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Power is the ultimate platform for compute intensive workloads

Enterprise Power Systems

IBM Enterprise Power Systems deliver fit-for-purpose technology that optimizes workloads, data and cloud to support your most critical business requirements and help you engage your customers—all while providing data security, efficient management, incredible availability and unmatched scalability.

Power servers are designed with an efficient and resilient architecture that effectively uses data from mobile, social and cloud to help you move your customer to the center of your business. By transforming your infrastructure to create efficiencies, you’ll benefit from an improved supply chain and stronger forecasting capabilities—as well as free up capital and staff to foster innovation and drive new business value.

IBM Power 795: The most powerful system ever with up to 256 POWER7 processor cores and 16 TB of memory enables capability to consolidate up to 1,000 Virtual Machines.

IBM Power 780: Modular high-end system with up to 128 POWER7+ cores and 4 TB of memory in four nodes delivers leadership flexibility, scalability and resiliency vs. all other competitive servers.

IBM Power 770: Innovative modular server that provides non-disruptive growth from four to 64 POWER7+ processor cores, all with enterprise class RAS.

IBM Power 760: For virtualized consolidation of medium sized business workloads and demanding environments where uptime is critical, features one to four processor sockets and 12 to 48 POWER7+ processor cores, with processor Capacity on Upgrade on Demand, and up to 2 TB of memory.

IBM Power 750: For server consolidation and virtualization projects, features one to four processor sockets and eight to 32 POWER7+ processor cores. The Power 750 is the server that was used by Watson, and is now enhanced with greater capacity, expanded and faster I/O capabilities, and even higher performance.

Power Systems S class servers (scale-out, 1- and 2-socket)

IBM Power Systems S class servers are affordable, easy-to-deploy and energy efficient and they are backed by a trusted network of IBM Business Partners and industry solution providers. These servers offer an ideal choice for enterprises that need scale-out deployment options for business critical applications. Especially for those looking for a more efficient and lower cost scale-out environment than x86 commodity servers can deliver.

IBM Power S824: For analytics applications and small to mid-size database that can run on the same server platform with one or two processor sockets with up to 24 POWER8 processor cores and up to 1 TB of memory.

IBM Power S822: Designed for consolidation of multiple applications and infrastructure workloads in a virtualized environment with one or two processor sockets with up to 20 POWER8 processor cores and up to 1 TB of memory.

IBM Power S814: Designed for highly secure and scalable architecture providing a stable database and middleware platform for efficient deployment of business processing and mission critical applications with one processor socket and up to eight POWER8 processor cores with up to 512 GB of memory.

IBM Power S812L: Affordable and optimized for Linux environments, a 2U rack form factor, one-socket, high-performance, energy-efficient server with 12 POWER8 cores and up to 512 GB memory is ideal for running multiple application and infrastructure workloads in a virtualized environment.

IBM Power S822L: Affordable and optimized for Linux environments, a two-socket, (up to) 24 POWER8 processor core server lowering the entry cost of big data analytics, open infrastructure solutions and traditional scale-out Linux workloads.

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Cognitive computing is providing unprecedented insights into opportunities, threats and efficiencies. IBM Power Systems is at the forefront of delivering solutions to gain faster insights from analyzing both structured information and unstructured big data. With the secure, flexible and open platform of IBM Power Systems plus solutions and software, organizations can outpace their competitors by delivering faster services, providing differentiated offerings and turning operational cost into investment opportunity.

To draw insights and make better decisions, businesses rely on the secure, flexible and open platform of IBM Power Systems. Built with the first processor designed for big data workloads, the design of Power Systems combines the computing power, memory bandwidth and I/O in ways that are easier to consume and manage, building on strong resiliency, availability and security.

IBM Power Systems deliver flexibility and choice of operating systems to enable your business to support the next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing that are transforming how organizations work today. Whether running 1, 2, or all 3 - coupled with PowerVM, they maximize the benefit of Power Systems in your business.

Transform your business with Systems Software that enables virtualization, high availability, flexibility, security and compliance on Power Systems™. IBM’s integrated approach to developing Systems and Systems Software together delivers optimized results with Power Systems.

IBM and IBM Business Partner solutions exploit key capabilities in IBM Power Systems. As an open innovation platform, Power Systems is optimized for big data and analytics performance and to deliver scale-out economics and security for the cloud.

Over the last five years thousands of clients have migrated to IBM Power Systems. Learn how Power Systems has helped them support next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing on an open platform for choice while improving business performance, reducing risk, and establishing a platform for growth.

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