Big Data Analytics

With data growing at extraordinary rates and users demanding quick, effective analysis of this data, your applications need a high performance foundation. IBM Platform Computing software is designed to improve the performance of your computing infrastructure for your most demanding applications.


The Challenge

With more and more intelligent and interconnected devices and systems, the amount of data you are collecting is growing at alarming rates. In some industries as much as 90 percent of that data is unstructured and growing at rates as high as 50 percent per year. To keep your business competitive, to innovate and to get products and services to market fast, you need to be able to analyze that data and extract insight from it quickly and economically. For Big Data analytics, current solutions do not provide the response time for the analytics jobs decreasing user productivity and delaying decision making.

The Solution

IBM Platform Computing software is designed to improve the performance of your most demanding applications with a low latency solution for heterogeneous application integration on a shared multi-tenant architecture. Platform Symphony Advanced Edition provides a high-performance distributed runtime engine for Hadoop MapReduce applications. The software is designed to deliver high resource availability and predictability, support for multiple applications and file systems, operational maturity, SLA policy control, and extremely high resource utilization for both MapReduce and non MapReduce applications.

With years of expertise in distributed workload scheduling and management Platform Computing solutions offer you proven technologies that are powering many of today’s largest companies for their mission critical, most demanding workloads. Platform Symphony software offers unprecedented distributed workload runtime services for distributed computing and big data analytics applications.

Platform Symphony software employs optimization techniques that allow sub millisecond response and fast provisioning for a variety of workloads. This implies that short running jobs, have a smaller percentage of time spent in the provisioning and deprovisioning steps, giving a higher useful work to overhead ratio. Its also has a high job throughput rate whereby the system allows more than 17,000 tasks/second to be submitted.

The Benefits

IBM Platform symphony offers a range of benefits for your big data nalaytics applications:

  • Policy driven workload scheduler provides better granularity and control
  • Multiple instances of Hadoop and/or other applications on a single shared cluster
  • Distributed run time engine supports high resource availability
  • Open architecture for application development and choice of the file system offers flexibility
  • Higher application performance for IBM Infosphere BigInsights workloads
  • Rolling software upgrades keep your applications running


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