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Free Distributed Job Scheduling with IBM Platform Symphony Developer Edition

IBM Platform Symphony Developer Edition, available for download at no charge, enables you to rapidly develop and test distributed compute and data-intensive applications without the need for a production grid. Once applications are running in this edition, they can run at scale on a Platform Symphony grid.

The Challenge

Developing new apps means new issues

Software development often takes place in environments that are heterogeneous, posing integration challenges when legacy code needs to be incorporated as a client or callable grid service. This can result in the time-consuming, costly process of porting and re-certifying code or building custom interfaces in-house. That slows down deployment of new applications, costing both time and money.

The Solution

Develop apps with less fear

IBM® Platform™ Symphony Developer Edition, available for download at no charge, helps make developers productive immediately, enabling you to rapidly build and test distributed applications including Hadoop MapReduce applications without the need for a production grid or distributed file system. Platform Symphony readily integrates with existing applications in a standard way, regardless of language or operating environment, helping save time and reduce costs.

Developers are most efficient when using familiar languages and toolsets. Regardless of your chosen environment, the well documented APIs and easy to follow examples provided with Platform Symphony help ensure fast, trouble-free application integrations. The Developer Edition provides extensions for popular integrated development environments (IDEs) including Microsoft Visual Studio Professional and ECLIPSE. When developers work in the environments where you are most productive, work can be completed faster and at a lower cost.

Platform Symphony Developer Edition transparently handles details so you can focus on your own applications rather than being concerned with the details of the distributed middleware. The can result in higher quality software, which is more likely to be problem-free once deployed to a scaled-out production environment.

The Benefits

Developers enjoy better productivity

Platform Symphony Developer Edition helps deliver better code faster by:

The Specifics

Extended capabilities equals faster results

Building production-quality distributed software has never been easier. Take advantage of:

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