The Capacity Backup (CBU) for Power Enterprise Servers, formerly known as the CBU for PowerHA, is an enhanced offering for the IBM Power System E870, E880, E870C, and E880C servers. Clients can purchase a new Power Enterprise server that is designated to be used exclusively for high availability or disaster recovery. It includes a number of no-charge Elastic CoD memory days defined by the configuration of the clients existing Power E870, E880, E870C, or E880C production system. For each processor node on the designated production server, the CBU for Power Enterprise Servers also provides a matching processor node at a significant price discount. The CBU for Power Enterprise Servers comes with a maximum of eight static processor activations. Any additional processors are configured via Elastic COD processor days or mobile processor activations.

The Power Systems Capacity Backup system can only be purchased by a client who has previously purchased a Power E870, E880, E870C or E880C production system. Those qualifying are entitled to purchase a new CBU for Power Enterprise Server with the following configuration restrictions:

The CBU for Power Enterprise Servers must be registered.

When ordering the E870 or E870C as a CBU for Power Enterprise Servers, order feature EB3K to designate it as a CBU system. When ordering an E880 or E880C as a CBU for Power Enterprise Servers, order feature EB3J to designate it as a CBU system. A stop-ship will automatically be put in place until registration is completed and manufacturing is notified that the CBU system meets configuration requirements based on the registered Power E870, E870C, E880, or E880C production system.

Prior to ordering and registration, you must fill in this worksheet (XLS, 30 KB) to determine the eligibility of the primary system. Submit the completed worksheet to and our analysts will validate that the primary system meets the minimum criteria. We will notify you within 4 business days via an email from regarding the configuration of the CBU for Power for Power Enterprise Servers that you may order.

System Machine type
node feature
CBU processor
node feature
Power E870 4.02GHz 9119-MME EPBA EPBW
Power E870 4.19GHz 9119-MME EPBC EPBX
Power E870C 4.02GHz 9080-MME EPBA EPBW
Power E880 4.02GHz 9119-MHE EPBD EPBH
Power E880 4.19GHz 9119-MHE EPBS EPBT
Power E880 4.35 GHz 9119-MHE EPBB EPBG
Power E880C 4.02GHz 9080-MHE EPBD EPBH
Power E880C 4.19GHz 9080-MHE EPBS EPBT
Power E880C 4.35 GHz 9080-MHE EPBB EPBG

Before submitting the CBU registration/validation form below, an order must first be placed for an IBM server. This will generate an IBM plant order number. This plant order number will be required on the registration form below. The plant order number must include the CBU feature code. Your primary system must be installed prior to ordering the CBU for Enterprise Systems. This CBU registration process is for AIX, Linux and/or IBM i operating systems. Prior to shipment of your CBU, you must complete the form below for registration/validation and accept the terms and conditions below. Validation of this submission will authorize the shipment of your new CBU order and enable you to get your no charge memory activations via the TCOD activation process.

To complete this CBU registration form you will need to obtain the following information from your IBM representative or your IBM Business Partner who placed your new CBU order.

Asterisks (*) indicate fields required to complete this transaction.

Customer information




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Primary system hardware information

System that your new IBM CBU order will act as backup for

Current/installed existing system

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Capacity Backup Unit (CBU) hardware system information

This CBU order must contain a CBU feature code and this system must be installed as the CBU, not as the primary!
If installed incorrectly all code must be removed and reinstalled to correct this error!

(Enter your CBU 6 alphanumeric plant order number)


Primary node feature code EPBA

Primary node feature code EPBC

Primary node feature code EPBD

Primary node feature code EPBS

Primary node feature code EPBB



Fill in the number of active cores on your primary system:





Fill in the number of active cores on your primary system:





Fill in the number of active cores on your primary system:





Fill in the number of active cores on your primary system:





Fill in the number of active cores on your primary system:




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