IBM Power Systems advantages

Power is the ultimate platform for compute intensive workloads

AIX – Open, secure, scalable, reliable UNIX

According to IDC, the IBM Power Systems platform with AIX technology is the leader in worldwide UNIX server revenue share.1 An open standards–based UNIX operating system, IBM AIX software exploits three decades of IBM technology innovation. AIX technology offers deep integration and optimization with PowerVM virtualization, PowerHA® high availability software, PowerSC™ security and compliance software as well as optimization through IBM’s broader middleware and software stack, including IBM DB2® software, IBM WebSphere® Application Server software and IBM Rational® compilers and development tools.

The latest generation of AIX, versions 7.1 and 7.2, feature cluster-aware integration with PowerHA, as well the ability to run AIX 5.3 Workload Partitions to facilitate application migration and reuse. The AIX operating system is available in two editions for a range of capability and flexibility for both mid-sized and large enterprises.

AIX 7.1 and 7. are binary compatible with previous versions of AIX including AIX 5L™. This means that applications that ran on earlier versions will continue to run on AIX 7.1 or 7.2—guaranteed.2

IBM i – A system designed for business

IBM i on Power Servers is an integrated, simple-to-manage environment for business applications, with a proven reputation for exceptional resilience and low operational costs. Applications running on IBM i helps companies to focus on innovation and on delivering new value to their business, while lowering the expense of managing their IT operations.

More than 150,000 midsize businesses rely on the simplicity, resiliency and cost-effectiveness of IBM i to run thousands of applications from ISVs serving virtually every industry. Its reputation for security, resiliency and ease of use derives from the integration of IBM i with its built-in DB2 database, security, web serving, networking and storage management capabilities.

The IBM i 7.3 release includes support for critical database functions required for analytics workloads. Database temporal support allows clients to review historical data from any point in time. Industry standard OLAP capabilities have been added to DB2, providing significant performance improvement for data retrieval. These two functions dramatically enhance the data analytics environment for companies to understand trends in their data and in the industry. In addition, IBM i continues to provide improvement in the security available, with the Authority Collection function. Companies can understand how to set their security schema to secure data and applications. IBM i clients will be able to run IBM i 7.3 on POWER7/7+ and POWER8 systems, providing the key reliability, availability, scalability and performance characteristics to which they are accustomed.

PowerHA – Resiliency without downtime

Smarter computing by nature requires businesses to raise their services delivery levels, fuelling 24×7 high availability demands for their applications and IT infrastructure. PowerHA SystemMirror® for AIX and IBM i is a high availability clustering solution for both data center and multisite resiliency. PowerHA is designed to protect business applications from outages of virtually any kind, planned or unplanned, helping ensure round-the-clock business operations.

The best high availability and disaster recovery plans involve an integrated approach to resiliency spanning across applications, operating systems, servers and storage. That’s why PowerHA software offers deep integration and optimization between PowerHA SystemMirror software and AIX or IBM i. The PowerHA solution is optimized for IBM System Storage devices, such as the Storwize® V7000 system for businesses. For smaller accounts with under a few terabytes of storage, PowerHA on i with geomirroring or PowerHA on AIX is a low cost effective way to build a simple two system cluster.

PowerSC – Designed to protect virtualized data centers

Security and compliance are intrinsic to today’s business processes, development and daily operations and should be factored in to the initial design of any IT or critical infrastructure solution, not added after the fact. IBM offers solutions to protect data from threats and unauthorized access on Power Systems servers running AIX, IBM i and Linux workloads. Security is integrated and built into every layer of the hardware and software on Power systems not as an afterthought add-on. Data encryption capabilities to protect file systems, data and backup are integral to securing business information.

IBM solutions provide intuitive administration that helps you to define, enforce and audit your business security policy. IBM PowerSC™ software provides a security and compliance solution optimized for virtualized environments on Power Systems servers running PowerVM, AIX and Linux software. Enhance compliance management and demonstration of compliance through PowerSC industry profiles and policy-based security compliance reporting with real-time alerts for compliance violations. Compliance automation features include prebuilt system profiles that facilitate compliance with a variety of industry standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Additional PowerSC functionality includes compliance monitoring for network segregation, system trust status and system patch policy compliance and protection of audit logs.

IBM services and financing for your Smarter Computing projects

From online self-evaluation tools and workshops to comprehensive assessments and complete migration services, IBM Business Partner and IBM Lab Services experts around the world can help you determine where to begin or how to make the most of your current Power Systems solutions.

Work with IBM Global Finance to explore the financing options most appropriate for your business. For more information on great rates, flexible payment plans and loans, and asset buyback and disposal, visit:

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Next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing are providing unprecedented insights into opportunities, threats and efficiencies. IBM Power Systems is at the forefront of delivering solutions to gain faster insights from analyzing both structured information and unstructured big data. With the secure, flexible and open platform of IBM Power Systems plus solutions and software, organizations can outpace their competitors by delivering faster services, providing differentiated offerings and turning operational cost into investment opportunity.

To draw insights and make better decisions, businesses rely on the secure, flexible and open platform of IBM Power Systems. Built with the first processor designed for big data workloads, the design of Power Systems combines the computing power, memory bandwidth and I/O in ways that are easier to consume and manage, building on strong resiliency, availability and security.

IBM Power Systems deliver flexibility and choice of operating systems to enable your business to support the next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing that are transforming how organizations work today. Whether running 1, 2, or all 3 - coupled with PowerVM, they maximize the benefit of Power Systems in your business.

Transform your business with Systems Software that enables virtualization, high availability, flexibility, security and compliance on Power Systems™. IBM’s integrated approach to developing Systems and Systems Software together delivers optimized results with Power Systems.

As an open innovation platform, Power Systems is optimized for big data and analytics performance and to deliver scale-out economics and security for the cloud. IBM and IBM Business Partner solutions exploit key capabilities in IBM Power Systems.

Over the last five years thousands of clients have migrated to IBM Power Systems for choice and flexibility. Learn how Power Systems has helped them revolutionise the way IT is developed and delivered, optimise for big data and analytics, and support private, public and hybrid offerings for scale-out or scale-up implementations all while improving business performance, reducing risk, and establishing a platform for growth.

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