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Virtual Machine Harvesting with IBM Platform Server/VM Harvesting

IBM Platform Symphony Server/VM Harvesting software can harness idle cycles from a variety of server and VM environments. By automatically adapting resources to meet demands, run times are reduced and service levels are improved, without additional capital spending.

The Challenge

You need more but have less to spend

For many large enterprises, grid computing is the best solution to handle large-scale jobs like analyzing big data. But with increasingly restrictive economic pressures, organizations like yours are looking for better ways to improve IT performance without incurring the large capital expenses required for infrastructure expansion. Throughout the enterprise, there are idle resources that could be tapped to become part of the grid virtually without cost.

The Solution

Tap idle servers and VMs for your grid

IBM® Platform™ Symphony Server/VM Harvesting extends the harvesting capabilities in IBM Platform Symphony to harness idle cycles from a variety of underutilized environments. Whether harvesting physical servers or hypervisor resources, template-based Platform Symphony compute hosts can be started and dynamically joined to the cluster during periods of demand without interfering with other applications. By automatically adapting resources to meet changing demands, run times can be reduced and service levels improved, helping eliminate additional capital spending.

Platform Symphony Server/VM Harvesting is an optional add-on available for both the Standard and Advanced editions of Platform Symphony. The software dynamically monitors business critical processes on servers and VMs and their demand. Then it transparently taps your Platform Symphony grid’s available cycles across multiple servers and virtualization environments. That can deliver reduced wait times and better application performance, providing a larger server and VM resource pool — without overly complicating resource or grid management.

The Benefits

Utilizing server/VM resources can save time, money

You need to preserve investments you've made in your server and virtualization environments. Platform Symphony Server/VM Harvesting can help do just that, along with delivering other important benefits:

The Specifics

Transparently harness server/VM resources

Platform Symphony Server/VM Harvesting automatically changes the composition of clusters based on application demand. That helps avoid costly underutilized silos with little or no administration—clusters re-configure themselves automatically as application demands change.

The Platform Symphony Server/VM Harvesting management host periodically monitors existing servers, VMware clusters and Citrix pools gathering host-level utilization metrics. You configure how much or how little of non-Platform Symphony workloads can be impacted to make sure other applications continue to operate optimally.

Platform Symphony Server/VM Harvesting can leverage your current processes, personnel training and application template libraries. That can ensure you can deploy shared adaptive grids faster, more confidently and at less expense.

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