sources of data

These servers create new value by capturing and analyzing your data in an integrated view, enabling you to:

  • Protect your business interests.
  • Outpace your competition with faster decisions.
  • Create new business opportunities.

Deploy big data technologies with confidence:

  • An economical entry point
  • Superior price/performance
  • A platform that can scale with your needs

Bringing open innovation and waitless computing to the Linux server market

Act faster and make better decisions with systems designed for data

IBM Power System S812LC:

  • Provides a unified view of information across all sources.
  • Is optimized for big data applications built with Spark and Hadoop.
  • Offers an economical entry point and superior price/performance.

Optimize your data center for cloud, big data and business-critical applications

IBM Power System S822LC for commercial computing:

  • Offers superior cloud economics to enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) through greater efficiency and agility.
  • Supports on-premise, hybrid cloud, or custom data centers.
  • Delivers a platform that integrates heterogeneous environments.

Gain high performance computing ideal for cluster deployments

IBM Power System S822LC for high performance computing:

  • Provides leading accelerators for compute, fabric and storage from OpenPOWER foundation members.
  • Delivers acceleration built deeply into the system via the Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI), enabling close integration of accelerators with the POWER8 processor.

Servers the way you want to buy and use them


Buy a server online with simple pricing, a one-click purchase (coming soon) and have it delivered. Common configurations are available and you can customize configurations through our global ecosystem of partners and providers to meet your unique needs.

Choose from a variety of service and support options. You also have your choice of broad, open innovation from an array of IBM technology partners.

Experience waitless computing in the digital era with Power Systems


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Open innovation

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