The IBM Power 755 server has been withdrawn from the market, effective August 23, 2013. The learn more links provide information on the Power 755.

The Power® 755 server is a four-socket, 4U rack-mounted server that offers 32 POWER7™ processor cores running at a frequency of 3.6 GHz. A maximum of 64 GB of memory is allowed on each processor card, making for a system maximum of 256 GB of memory in the four-processor card system. The IBM Power 755 compute node is designed for organizations that require a scalable system with extreme parallel processing performance and dense packaging.

Ideal workloads for Power 755 include high performance computing (HPC) applications such as weather and climate modeling, computational chemistry, physics and petroleum reservoir modeling that require highly intense computations where the workload is aligned with parallel processing methodologies. The Power 755 supports AltiVec™ instruction set and extended VSX SIMD, acceleration, which can execute up to eight single-precision or double-precision floating point operations per clock cycle per core to improve fine-grained parallelism and accelerate data processing. Using 12X InfiniBand adapters up to 64 1 Power 755 nodes, each with 32 cores, can be clustered together providing up to 2,048 POWER7 cores. The IBM High Performance Computing software stack provides the necessary development tools, libraries, and system management software necessary to manage a Power 755 server cluster running AIX® 6.1.

The Power 755 is an ENERGY STAR®-qualified server designed with features to help clients become more energy efficient. The leadership performance of the IBM Power 755 translates into outstanding performance per watt and IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ exploits EnergyScale™ technology enabling advanced energy management features to help clients achieve the most efficient computing environment for their systems.

Power 755 Express server


Optimized for running highly parallel computationally intensive workloads and algorithms such as weather and climate modeling, computational chemistry, physics and petroleum reservoir modeling

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