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Power is the ultimate platform for compute intensive workloads


Built with innovation that puts data to work

It’s no secret that dynamic technology changes are rapidly remaking how organizations do business. Technology is advancing so rapidly, in fact, that communities of collaboration are forming just to harness it all. The growing torrent of data from both within and outside your organization, from mobile employees and from customers and prospects, presents an unprecedented opportunity to gain valuable insights and apply these insights at the best point of impact to improve your business results.

Making the transition to advanced capabilities requires an integrated infrastructure that supports your key IT initiatives. Our investments to bring optimized solutions in the areas of advanced analytics, cloud, and mobile access are designed to simplify and accelerate your journey to address today’s market opportunities.

The latest generation of IBM® Power Systems™, with POWER8® technology, is the first family of systems built with innovations that transform the power of big data and analytics, mobile, and cloud into competitive advantages in ways never before possible. Our scale-out systems provide powerful, scalable, and economical means to put data to work for you.

Designed for the demands of big data and analytics

Businesses are amassing a wealth of data and Power Systems can store it, secure it and, most importantly, extract actionable insight from it in a timeframe that matters. Power Systems are designed for big data. From predictive analytics and data warehouses to unstructured big data processing and cognitive Watson solutions, Power servers are optimized for the compute intensive performance demands of database and analytics applications, and can flexibly scale to support the demands of rapidly growing data.

Power Systems’ first generation of Scale-Out servers are built on POWER8 technology, and push the physical and virtual boundaries of data center technology with innovation designed to drive faster and more efficient data-centric applications required for today’s smarter enterprise. Building on a heritage of strong resiliency, availability and security, Power Systems’ open, data-centric design combines computing power, big memory, memory bandwidth, and broad pathways to process and move data through applications in ways that are easier to consume and manage.

Better economics for scale-out data and cloud infrastructures

Businesses are expecting a lot from the cloud and Power Systems has the performance capabilities to help organizations reap the benefits of improved economics with fewer scale-out servers. With higher utilization than x86 servers, Power Systems offers superior cloud economics. Through its PowerVM® and PowerKVM™ virtualization software and choice of leading cloud applications, IBM Power Systems virtualization provides intelligent, dynamic resource allocation for rapid response to workload demands.

IBM Power Systems 1 and 2 socket servers provide the ideal foundation for scale-out data and cloud environments, with the economic advantages and security you need to confidently move more data-centric applications to the cloud. With over twice the bandwidth as prior generation servers and a 65 percent system utilization guarantee, these systems allow open infrastructures to scale out intelligently with less hardware, power, and cooling requirements. Hyperscale Datacenters and Hybrid Cloud environments benefit from this attributes and make these Systems ideal building blocks to design and support large deployments.

Deliver new capabilities for mobile applications

Core business systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management are crucial elements in responding to market needs. They manage and deliver the data that businesses—and their customers—demand. But increasingly, these Systems of Record are connected to employees and consumers through mobile and social Systems of Engagement designed to improve the user experience and drive competitive advantage. In this increasingly complex environment, mobile applications are now mission-critical and cannot run as isolated applications with their own set of data, and demand higher levels of service and improved performance.

Power Systems offers the open technologies required by mobile applications plus the computational speed, data bandwidth, low latency, and resiliency required to provide immediate, reliable responses to mobile users when they need it most. They gain the best of both worlds—combining the advantages of shared IT infrastructure for core systems and extending engagement systems securely and reliably through mobile applications.

Delivering open innovation revolutionizing the way IT is developed and delivered

POWER® architecture is the heart of the OpenPOWER™ Foundation, a growing community built around an open technology platform to foster new opportunities and deliver a broader set of applications and new technologies quickly. Leveraging open standards, Power Systems provides developers with tools tuned for a platform that boosts productivity and performance by removing constraints imposed by commodity architecture. With an architecture that supports open standards such as Linux, OpenStack, KVM, and others—and with community innovation driven through Power Systems Linux Centers, Watson & Power development clouds, and the OpenPOWER Foundation—Power Systems will enable future integrated hardware solutions that dramatically accelerate compute and data-intensive tasks.

Delivering rapid ROI while transforming how critical business services are delivered

Whether you’re a current Power Systems customer or exploring the potential of what IBM Power Systems can bring to your IT service delivery, the innovations delivered in this new class of Power System servers are designed to protect existing IT investments and expand opportunities with deep integration of emerging workloads into current processes, enabling companies to deliver better business services to end users. Designed to share resources without performance conflict, new emerging applications can be rapidly deployed to bring immediate ROI to your business.

Delivered with a superior client experience

Businesses that rely on IBM Power Systems servers don’t just value leading technology and applications. They value the exceptional client experience that IBM provides throughout the business solution lifecycle that helps them drive rapid and lasting business value.

