The Power Systems Capacity BackUp (CBU) offerings are designed to support our client's disaster recovery and high availability needs. The Capacity BackUp offerings recognize that true high availability or disaster recovery solutions require at least two systems. If one system is not available the other one "takes over". The CBU offering is designed to give our clients flexible and economic options for deploying business continuity operations.

The CBU for IBM i

The CBU for IBM i with PowerHA solution combines the strengths of IBM Power Systems, IBM i, PowerHA SystemMirror for i 7.1 and CBU Editions. When the CBU and PowerHA for IBM i are purchased together, you are entitled to a service voucher good for three days of services applied toward the architecture, setup and install of your new cluster infrastructure.

The CBU for Enterprise Systems

The Capacity Backup (CBU) for Power Enterprise Servers, is an enhanced offering for the IBM Power System E870, E880, E870C, and E880C servers. AIX and IBM i clients can purchase a new Power Enterprise server that is designated to be used exclusively for high availability or disaster recovery. It includes a number of no-charge Elastic CoD memory days defined by the configuration of the clients existing Power E870, E880, E870C, or E880C production system. For each processor node on the designated production server, the CBU for Power Enterprise Servers also provides a matching processor node at a significant price discount.


Power HA

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