The IBM eServer p5 550 server has been withdrawn from the market, effective May 31, 2006. The learn more links provide information on the p5-550.

The IBM eServer® p5 550 server is an up to 4-way UNIX® or Linux® system designed to meet the rigors of the on demand world. It delivers outstanding price/performance, mainframe-inspired availability features, flexible capacity upgrades and innovative IBM Virtualization Engine™ systems technologies. Powered by IBM's most advanced 64-bit processor, POWER5 with simultaneous multithreading 1 the p5-550 supports critical enterprise applications with exceptional price/performance—all while helping improve affordability and responsiveness.

The eServer p5 550 can serve as a versatile departmental or regional server for enterprise applications running on either AIX 5L™, IBM's industrial-strength UNIX, or Linux operating environments. The performance, reliability and affordability of the p5-550 can make it a strategic platform for server consolidation, scalable database servers, e-commerce application servers, Web servers, operations systems, business intelligence (BI) and high performance computing (HPC) workloads. The p5-550 also offers flexible Capacity on Demand (CoD) features to help reduce IT costs by allowing companies to pay for processor resources they use when they use them.


  • IBM POWER5™ technology offers exceptional price/performance and flexibility
  • Virtualization technologies help increase systems utilization and productivity
  • Capacity on Demand features help provide cost-effective scalability

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