The IBM Power Systems HPC Cluster is an integrated offering combining high performance compute nodes, low latency interconnect fabric, optional high performance parallel storage, and optional system software to address the most challenging requirements for high performance computing and high performance data analytics. These building blocks are customizable to meet your specific needs while retaining the utility and assurance of an IBM validated configuration.

Data centric design

HPC Cluster offering building blocks are available with and without accelerators in 3 types of configurations:

  • Balanced compute and storage, for a wide mix of applications
  • Compute-rich, for maximum computational horsepower
  • Storage rich, for massive data throughput

Modular and extendable

Build your solution from modular, extendable 1/2 rack, or full rack configurations. IBM's comprehensive HPC software stack and extensive factory integration ensure your cluster operates at the highest throughput, and with a quick and efficient time to deployment.

Open by design

IBM and its technology partners bring together a shared architecture built around an open design, creating innovations in compute, acceleration, I/O and software optimization to address some of the most complex computing requirements today and in to the future.