Clients can gain valuable insights and advice from fit-for-purpose infrastructure workshops to help them with architectural design choices. They also can take advantage of simple, pre-configured and pre-loaded offerings to get a fast start with deploying a private cloud or an analytics solution. The proven methodologies of the IBM Migration Factory, help clients accelerate moving a critical database or application from x86 commodity servers and competitive UNIX systems. The expertise of IBM Upgrade Factory enables clients to help take advantage of new technologies faster and improve systems resiliency. IBM Power servers even ‘call home’ if they detect an issue, so a potential problem may be fixed before it occurs.

IBM Power Systems Workload Center of Competency helps clients with a wide range of projects, including optimizing applications to run on Power Systems. The Center provides access to experts on application design, benchmarking and proof of concept studies, performance analysis and availability studies.

Clients can also tap into the deep security expertise of our IBM Global Technology Services and IBM Lab Services teams for a broad range of infrastructure design, implementation, management, and optimization projects. They also have the peace of mind that comes from working with the global network of experienced IBM Business Partners.

Integrated and easy-to-deploy

A totally integrated approach to the design, development, and testing of each and every IBM Power Systems server ensures that they are simple to deploy and highly reliable as a foundation for business solutions. IBM Power Systems offers thousands of popular industry applications from ISVs running on a choice of Linux, AIX®, and IBM i operating systems. IBM has a full range of affordable Power Systems servers, each of which delivers leadership performance and scalability in its class.

Specialized solutions for Linux infrastructure

Power Systems for Linux running Ubuntu, SUSE, or Red Hat Linux are priced to compete with x86, while offering superior performance and return on investment (ROI) for compute- and data-intensive applications. With both PowerVM and PowerKVM virtualization options available, IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack solutions for systems management, and broad compatibility with open datacenter environments like OpenStack, these systems offer the flexibility you need to quickly integrate innovative technology solutions, avoid vendor lock in, and accelerate business results.

Built on POWER, designed for data

POWER processor technology is a reduced instruction-set computing (RISC) architecture that spans applications from consumer electronics to supercomputers. POWER processors are at the forefront of both commercial and technical or high performance computing. So, in addition to excelling at commercial workloads like DB2 database and SAP applications, POWER is also behind many of today’s top supercomputers. With Blue Gene®, it helped fuel breakthroughs in the science of the human genome. It is on board the Mars rovers. With IBM Watson™, POWER helped outperform human beings on Jeopardy!, an American quiz-show. Today IBM Watson continues to advance the science of text-based analytics and natural language processing for industries such as healthcare, finance and customer service.

POWER processors are at the leading edge of next generation data center design, providing the foundation for designing systems for both traditional transaction processing and compute and data- intensive workloads like Web, analytics, mobile and social applications. To achieve maximum performance, POWER processor-based systems are designed with optimization technologies that enable the system to tune automatically to specific workloads. Our latest generation of systems built with POWER8 technology offers balanced data-centric design to support the most challenging and complex data- hungry applications 2X faster than the prior generation:

With the OpenPOWER Foundation, POWER architecture is behind the efforts of leading technology companies to develop the next-generation in data center innovation. Through collaborative and community-driven development, POWER is setting new standards and creating new opportunities for business innovation.

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Next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing are providing unprecedented insights into opportunities, threats and efficiencies. IBM Power Systems is at the forefront of delivering solutions to gain faster insights from analyzing both structured information and unstructured big data. With the secure, flexible and open platform of IBM Power Systems plus solutions and software, organizations can outpace their competitors by delivering faster services, providing differentiated offerings and turning operational cost into investment opportunity.

To draw insights and make better decisions, businesses rely on the secure, flexible and open platform of IBM Power Systems. Built with the first processor designed for big data workloads, the design of Power Systems combines the computing power, memory bandwidth and I/O in ways that are easier to consume and manage, building on strong resiliency, availability and security.

IBM Power Systems deliver flexibility and choice of operating systems to enable your business to support the next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing that are transforming how organizations work today. Whether running 1, 2, or all 3 - coupled with PowerVM, they maximize the benefit of Power Systems in your business.

Transform your business with Systems Software that enables virtualization, high availability, flexibility, security and compliance on Power Systems™. IBM’s integrated approach to developing Systems and Systems Software together delivers optimized results with Power Systems.

As an open innovation platform, Power Systems is optimized for big data and analytics performance and to deliver scale-out economics and security for the cloud. IBM and IBM Business Partner solutions exploit key capabilities in IBM Power Systems.

Over the last five years thousands of clients have migrated to IBM Power Systems for choice and flexibility. Learn how Power Systems has helped them revolutionise the way IT is developed and delivered, optimise for big data and analytics, and support private, public and hybrid offerings for scale-out or scale-up implementations all while improving business performance, reducing risk, and establishing a platform for growth.

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